Nokia: “We Will Innovate, Out-Maneuver, Outsell Everyone” – TechCrunch (Possibly WP for Asha?)

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Conor Pierce, Nokia’s VP of Western Europe chats to TechCrunch, making some bold and confident claims on Nokia’s situation. via @benwood

  • On having more WP competitors, even possibility of MS – The more the better apparently. I guess that’s how it is for Android (and was the case for Symbian too). It’s being able to rise to the top is what matters.
  • Unlike other competitors, Nokia apparently does not have other distractions, clearly doing a lot of innovative work on their latest and future Lumias.
  • Windows 8 halo factor on WP8? Familiarity on live tiles?
  • Relationships with MS still very healthy. Supposedly no detrimental effects to Nokia when WP8 was announced in June. Hmmm…
  • Does not dismiss idea of WP7 for Asha
it’s in the [WP] ecosystem’s interests and Microsoft’s interests that all OEMs continue to drive that experience to lower price points but most importantly that we do not jeopardise the quality of the experience: that’s critical because right now building that momentum that’s just going with people, with businesses is very important and that takes huge effort and focus
  • Some major fighting talk


“And what we will do, what we will continue to drive is bringing these points of differentiation, be it on design, be it on imagining, and be it on navigation — so I suppose it’s a matter of ‘watch this space’. We will innovate, and out-maneuver, and outsell everyone, not just our competition, within the ecosystem because that’s what’s truly going to drive this ecosystem

Mark Squires says that line was a reference from a quote from Elop in TheTimes newspaper last weekend.



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