Lumia 920 Battery Drain Issues Might be Due to Nokia Drive Running in Background (How to Fix)

| November 16, 2012 | 64 Replies

Although most reports are giving the Lumia 920 excellent battery life considering what a powerhouse it is (considering the extra bright, large screen, the super sensitive touch and much more). Yet apparently there have been reports of poor battery performance on the 920; the official Nokia support discussions have pinned it on apps running in the background rather than shutting down.

Claiming that since WP8 deals with multitasking in a different matter than WP7 did, it doesn’t always “freeze” apps in the background, depending on how it was programmed. One such app is Nokia Drive Beta, which seems to be a major consumer of battery power, as well as possibly Angry Birds Star Wars.

Some customers have reported battery life shorter than expected, a few others have reported device crashes. One possible cause which has been identified in the case of some customers reporting these symptoms has been that Nokia Drive has been used and is still operating in the background.

Unlike Windows Phone 7, the new Lumia models running Windows Phone 8 do not automatically freeze all apps when you open new apps without closing down those which are already open. One such app is Nokia Drive, which can contribute to high power consumption if it is running along with several other apps. Always ensure that Drive is closed after use

EDIT: Since we first published this information, Nokia has issued this statement:


“We have received reports of a small number of people experiencing unusual battery performance on their Nokia Lumia 920. This is not a concern being widely reported via our Nokia Care channels and feedback from many people is that the Nokia Lumia 920 enjoys great battery life for a high-end smartphone. We are investigating, but we currently suspect that some applications may be using power when left running in the background. While we learn more, we advise people when finished with an application to navigate away using the back button as this will close it rather than leaving it active in the background.”

2nd EDIT: We have also received information that the game “Angry Birds: Star Wars” may also consume higher than expected power in the background if not properly closed. Games in general may have a high demand on system resources since many games test software and hardware to their limits in order to deliver an engaging, enjoyable and sometimes realistic experience; so we would strongly recommend that games are always closed properly after use.

Fixing this is rather simple as it only requires you toggle with your application settings, as can be seen in the helpful image down below:


If you wish, you can prevent Drive from running in the following these steps:

  • Open Settings and scroll sideways to Applications
  • Select Background tasks
  • Select Nokia Drive
  • Select Block


Thanks for the tip Nabkawe5


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  • lumianer


    • Mariano

      with wp8 the wifi turns off when phone is locked?

      • Mariano

        like wp7 i mean

        • Viipottaja

          It does but Joe belfiore (spelling?) has tweeted that it will be changed in an update.

    • abhay pandit

      Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”*
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  • patata

    That’s why it would be usefull to be able to “kill” apps from the tasks / previously used apps list

  • Banderpop

    Seems like Windows Phone 8 is providing an experience closer to Symbian than expected 😉

    • dss

      Windows Phone 8 should be version 1.0 since its a brand new core. Windows NT has never been used on a mobile phone, so… it seems like another round of beta testing.

      Nokia Drive/Maps works very well on Symbian..

    • Really?

      no, you’re wrong it’s worse than symbian symbian handled multitasking well and also the battery . meego also does the same , well the n9 has poor battery life thanks to nokia . this shows that WP is very immature , this is not seen in android or iOS , wp is crap

      • dss

        Its not crap… its just that they have a lot of work to do before Windows NT gets to Symbian/iOS efficiency levels… I don’t even know if that is possible. Maybe they will just wait for 3500-4000 mAh batteries.. problem solved. Just like what google did with android.. they just waited for the hardware to catch up to their lack of optimization.. 1 gig of RAM and at least dual core is needed for that system to perform at acceptable levels.

        • Dave

          “its just that they have a lot of work to do before Windows NT gets to Symbian/iOS efficiency levels”

          Ah the internet, where you can sprout unverifiable nonsense as facts. Please cite some evidence.

        • Really?

          and then what is the point?. why nokia go with windows phone if had these problems ? symbian is better at this point like meego years ahead, and has many more features than Windows crapone, all you have with this OS is the fluidity, but why you want a lamborgini if the street where you run is full of holes?

          • viipottaja

            What problems? A battery problem that could be Nokia’s own making. Wp7 is very stable and bug free , and it is too early to say about Wp8. Anecdotally, I have not encountered any bugs on mine yet. I am sure there are some of course. To pretend that Symbian phones were ever bug free at launch (even when using an already oldish version of Symbian at that particular point in time) would be just silly. My Maemo devices had bugs too.

      • Mark

        It’s the app. If you leave an app running in the background because it’s poorly coded it’ll drain the battery on any platform.

        You can do the same with Android and iOS.

        • Really?

          then nokia are ass*holes ? is NOKIA DRIVE ! ! not a third-party application , is not the application , is a bad multitasking of WP

          • Mark

            It’s a beta.

          • Viipottaja

            So how would Symbian or meego handle it? I mean the (unnecessary) running in the background (the ball on that being at Nokia’s court)?

            • thedead1440

              On the N9 if you leave Nokia Drive in the background and don’t have any navigation happening it’ll enter GPS Power Saving mode…

              During navigation, leaving it in the background will of course deactivate the GPS Power Saving mode and continue the navigation.

              We have traffic capabilities coded in the Nokia Drive on the N9 but disabled due to “Management unable to make up their minds” after all; something that WP is getting now…

            • thedead1440

              My above comment is to merely highlight the slowness at which Nokia brings features across…If something is available on the N9 or Symbian it should have been in WP Drive from the get-go not pending IMO…

              I would of course want the updates to WP Drive be available for the N9 but that’s not going to happen…

              So those fanboys from all 3 sides looking to use my comment as bait, look elsewhere :p

          • twig

            Nokia 920 is selling out all over the globe. It really must have android and apple very afraid.

            • Really?

              woow , you’re right , nokia selling 3 nokia lumia 920 per store – . -, I think Apple and Google are pissed his pants , with your comment, but of laughter jajaja

            • URNumber6

              NOKIA made the same claims about the 900 when they released that remember? They said they couldn’t keep up with demand in America and that it was outselling the iPhone in China. All turned out to be complete b***s***.

              Let’s wait and see.

      • Andre C

        First go and learn what a kernel is, then come here and sprout nonsense.

        • Really?

          c’mon man , dss answered what I said , windows is shit and accept it , is the new symbian , well, symbian was better , wp is the new burning platform cant you see ? The problem of windows phone is windows phone

      • Banderpop

        I was joking, based on how there always seem to be people who find their Symbian phones run out of power quickly when others never do. Usually because some people don’t know how to properly close apps, or they’re running a poorly made widget that’s going online and processing data almost constantly.

  • Dave

    On WP8 and background execution for location apps:

  • marco

    So WP8 have true multitasking after all?
    I also have similar problem on Nokia Belle, but because of that , I dont use maps anymore.

    • dss

      No, it doesn’t. Windows NT supports it, but Microsoft are keeping it locked for now, and rightfully so.. image your battery life if that was the case.. 1-2hrs tops.

    • Viipottaja

      Yes, it does for certain tasks and apps.

  • M

    Called it in the comments earlier.

    • M

      But you also have the option to close it if it is currently active and allowed while keeping the setting the same.

  • M

    Microsoft needs to put swipe down to close on WP8 or maybe Nokia make a workaround for Drive+.

    • dss

      They just need to fix their application.. that is the only they can do, they have no access to change anything around the UX in WP …

  • M

    As I posted that comment and watch Hulu at the same time the Work for Will att Nokia Lumia 920 commercial is on.

  • sandandan

    Well well.. It’s actually tremendous improvement that Drive can now finally run in background. And now people are complaining about battery draining too fast as it multitasks. :O wtf! We would have faced this “feature” earlier with 800&900 if Drive had worked in background in WP7.x.

    • Shaun

      It’s too early to say yet if this is an application problem where the application is consuming too many resources or a problem with WP not throttling back a process in the background.

      Either way, early adopters seem to be beta testing for Microsoft & Nokia. It’s hardly surprising when Microsoft didn’t run a beta program prior to the WP8 launch.

      • incognito

        But… the beta test is over for almost a year now. -_-

        • dss

          No its not… its just starting now. I am starting to think that the 920 will be a bigger/more significant beta test than the 900 was..

          • Tom

            no.. It’s alpha test.. It’s Microsoft, they could not get phone OS right in 10 years they tried, may be in WP 18.

      • Mark

        Oh please. Look at Apple Maps. Look at the early Android battery destroyers.

        You act like no-one else does this.

        • Really?

          Come on man, you’re talking about superficial problems , apple maps , only one application, not the OS kernel problems , as you say with android . the problem here is the core of Windows Phone and the beta test here is more laborious and time-consuming Nonsense

          • Dave

            Who the hell is talking about kernel anything. In fact, the whole Nokia Drive connection is just one big guess, like the guess it’s because of NFC, or whatever.

          • Viipottaja

            Hi, can you please provide a link to the story on the kernel problem causing this? Thank you so much in advance!

            • Really?

              see what dss wrote in the comments above.

        • Shaun

          Rubbish. Apple ran betas of iOS for months before launch so that developers could get their apps ready.

          Microsoft did not.

          Developers were telling Apple that maps was buggy for months but they released it anyway.

  • zymo

    How does Nokia drive work after it got blocked to multitask, what happens for example if i leave the app during gps navigation to check an email or browse the web? Does it still provides me with driving instructions or does it get “frozen”?

    • Jiipee

      That is a very good question. Anyone care to give insight after testing?

      Less than 5 days for Jolla UX presentation, which could be a disappointment to a degree that it could lead me to Lumia user in a year. Or not.

    • Dave

      It keeps giving you instructions. It’s explained in excruciating detail in the build video link I posted in this very thread.

    • Viipottaja

      You mean if you in Settings block Drive from running in the background?

      • zymo

        yes, that’s what I meant. After blocking it from running in the background I would have supposed Nokia Drive not providing me with any driving instructions when I leave the app to check emails or launch the browser. But according to “Dave” it does still work, even if its blocked.

  • JGrove303

    Nokia wanted Nokia maps to work in the background so that all Nokia Maps users would be an important part of the location grid, to give up to date info on traffic, enrich location info, etc. I’ve. Used Drive Beta+ and did not notice any dramatic change in battery life.

  • twig

    U.S. consumer group is demanding the FTC break up Google. That could lead to the firing of hundreds of Vox media employees.

  • WTF

    WTF? Next topic…

    Use maps? expect the battery to drain. N8, N9 etc…, both have the same issue. I prefer to use N8 for driving, more so than N9. The old charging slot at the base of N8 is so much more practical than N9’s top charging USB slot when placed in the car… otherwise if left on battery alone, it’s lucky to last past 30mins…

  • Bob

    Be sure to also turn off Nokia Reading app background. Absolutely killed my 900 battery!

  • dss

    Wait.. so you have to close applications just in case ? Well that doesn’t seem ideal considering the limited multitasking which they have anyway.

  • Carbontubby

    In the Symbian version of Drive, you can set the screen to shut down according to the system default, use an optimized setting or always stay on. I find that with offline navigation on, whatever setting kills the battery in an hour or so. You really need a car charger if you want to use your phone for navigation.

    Screen + GPS chip + navigation app = dead battery 🙂

    One trick on Symbian is to leave Drive running, hit the menu key to return to the home screen, then lock the device. The screen will turn off or use the screensaver. Drive will turn back on and give voice prompts when you get near a waypoint, then turn the screen off until the next waypoint.

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  • raajju

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  • marius

    i have question bothering me 🙂 instead of turning off the drive/maps apps, if i turn off the gps,wouldn’t be a better solution when i’m using the phone just for calling/sms/music? thx