Limited Edition Nokia Lumia 920 packaging for Dubai blogger

| November 18, 2012 | 27 Replies

We got tweeted the picture above by @Nabkawe5, posted originally by Manal Assaad (@TheManalyst)

Lovely looking, possibly one time only box with a gorgeous Nokia Lumia 920 nestled inside.

Manal updates us by saying it’s a special blogger edition:

I actually got this as a VIP gift box from Nokia’s PR because I’m a blogger and I attended the launch of it in Dubai.

Cheers @Nabkawe5

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  • myname24

    and here ( lebanon ) they have just started to promote gen 1 lumias ( 900-800-710-610) . Is this a joke or something ? Bad marketing everywhere .

    • Alvester

      Well, they have to get rid of the stock. Don’t they?

      • myname24

        yes :p but why would anyone buy them . Do you see someone buying the galaxy s2 when the s3 became available ? Even the price difference isn’t that important .

        • Bloob

          S2 still sells very well btw.


          they will keep on selling the wp7.8 for at least 18months maybe more,
          the new lumia will eventually be available, nokia is concentrating on “priority” markets for now while supply is limited.
          i have to wait for some time next year to buy the 920 in the philippines.

        • Gawd

          I am actually buying an 800 or a 710 for my sons. Xbox is important part of their everyday life, and 820 is too expensive. 710 is actually a perfect phone for them so I think they might sell a lot of them when 7.8 is released and the price is reduced.

          • twig

            I have zero complaints about the 900,800,710,610 group. My 900 works great.

          • Noki

            “Xbox is important part of their everyday life” Really, does any one speck like that :) ?, you guys need update your copy past marketing lingo. hehehehe


              shhhhh noki, keep it quite, it is a conspiracy, don’t tell anyone. :)

              • Noki

                noooo conspiracy’s are well crafted and hard to spot, the astroturfers are easy to spot, just go to engadget were L900 had more people saying it was the best device ever than buyers.
                The problem with all this AstroTurf is that wen reality hits, it becomes painfully obvious it was just that. And one feels used and fooled/used by a brand. Think most of the AstroTurfing comes from microsoft…You can allays spot it by a conjugation of, “me… gave to…other (family)… and they are very happy”. with a personal twist of some sort..

                Note one good thing about MNB is that its not spammed by them and most WP fans around here are genuine.

  • Alvester


  • nabkawe

    I reached out to Manal to get further information and she wrote : I got this from Nokia itself , the original comes in a small cartoon box.
    So this kind of confirms gulf gets special treatment… :)

    • Manal Assaad

      I actually got this as a VIP gift box from Nokia’s PR because I’m a blogger and I attended the launch of it in Dubai.

      • nabkawe

        Well that cleared things up , thanks …

      • Jay Montano

        Thanks! Updated the post.

      • twig

        A very nice gift and with looking at Manal’s website, we look forward to many more posts here at MNB, especially on marketing.

      • Noki

        nice :)


    that yellow box would make a perfect home for a stuffed pikachu (cause a real pikachu lives in a Poké Ball)

  • Jody

    I believe mynokiablog is tge topmost blog related to nokia. It is by far accessed ny a very much diverse audience frim middle east to suoth east asia to india everywhere, tgat being said i think jay deserves to get one of those :( he he bought a defective one instead :(

    • nabkawe


    • Noki


  • aboodesta

    I was the first guy to pick up the Lumia 920 here in Dubai and they took a picture of me but need my signature to post it lol,and my box was the usual. So happy with the phone :)

  • Tech

    envy to the max lol

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  • JKav

    Box is cool but what I find interesting is the headphones. Here in the US when I upgraded my 900 to a 920 and found it interesting that there was no wired headset in the box, something that has been pretty normal. It’s normally not great quality but…

  • 和NOKIA有内幕

    高帅富啊 我靠