Lumia 920 Battery Drain Issues Might be Due to Nokia Drive Running in Background (How to Fix)

| November 16, 2012 | 64 Replies

Although most reports are giving the Lumia 920 excellent battery life considering what a powerhouse it is (considering the extra bright, large screen, the super sensitive touch and much more). Yet apparently there have been reports of poor battery performance on the 920; the official Nokia support discussions have pinned it on apps running in the background rather than shutting down.

Claiming that since WP8 deals with multitasking in a different matter than WP7 did, it doesn’t always “freeze” apps in the background, depending on how it was programmed. One such app is Nokia Drive Beta, which seems to be a major consumer of battery power, as well as possibly Angry Birds Star Wars.

Some customers have reported battery life shorter than expected, a few others have reported device crashes. One possible cause which has been identified in the case of some customers reporting these symptoms has been that Nokia Drive has been used and is still operating in the background.

Unlike Windows Phone 7, the new Lumia models running Windows Phone 8 do not automatically freeze all apps when you open new apps without closing down those which are already open. One such app is Nokia Drive, which can contribute to high power consumption if it is running along with several other apps. Always ensure that Drive is closed after use

EDIT: Since we first published this information, Nokia has issued this statement:

“We have received reports of a small number of people experiencing unusual battery performance on their Nokia Lumia 920. This is not a concern being widely reported via our Nokia Care channels and feedback from many people is that the Nokia Lumia 920 enjoys great battery life for a high-end smartphone. We are investigating, but we currently suspect that some applications may be using power when left running in the background. While we learn more, we advise people when finished with an application to navigate away using the back button as this will close it rather than leaving it active in the background.”

2nd EDIT: We have also received information that the game “Angry Birds: Star Wars” may also consume higher than expected power in the background if not properly closed. Games in general may have a high demand on system resources since many games test software and hardware to their limits in order to deliver an engaging, enjoyable and sometimes realistic experience; so we would strongly recommend that games are always closed properly after use.

Fixing this is rather simple as it only requires you toggle with your application settings, as can be seen in the helpful image down below:


If you wish, you can prevent Drive from running in the following these steps:

  • Open Settings and scroll sideways to Applications
  • Select Background tasks
  • Select Nokia Drive
  • Select Block


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