Nokia #SwitchComics: Benefits of Super-Sensitive Touch

| November 16, 2012 | 8 Replies

Nokia UK’s Facebook page has published this cute comic simply showing off how awesome Super-Sensitive touch is, in what is hopefully the first of many #SwitchComics. I really like this brand of advertising seeing how it’s simple, funny and gets the point across without any BS, well done Nokia. (Looking forward to the Wireless charging edition).




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  • Jules

    “Even The iGlove ” 😀

  • twig

    Wpcentral reports the Nokia 920 can use magnetic camera lenses attachments. What’s the info. on magnetic camera attachments? What to buy and how to use?

  • kay

    the at&t store i went to today seems to want to turn people away from windows phones. all the demos had the contrast turned up high so the screens looked only black and white which i found extremely annoying but i changed all the phones back to color. the lumia 920 had the camera covered by the alarm attachment so i couldnt fix that. i dont even think they know the 820 has changeable covers cos if i was a thief i coulda just popped it out and walked out lol.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      +1 for your efforts to right an AT&T injustice 🙂

      • kay

        lol yup i cant stand it when i go to stores and awesome devices are set up wrong to detract consumers

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