Nokia: “We Will Innovate, Out-Maneuver, Outsell Everyone” – TechCrunch (Possibly WP for Asha?)

| November 14, 2012 | 56 Replies

Conor Pierce, Nokia’s VP of Western Europe chats to TechCrunch, making some bold and confident claims on Nokia’s situation. via @benwood

  • On having more WP competitors, even possibility of MS – The more the better apparently. I guess that’s how it is for Android (and was the case for Symbian too). It’s being able to rise to the top is what matters.
  • Unlike other competitors, Nokia apparently does not have other distractions, clearly doing a lot of innovative work on their latest and future Lumias.
  • Windows 8 halo factor on WP8? Familiarity on live tiles?
  • Relationships with MS still very healthy. Supposedly no detrimental effects to Nokia when WP8 was announced in June. Hmmm…
  • Does not dismiss idea of WP7 for Asha
it’s in the [WP] ecosystem’s interests and Microsoft’s interests that all OEMs continue to drive that experience to lower price points but most importantly that we do not jeopardise the quality of the experience: that’s critical because right now building that momentum that’s just going with people, with businesses is very important and that takes huge effort and focus
  • Some major fighting talk


“And what we will do, what we will continue to drive is bringing these points of differentiation, be it on design, be it on imagining, and be it on navigation — so I suppose it’s a matter of ‘watch this space’. We will innovate, and out-maneuver, and outsell everyone, not just our competition, within the ecosystem because that’s what’s truly going to drive this ecosystem

Mark Squires says that line was a reference from a quote from Elop in TheTimes newspaper last weekend.



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  • viktor von d.

    Asha with wp7? God no. I understand that the price of components is gettin lower and lower and we will eventually see ashas with 3,5 or 4 inch screen 1,5 ghz processor and 512 ram, but wp7 is too limited for people who want bluetooth ,sd card suport.
    I still say it’s foolish they didn’t heep symbian to put it in the low end

    • viktor von d.

      also easier with these statements nokia. wait at least for some positive results for this quarter or the next before raising the victory flag

    • KeiZka

      I understood that Nokia is going to bring BT to 7.8? That niggle done right there. And if Nokia somehow manages to change the plumbing just enough for those SDs? Just wondering…

      • Viipottaja

        Exactly. Or MS.

      • Jiipee

        If they finally get all the features needed for emerging markets to WP7x and get exclusivity to it, I can understand the strategy better (eg scrapping Meltemi). It is clear that there is a lot of Nokia contribution and higher end Asha basically competes solely with Android, other WP manufacturers should not be let to use the further developed and optimized WP7. If that is not the case, the 1B/year platform support payment is far from sufficient from MS.

        • Viipottaja

          Off topic, but would you have alink to the Conversations Nokia employee comment on Here becoming the branding for ALL Nokia location products? Could not find it. TX in advance!

    • Noki

      unless Microsoft is willing to offer the licensing for free to nokia I don’t see this as possible, The WP licensing fee is more than the per terminal profit.

      • Viipottaja

        What are the licensing fees and do they vary by OEM and OS version?

        • Noki

          WP7 fees are around £15 and £20, as I said more than the per device profit Nokia takes on Ashas

          • Viipottaja

            Thanks, do you have a source?

            Also 1) are you sure all OEMs fees are in that range, gross and net? 2) do you think they will remain at that level indefinitely now that Wp8 is out?

            you know, just thinking here.

            • Noki

              ZTE released publicly those numbers, I don’t expect Microsoft to substantially drop those fees, historically they never did.

              Would not make sense for them to push for fragmentation and increased maintenance cost to keep wp7 for much longer than the bare minimum.

  • yourmama

    Talk is cheap 🙂

    • Andrew_b

      Yeah, this guy sounds like one of those Apprentice candidates bigging themselves up in the interviews recorded before the task action gets underway.

      Don’t talk. DO.

      I’m fighting for Nokia, but their 920/820 ‘launch’ in the UK leaves a lot to be desired. As ever with Nokia it’s lack of stock and over-pricing. Nokia need to realise that coming from behind like they are now, they need to capture the market on price before building value into future devices. Dropping the price on these two latest models next year when no-one’s interested any more will be pointless.

      My 11 year old son is chuffed to bits with his £120 Lumia 800 and I’ve read plenty of positive reports from other buyers in recent weeks. Imagine the fuss that would have been generated if that phone was launched at £200 with the 900 at £300. Then again, Nokia wouldn’t have had enough stock anyway. Is this going around in a circle?

  • AdiS

    WP7 on Asha ? Asha 311 have 128 MB RAM

    • viktor von d.

      we are talking about the future, not current generation. bassically in 2 years you can have a asha device with the same specs as the lumia 510

      • AdiS

        And in 2 years what is the probability that MS is supporting WP7.X ?

        • Viipottaja

          If Nokia and /or others were to sell then by the million, why wouldn’t they?

          • Tom

            If they can’t sell them by millions, how will they sell them in 2 years when it would be a much older and unsupported OS?

            • Viipottaja

              First of all.
              , the whole premise was that it would be supported. Second, we would be at that point around or below $100 price points. It could very well sell.

              • Tom

                Keep wishing

              • Noki

                below $100 make no sense for Microsoft, that was the whole reason for meltemi. Its a non competition area for WP licence model.

  • Just how are they planning to achieve this? By selling off everything at Nokia?

    • Elop corp.

      That’s right , theres no longer nokia , they should call ElopsCorp , more and more my fears come true , what I believe here is that Elop , has purchased the company , he does whatever he wants and no one says anything I remember when they released here , that Elop and his “friends ” bought millions of Nokia shares . If he and his friends have the majority they command . another reason I think this is why renaming Nokia Maps to here ?

      • Muerte

        You just made it very clear, that you don’t understand the basics of investment, and have even less knowledge in Nokia Corporate’s structure, and how widespread the ownership in case of Nokia is. You really should learn Nokia’s corporate by-laws, before spreading BS comments like you just did.

        BTW, did you know, that during the last couple of years, normal Finnish citizens have gathered around 30% of every outstanding Nokia share? Not Elop, not his friends, but normal Finnish people. It would be almost an impossible task for anyone to buy Nokia in a hostile way, without everybody knowing about it (you’ll find out why, if you read and understand the corporate by-laws). And at that point, it wouldn’t be cheap.

        These kinds of comments you spread, shows how immature and subjective thinking people have, when it comes to basic business economics, especially in case of Nokia.

        • Elop corp.

          You’re right , I do not know what your talking about, I have to accept that I have no knowledge of that area, what I do know is that if you have most of the company , 51% , whether you and your “friends ” you can take the decisions you want. no matter that the citizens of Finland are the 30% they are the minority

          • Dave

            The largest Nokia shareholder holds only a few percent. The third largest already under 1%, and rapidly going down from there. It’s not a secret who holds shares, you can bing it.

            There are over 3 *BILLION* Nokia shares.

            So, come back with your 51% theory when Elop and his cronies have 1.6 BILLION shares instead of “millions”.

            • Elop Corp.

              anything can happen man, I dont know and you dont know , what is happening in that company and dont know how many shares have Elop and his friends , Elop may have 5% and his friends or people that support him, the rest even so Elop controls

              • Viipottaja

                So you say no one knows and then,conclude Elop et al own controlling share? Brilliant!

  • viktor von d.

    apparently worldwide stock of the new phones is limited

    nice going nokia, people want your phones, operators are pleased with the demand, and you can’t deliver enough phones. either they miscalculated the demand, either they haven’t finished the production restructuring and moving around, or microsoft finished the os exactly before the phones launch date/shipping are just now building them and then send them globally acording to priorities. shame

    • Muerte

      You forgot probably the most important reason for the possibly limited deliveries. Qualcomm stated already during the summer, that they are having troubles in fulfilling the demand. So, if there are no chips, there are no WP8s.

      • swain

        I still doubt if it’s true. Every other manufacturer there are selling millions of phones with Qualcomm chips. How it can be a major reason behind the unavailability of Nokia phones. May be there are less supply of floating lens or super sensitive HD+ screens.
        But, if it’s true, it’s the most unfortunate thing for Nokia. Dual core krait is last years chip and many manufacturer are moving on from this outdated chip to newer one. If Nokia is not able to get enough supply now then when ????
        May be next year sub $200 androids will come with this SoC and that will make Nokia phone specs inferior again.
        Nokia should understand that this is the time. They have to sell as much as they can. No matter how to get the supply of components.

        • Tom

          Nexus 4 already comes with quad core snapdragon pro, and it’s only $299 unlocked.

          • dss

            That is because google don’t want to make money off the hardware.. all they care about is installation base, and therefore they are subsidizing the Nexus phones.

            Microsoft should be doing the exact same thing.

            • Pica pica

              But they aren’t. Nexus 4 is making it sure that WP won’t be getting much people from Android camp. And iDiots are much harder to convert, especially now that they have iPhone 5 to go get. So what does that leave for Lumia? Current WP users…?

          • JamesSB

            And a horrible camera. The sound from the video recording is pathetic. From Engadget:

    • Noki

      didn’t we hear the exact same sort of thing about the L800 and the L900??

      We will see in Q4 results…

      • Tom

        YEs, exactly. Remember Lumia on top of Amazon list for how many weeks and at the end, they didn’t sell shit. I have a feeling Amazon reviews are written by paid reviewers for Lumia.

        As you said, Q4 results and all the WP cheer leaders will look like losers.

        • dss

          We will just wait for Q1 … there is always another Q coming 🙂

        • *****

          They didn’t sell shit?

          For a month, the Lumia 900 was the 2nd top selling phone on AT&T, just after the iPhone.

          Hey, if you say that means “didn’t sell shit”, than what about the Titan II? One X? Atrix 2? Focus S? etc

          • dss

            Overall.. Lumia sales were shit. Some people will tell you it was because of the anticipation of Windows Phone 8 devices, others will tell you its because its a new platform, they didn’t do enough marketing, the carriers weren’t pushing the Lumia line hard enough.. there a numerous excuses, and the same ones will be applied again, and again, until things either improve, or Nokia goes down.

            But at the first sign of positive sale number, everyone will jump from joy saying that Nokia is saved, and the strategy is working, but that will be very.. very far from the truth because they are so low right now, that it won’t matter for a while.

            Nokia needs to be selling 12-15 million smartphones per quarter for all of this to make any sense.

            • Noki

              “12-15 million smartphones per quarter” you know what the WP apologist would have said if we had predicted anything like that in the beguening, Remember it was supposed to take 25% of the market.

              Now 12-15 million smartphones would be amazing…

            • Tom

              Not enough marketing? Are you kidding. Which other model from any vendor got that kind of marketing money as Nokia/MS/AT&T spent on Lumia.

  • gokul

    Microsoft it self is struggling they are not able to sell there surface tablets so people are not listening to NOKIA or MS.
    Nokia able to sell almost 1 Million N9’s in less than a quarter what does it mean?
    Elop is Bribed By MS so he ditched every thing related to linux so people ditched NOKIA.
    I love Nokia now i am feeling that i am loosing a my close one .
    I want sudden death of Nokia because no one is like to watch disabled person who is going to die in coming months.

    one Good plan for recovery is Sell Every thing Expect patents and Finland offices
    if you are not able to sell close every thing just depend on Finland build from scratch remove all top brose they are useless in any company hold only technical people who can understand thing better .

    Nokia Have you Ever listened to speeches of linus

    • The most stupid comment I’ve ever seen… Are you psychotic or something? See a doctor dude….

      • GordonH

        You didn’t seem to call Elop psychotic when everything at Nokia was used to push a stupid WP7.

    • dss

      Microsoft is fine… don’t worry about them.

      • Noki

        actualy the w8 rool out seems to be going wrong. But I’m sure they can rool a W9 soon that will fix it

        • Pica pica

          Windows 8 is a horrible PoS. Someone at MS must have had a giant brain fart when that insane UI was cleared for desktop Windows. Metro UI may become the biggest mistake Microsoft has ever made. Companies will most definitely skip W8. So the only question remaining is how many consumers will skip it too. The only way they can get W8 to meaningful number of consumers is when it comes pre-installed with new laptops and you don’t really have a choice. Though I think that PC manufacturers will go back to offering Windows 7 pre-installed.

          Well Windows 9 will be the usable OS again when they throw away Metro. W8 continues the now tradition that every second Windows release is crap. Vista was before W7 and ME before XP.

  • Maybe

    Just give Asha multitasking like in the WP7 with limited frozen background apps…

  • Francis

    The most important is innovative in marketing, the rest of innovation what Nokia is talking about is just pain useless now !

    Outsell everyone in WP ?? What is the point if only Nokia is hard pushing it ? Top sale figure in WP but only 3% of total smartphone sold ?? Sometime those sale people just talking nonsence.

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  • GordonH

    Still holding on to “Every Nokia technology that competes against Ms product will be strangled or killed. And every Nokia technology that does “not” compete against MS products will be allowed to survive.”

    • maybe

      It’s Elop style…

      • GordonH

        can’t help wondering about the dancing steps of Elop style!!!

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