Deal Alert: Lumia 900 Factory Unlocked for $299; Lumia 800 Unlocked for $280

| November 18, 2012 | 48 Replies

True the latest range of WP8 devices have hit the shops, with amazing features such as OIS, super sensitive touch, HD screens, expandable memory and more; but there is still a decent bit of demand for the previous generation of Lumias. Seeing as how they have only launched in some parts of the world (Lebanon, India, Gulf) less than 3 months ago ; they are still fairly new devices in some regions. However on Amazon the release of the latest Lumias has pushed down their price to a crazy $270 for the Lumia 900, and $280 for the 800, the no brainer here of course is the Lumia 900; for anyone who wants a beyond decent (yet admittedly outdated Windows Phone) than look no further.

And of course these phones are being sold factory unlocked, open for most networks (not tied down to At&t or any other networks)


Lumia 900 Unlocked, Starting at $299

Nokia Lumia 800 black 16GB -FACTORY UNLOCKED- $284

These would make a great gift for a less tech savvy relative who would still love something that’s “everyday amazing”; especially with the promised WP7.8 updates.



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  • Hosh333

    It’s funny how N9 is still keeping it’s market value while Lumia 900, 800 are losing it, Cheaper by the day!

    • Viipottaja

      Demand and supply (both at fairly low level at this point I guess) and no updated model. Nothing particularly funny, in other words.

      • Tom

        N9 is a dead end device, still commands a premium. L900/L800 suppose to get update for 2 years.. still no one buys them. Nokia can make more money by supplying N9 or an updated model, but being MS bitch Elop is, they won’t do that.

        • Viipottaja

          Yes, many out of production or end of production products command a premium. See how much Twinkies are going for on Ebay now that the company has announced it is stopping production? My only regret? Never taster them before and now its too probably too late or too expensive to be worth it.

        • Rinslowe


          WTF were Nokia thinking? It was/ is great! Still WP8 and Lumia 920 is pretty fckn shiny.

    • Just Visiting

      Hoss333…Did you even click on the link? There is only one reseller selling at those prices; prices vary by seller. Also, some of the L900 selling at $250/$299 are ‘new’ but according to some reviews, they are open box items, and not in the original boxes. The N9 is still priced high, I imagine, due to the original cost to the seller and limited availability – If they purchased it at a very high cost, they would want to sell for as a price that would net them a reasonable profit.

      ATT sells the Lumia 900 for $349, which is $100 less than the original price; but they have to drop the price, given that they now have Lumia 920’s to sell.

      By the way, the N8 was retailed at/MSRP of $549; I bought my N8 6 months after it was released, brand new for $300 and change 🙂

      • stylinred

        there are several sellers actually for the 900 and at lower prices even ($270) the 800 is sold by Amazon

        • I saw that, but note the 270 is locked to AT&T

        • Just Visiting

          Yes, Stylinred, and those devices are more than likely ‘open box’, which means they were used during the 30 day return period –
          Fulfilled by Amazon with the actual product(open box) supplied by the reseller.

          A direct purchase from Amazon(Amazonwireless) is $399. And ATT can now unlock the device.

          Brand new, not open box, is $349 from ATT(who will now unlock the device so that it can be used on other GSM carriers).

      • Paul

        This is more-or-less “on the money”.

    • Paul

      Don’t be under the false impression that Nokia wants the N9 to sell well.
      They’ve been far more interested in ensuring the Lumia’s do way better for many, many, mth now.
      [Which makes sense, in the light of their WP-only strategy)
      They don’t even have to actively try for that anymore, a full suite of devices sells itself far better than 1x device can.
      There can be no doubt the Lumia’s have been doing far better for quite some time now, the whole approach dictates that.
      In a few more mths supply for the N9 will dry-up completely*, probably due to the “N9 not selling well”.
      That of course has little to do with whether it would/wouldn’t have sold well w/a very different strategy.

      *cept for specialist availability longer-term (maybe), as happened for the N900.

      • Elop Corp

        How do you know that the n9 not sell well ? . If Nokia did not have good sells with n9 they had discontinued a while ago. n9 is sold the same or more or a little less than the first generation of lumias , nobody knows , nokia gave no results in its financial statements on the n9 . Why hide that information? . And speaking of money the n9 could have had better gains than the lumia . considering that the n9 not under much its price , however the price of lumia dropped more than 70 % . dont talk about how many numbers were sold of Mumias talk about money and who brought more money. Nokia may sell 10 lumias at a price of one dollar . and n9 can sell just one for $ 10 . what is the difference fool?

        • Viipottaja

          First Gen Lumias have sold 10m+ units to date. N9 has not. As great as it was /is.

          • Tom

            Are you dreaming? First gen Lumias haven’t sold 10 million, somewhere around 7 million.

            • Viipottaja

              Not dreaming at all. Nokia financial reports total roughly 10 million Lumias by end of Q3 12 and we are over half way though Q4 already.

              • incognito

                How many of those were the Lumia 800 devices, which are the only directly comparable to the N9? If we look at the ASP history and trending for the Lumia line, the 710 and 610 are the vast majority of Lumia sales.

                Given all, I’d speculate that the N9 sold considerably more than the Lumia 800, despite all the things working against it.

                • dss

                  Please, enough with the logic..

                • Paul

                  I very much doubt that, I’d say the L800 is doing quite a bit better by now.
                  It took longer than anticipated to get there, & has suffered a blow since the announcement that wp7 devices wont be upgradeable to wp8.
                  But the sheer force of everything that’s been done*, has to result in the L800 (alone) doing better than the N9 by now.
                  I do believe the N9 has managed to do remarkably well though, given everything that has transpired.
                  I have my fears though, that ultimately it may not prove to be as resilient as the N900 was in the market/time it arrived.
                  I hope I’m wrong about that….

                  *to favour the Lumia’s & disfavour the N9

                  • incognito

                    As I said – I’d speculate, I’m certainly not sure of that. I base my speculation on the fact that starting with Q2 and especially Q3, if you wanted a high-end Lumia you’d obviously go for the Lumia 900 instead of the Lumia 800 – 900 wasn’t all that more expensive and it apart from the design, it was a better offer.

                    So, I very much doubt a lot of Lumia 800 have been sold in Q2 and Q3 (of course, even less N9s have been sold in that period), and I’m almost certain that the N9 oversold the Lumia 800 in Q4’11 and Q1 (and maybe even the whole of the Lumia line, at least in Q4, but that’s a long shot) – the real question is if they’ve sold enough of Lumia 800 during that period to offset the speculative N9 lead. Based on some stats, on falling of Lumia and rising of Symbian ASP (that stat incorporates the N9 as well), I’m more inclined to think that the N9 still holds the edge in total sales compared to the Lumia 800.

                    And the N9 almost certainly sold in more numbers than the Lumia 900. Which is kind of ironic…

                    Of course, aggregated together, the Lumia line oversold the N9, but the fact is that the majority of Lumias sold are low-end and low-margin, so given everything that has happened – the N9 was an exceptional success. Probably to a great surprise for Nokia as well.

                    • Tom

                      Remember N9 was deliberately not sold on all the big markets, still itprobably managed outsell Lumia N900. Elop is an idiot.

                    • Paul

                      Lets try this again & hope that the ridiculous filtering doesn’t block me.
                      Apparently if I want to use a different email address with the same name I’m a spammer, riiight.

                      Yeah but my point was it will be selling much better NOW, still relatively poor, but much better than the N9, both it AND the L900.
                      It is possible that the N9 has still sold slightly more “overall”, but I doubt that will last for much longer.
                      Certainly by the end of Q4 I imagine the L800 will have sold considerably more all-up, & the 900 would be close behind.*
                      Around that point I expect Nokia to wind-up whatever N9 availability/supply remains (already constrained/poor in many ways for ages now anyway).
                      It may remain available in ways that the N900 has for some time now, but I suspect it won’t have as much longevity/success there.

                      *& ofc that has zero to do with how well the N9 & successors “may” have sold w/a very different strategy

                    • Paul

                      [& ofc that has zero to do with how well the N9 & successors “may” have sold w/a very different strategy]

                      But of course that won’t stop extremely blind/hardcore fanboys like Mark “constantly” claiming otherwise >.>

                • Viipottaja

                  The original contention was about the first generation of Lumia, not a specific model. Models come and go anyway. 🙂

                  • Noki

                    So Lumia is better because 5 models outsell one model???
                    I think a 710/610 priced n9’s would have sold exceptionally well, Specially in the markets were the N9 was sold.
                    Specially if one takes into account the Asha sales with a similar UI/UX. But we could not have that could we 😉 not even meltemi its has to be abandoned wp7 instead there.

                    • Viipottaja

                      Let me just repeat: the original comment was claiming N9 sold better than the first generation of LumiaS. I just corrected that.

                      And yes, manufacturers probably care more about product families/lines than the sales figures of a single model in the medium/longer term. Individual models come and go – as I am sure many a super model can attest to! 🙂

                      And yes, perhaps a cheaper Harmattan model could have sold well – neither here or there as it was not part of the strategy any more. Yes, a pity they did not manage to get Meltemi out the door either. Fortunately Ashas appear to now doing well regardless.

        • Paul

          I know through sheer logic, I’ve been following carefully, There’s no way it could be selling anywhere near as well, NOW.
          Look at all the factors at play, I’m not going to outline them all again, done it countless times, it gets tedious repeating the same stuff dozens of times
          There’s a chance it sold better* than the L800 in Q4 11, & maybe even Q1 2012, but beyond that better sales are extremely unlikely.
          I’m not saying this out of an kind of fanboy motivation for the Lumia’s, far from it, I was (& remain) very upset about the wp-only strategy adopted.

          • Paul

            oh, & please dont call me a fool, it really is quite childish resorting to name calling, stick to calm, rational, argumentation.

    • Noki

      As much as I adore my n950 and N9’s lest not revive this talk its to painful.. Let Nokia try to push the L800 stock they have. I suspect the L900 price will tumble even faster…

  • patata

    Just saw the Lumia 800 for 199€ the Lumia 900 for 249€ and the Lumia 610 for 99€ at Saturn (metro group) here in Berlin.

  • mitun

    The nexus costs jist 299$ for a S4 chip
    That is a good deal

    • dss

      I looked at the unlocked prices for the 920 today… ya, its $100+ over the price the GS3 (unlocked) and almost $400 over the price of the nexus 4 .. I don’t know if Nokia still think that they are in the late 90s and they can do whatever they want, but.. they better wake up from that dream. The 920 should be around $500 unlocked if they really want to sell some of them. Something tells me that by March next year the price of the 920 will be where the 900 is now..

  • URNumber6

    Several outlets in the UK now have the Lumia 800 at around £150, that’s obviously less than cost.

    NOKIA’s gross margin for smart devices in Q3 2012 was minus 3.5%, it looks like Q4 is shaping up to be just as bad if not worse.

  • Ry Ray

    Be careful when buying the lumia 900 from Amazon-USA. While some sellers will tell you that they got the code from AT&T to unlock the sim card restriction, there are some who don’t mention it. Don’t be afaid to contact the seller before buying. Also, ask if is RM-808 or RM-823 for sure….

    • Just Visiting

      Even if the seller doesn’t provide the code, ATT will still provide it. More importantly is the condition of the phone – a low price is a flag for open box, even if is in ‘like new’ condition.

      To me, the reseller should state this upfront instead of you having to find out when you get your phone delivered in bubble wrap and a brown box. Some people don’t mind there products in that condition , but I appreciate transparency.

  • hyt

    why there is no lumia in syria i rlly wanna buy it -_-

  • Noki

    Were I live there are several L800 for that price off contract. And have been some for some months now.

    • Viipottaja

      Which country is that?

      • Noki

        somewhere in Europe maybe 😉

  • rafaelinux

    Just throwin’ some info.. The first-gen Lumia family has just been launched in Uruguay last month, and in Argentina 2 months ago. Also.. The N8 is still worth double the money than the Lumia 710… =P

    • Viipottaja

      Yup, people mistakenly think most products roll out globally in a very short period of time. That’s probably more the exception than the norm. Still vividly remember how carriers in Brazil were pushing the N95 as the latest and greatest 18 months after it shipped into some markets. 🙂

  • rishabh

    that is indeed very cheap. But wp8 stole the show for all techy guys

  • krishna6233

    i live in india ..wil i have to pay any extra tax charges for buyin Lumia 900 from amazon??

  • James


  • bhavanishankar

    Finally i bought lumia 900 cyan :). I am changing from N8 to lumia. Now, apart from missing Gravity what else would i miss in windows phone? Let me be prepared.

    • Ron

      Big mistake, if you’re not getting the 820 or 920, then the N9 or 808 would’ve been a better step.

      • bhavanishankar

        In India, 900 costs 31,000=600$. Where in US,its just 300$. No dates on 920 yet for India. Moreover it would be atleast 35,000 which I can’t afford at all. 300$ looked nice deal. What would we miss in lumia 900. I know am gonna miss hell lot of features from my N8. But there was a news tht these devices will be updated even after 7.8, which may include lenses app from windows 8 too.

        • Ron

          Time will tell if the support really is good as has been rumoured lately, but the fact remains wp7x is painfully rigid.
          There’s so much one can’t do “under the hood”, it’s walled-off even more than iOS in many respects, you just cant do interesting things.
          All you can do is rely/hope for “apps”, very little in the way of home-brew; mods/twk/hacks/apps etc.
          That’s probably enough for the average user, but for more geeky users it’s quite boring.
          Loved my 900 for a while because it has a few hw advantage over my N9, but eventually the sw just became too boring.

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