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| November 18, 2012 | 12 Replies

Over at WPH, Jaxbot has embarked on a new project, creating a central hub for notifications on WP. It is still in infancy, but it is quite promising. Due to it’s young state, it isn’t public just yet, but this proves that a Notification Hub is not impossible for WP.

It simply centralises all the toast notifications into a single list, so all apps that provide toast notifications, will have their notifications appear in this hub. No extra effort required. Take a look at the video the dev has posted on youtube.


Here is what Jaxbot had to say on his blog post:

“As many of you know, whenever I have an experimental project at hand, I like to show it off in the preliminary stages, to get feedback and ideas for how it should turn out. Well, I’m doing that again today, and I’ll have you know that this is no conceptual project. It’s completely, 100% genuinely working. Watch the video above, it’ll explain it.

What we have here is my response to the controversial subject of a notification center. Every time I’ve tried using toasts, I’ve found them rather pointless, as they disappear after 10 seconds and I’ll never know what app wanted to tell me what. With the recent talks of Microsoft working on one, I thought I’d put together my own for Windows Phone 7, and possibly even WP8 (haven’t tested it, but if the push works the same way, it should work fine).

The application is rather simple in design and does not require any root privileges. You’re welcome. But it’s also in very early stages, so I need some ideas about designs and usage. If you think you’d use this application, give me a hollar below, as I need to know whether or not I should work on making it stable enough for public use, or if people are content with the current system by Microsoft.

Questions, thoughts, concerns, drop them below. “

Source: WindowsPhoneHacker


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  • efekt

    As I said before – the lack of a “proper” notification panel/screen on WP8 is eventually a very good opportunity for developers to “dig in” and produce all sorts of customized notification screens for the users to choose from.
    In the bottom line, these “shortcomings” of the OS is the thing that will give the users the ‘feel’ they’re not imprisoned by MS’s design choices, and will give them the much-needed way to express themselves due to the lack of the ability to fully customize WP8’s UI.

    • JGrove303


    • Patata

      Only if MS decides to allow such apps to be submitted to the marketplace. The guy who made this app is pretty sure that it won’t be allowed to be there 😉

      • efekt

        Why? If he’s doing everything “by the book” there’s no reason MS would forbid him to submit it to the marketplace…

        • Patata

          Guess he doesn’t. Not sure if he uses native code for that app, if so, that could be why…
          Or maybe cause Microsoft has strict restrictions about what an app is allowed to do or which data it might access

          • Viipottaja

            Good __guesses__. Did he even try to submit yet?

            • Patata

              Just think about it: Why there aren’t any apps like that on the marketplace if MS allowed them? 😉
              The Marketplace / WP store is highly restricted when it comes to possibilities for developers, not comparable to Play Store or even Nokia Store.

          • Michael Faro-Tusino

            It is due to his use of native code

  • Confused

    Wait, it’s not tested on WP8 but it’s demoed on WP8…?

    • Confused

      Never mind, read the blog post. It was updated!

  • nabkawe

    Why won’t MS have the Live tile with the latest notification glow or dance or sth , which will also help users get important notifications only (of the apps you’ve pinned.)

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