Leaked Nokia Slide Shows Future Updates Planned After WP 7.8; 18 Months of Support

| November 18, 2012 | 30 Replies


Was just about to head out for an exam when I saw this, a leaked internal slide that shows the timeline for Windows Phone. As you can clearly there are planned updates for Windows Phone 7 after the expected and hopefully soon to be released WP7.8. Although these aren’t likely to be major update it’s good to know that the support doesn’t stop at a new home screen, which was verified by the WP Russia twitter account:


Perhaps these future updates, and 18 months of support are the reasons justifying Nokia releasing new devices planned to run WP 7 rather than 8.


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  1. et3rnal says:

    awesome news :D

  2. patata says:

    But we can already see how wp7.x is no longer part of Microsofts ecosystem plans. No Xbox Music for wp7.x, no wp7.x support for the w8 app etc…

  3. loki says:

    lol i thought it said: “DIE WINDOWS PHONE DIE!!!” lol

  4. qromodynmc says:

    yeah,we got same support for symbian,we know that support very well..

    • patata says:

      exactly. Just the usual pr blurb to calm costumers down…

      • Zenty Towie says:

        That is the Elop’s and MS way. A phone is valid only 18 month then you are supposed to buy a new one with a new better windows most probably of course. So a mobile lifetime is to be 18 months?.

        • viktor von d. says:

          that’s the industry standard for support. and it’s 18 months of support since the last update, not the device life. lumia 900 for example will have a little over 2 years in total of support, maybe additional bux fixes too. depends on how many of the devices are still in use

          • Marc Aurel says:

            It’s the industry standard, but some Nokia devices have historically received better support, for example the N95, 5800XM and some E series devices like the E52 and E72. Of course support has also depended on number of unit sales (for example the E55 was supported for a much shorter time than its E series contemporaries), so perhaps that still applies… Which would mean than 710 and 610 will be the WP7 phones supported for the longest, albeit no WP7 phone has sold even close the numbers of the old Symbian hits (hell, even the N8 probably sold more than the L800 and L900 together).

  5. krishna6233 says:

    if gingr brd androids can b sold then wy not w7?? but the price should b competitive

    • patata says:

      Cause Gingerbread offers a lot more functionality compared to wp7.x?
      And apps / games that work with ICS and Jelly Bean are working under Gingerbread too. It isn’t like wp7 compared to wp8. We can already see many examples of apps that are entirely wp8 only or are getting wp8 only updates (Nokia maps, drive etc for example or Skype)

    • Marc Aurel says:

      Yes, but only the Lumia 510 is even close to being price competitive to cheap Android 2.3 phones, and in actuality it’s still not quite there — some of the recent inexpensive Android 4.x devices are in the same price range as the 510. Of course is some ways the 510 provides a much better experience than inexpensive Androids (screen resolution and fluidity of UI), but the ecosystem is much weaker.

  6. GordonH says:

    Hope Ms allows s40 to stay alive. WP7 is not lite enough to replace s40.

  7. richard says:

    18 months of support compared with apple with years of support… too bad.. i don’t like iphones but it’s the support that the end-users are getting is what we are talking about here.

  8. Severin Fenkly says:

    This 18months have assured me that Nokia N9 was proper and best possible choice as with Linux MeeGo and open source I have undoubtedly many many years of support form community and many companies. The more I see the more I believe Nokia N9 is still the best option IMHO. When Nokia will start to deliver N9 again I would like to establish N9 our company mobile.

    • Marc Aurel says:

      There is no return to MeeGo for Nokia. They don’t even have the developers left anymore. They are at Jolla or Google now, or switched away from mobile OS development. Rumors say that some probably stayed to work on some “future disruption” projects, but not enough to support in-house OS development even at the level of the original shoestring budget Maemo project. The only OS developer team left at Nokia works on Nokia OS / Series 40, and even that was scaled back during the recent layoffs.

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