Lumia 920 Available for $49.99 on Amazon Wireless

| November 17, 2012 | 33 Replies

Earlier this week we posted that the Lumia 920 had finally hit Amazon’s online store, well less than a week since it has already been discounted $100; bringing it down to a steal price of $49.99. My advice, act now!

Yellow: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Yellow (AT&T)

White: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, White (AT&T)


Cyan: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Cyan (AT&T)

Black: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)

Red: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Red (AT&T)

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  • dss

    Its not selling as well as the 900 did at launch.. but let’s hope it picks up.

    • Svedu

      But they have more Lumia models at top-100 than ever before. For some reason it looked even that old models climbed a bit on the list. Maybe some kind of catalyzing effect on them, due to new models and more awareness in general?

      • shallow ocean shoal


    • Just Visiting

      @dss…what did you expect? Amazon only just started selling the Lumia 920 4 days ago!

      What stats do you have to show how well the Lumia 900 did on Amazon at launch?

      • dss

        I remember that the black/cyan versions were in the top 10 for at least a week right after they launched. In the end it didn’t really mean anything in terms of sales.. but still, back then it was considered a good sign.

        • Just Visiting

          Considering that when the Lumia 900 launched, there were zilch other devices (from competing platforms) that launched at or near the same time, perhaps the Lumia 900 was in the top 10 after 7days/1week; the Lumia 920, however, is competing with GNII, and other top selling devices, and given that supply seems to be even more limited than the Lumia 900, it may take 2 weeks before the Lumia 920 shows up in the top 10.

          At the end of the day, Amazon is only an agent for ATT, and they will not get devices in any sooner than actual AT&T stores (who is having a hard time getting devices in stock), so it may be a little while before we the devices can be delivered to end users in large quantities.

    • Bloob

      It might be a tad more competetive right before chirstmas, but it does seem like the 920 is a bit behind / about the same as the 900.

    • anon2

      As much as I love the phone, I doubt it? Since launching, I think I’ve read 1 or 2 reviews on the 920 that were in any way considered fair (Phone Arena’s being 1). It could be a failure in the education system, but I don’t believe Americans know how to write objectively.

      • Tom

        Blame everyone but the crappy OS. Fact is users don’t want to buy WP.

        • dss

          Most people that have used WP actually like it a lot..

          • tom

            Most people that have used so far are fanboys. General public haven’t bought into it yet. I am sure all those who bought it in last 6 months like being stuck in WM 7.x, single core cpu and 480×840 screen resolution.

            • Viipottaja

              So of if you use something and like it you are a fanboy? And of what exactly?

              really liking this toilet paper right now btw! 😀

            • You must be kidding.. right?

              If you buy a phone you don’t actually expect it to get a higher resolution and mores with an upgrade??
              Most people are smart enough to buy a product they like when they buy it, and not expecting it to magically get super powers through updates.
              I got an Lumia 900, and it does what I need it to. I’d like to have OIS but I don’t expect to get it from a software update..

    • Zipa

      Well, it is the best selling AT&T phone, and it is only available through AT&T…

    • Viipottaja
    • Joe212

      Nokia Lumia 920 Black was #1 on November 16th on Amazon list, so looks like it updates daily.

      Also, it looks like only Black and White are in stock, the other colors are sold out and backordered now…

  • Noki

    Its a pity its shipping with a (somehow) failed OS, I think the device is pretty nice.

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Are you talking about the N8 still?!? Because that was the same conversation way back then.

    • Maybe

      Till now no other OSes have proven in term of software that they can take awesome pictures like N8 and 808 do even with the boost of hardware… Cause it is the OS that limit them…

      • dss

        The only limit Symbian had was Nokia.. if it was properly taken care of.. it will dominate.

      • Viipottaja

        Hi there, can you please specify how the other OSes prevent them from taking awesome pictures? Thanks in advance!

        • Bassman


          It’s amazing how people can spout uninformed crap on the internet without any responsibility to provide any evidence to support it.

  • joza2006

    So this is a phone with 4,5″ OLED clearblack LCD screen, all the great WP rooms and such and you can even navigate yourself using AT&T navigator !? Oh and it has 8mpx camera with image processor. I don’t know how the sales will fare but this poor phone is alone at it. Seems nobody involved even want’s to sell it. Of all ground breaking features none is even mentioned. Could it be that marketing guys think Nokia phones are that well known in US ? And Nokia, please ! You sold less smartphones this year than in Q4 2010. Whats up with low stock and slow rollout ? There could be thousands of reasons but none of them are valid or should of happened.

    • JGrove303

      You’re mistaken. It is a 4.55″ 60Hz RGB IPS display with Clear Black polarization. At max brightness it pumps out 600 nits of light.

      People in the USA know damn well what the Lumia 920 is, otherwise they wouldn’t be finding it is sold out all over.

      I wouldn’t call WP8 a failed OS either. It’s just been released, and as far as this Symbian^3-Anna-Belle lover is concerned, it’s shaped up to be a fine replacement for Nokia.

      Let me reiterated: the Lumia 920 is a Badass amongst today’s smartphones and so far, WP8 kicks ass as an OS. Once the supply gets out to the rest of us early adopters, you’re gonna see a lot more developers and websites pushing their apps and games for WP8.

      • Just Visiting


      • dss

        Windows Phone is not a replacement for Symbian.. Android is playing that role. I doubt that Windows Phone would ever enjoy the popularity Symbian had, and also what android has now.

    • Bloob

      While it is possible that Nokia is experiencing difficulty manufacturing their phones, it is much more likely that retailers simply didn’t order that many phones for the first batches. And Nokia scaled their manufacturing accordingly.

      When retailers’ estimates were proven too low ( ie. demand was higher than expected ) there is not enough manufacturing capability ready to produce more phones quick enough ( it is not a simple or cheap thing to ramp up production, it might not be profitable to ramp it up just to meet the initial demand ).

  • joza2006

    you got me all wrong. It’s the best phone by far. WP8 is not failed, and i doubt it will be. Sold out means shit since all lumia phones went through the same. We all know how that went. People in the US bought 600.000 Nokia phones in Q2 this year, and 900 was sold out all the time. Walmart page has OLED/ LCD screen in description. This phone, given proper marketing, would be a smash hit and give apple and samsung much to worry about. I hope it happens, I just don’t see it.

    • dss

      How is it the best phone “by far” ? Its a nice phone.. but its far from the best “by far”.. unfortunately for Nokia..

  • chucky

    Joza2006 is right, this is the best phone out there.

  • joza2006

    Dude, since all other phones are the same this is by far the best. Sizes, app stores and designs are only things that set iphones, galaxy’s and ones apart. Here it is OIS ( my DSLR does not have it ! ), and by far the best build quality out there. Plus it is the best navigation device. Not to mention the screen and else.. And for all tech bloggers and “journalists” that review the phone and then shoot pics in the sun, fcuk them. Iphone 5 doesn’t take better pictures than N82 in good conditions, they are all good in the sun. Bring me 808 oversampling, this low light performance.. Let me play with dynamic range and depth of field. In few years devices like this will make it possible. To have great all round shooter in your pocket. So i guess i should of said it’s the best in my book. By far !

  • jake2k

    AT&T plans are ridiculously expensive..
    Even the cheapest smartphone plan with messaging, is like $100 after taxes..

  • so am i the only one who is going to request a $50.00 credit from at&t?

    hash tag frugal

    hash tag yes i will have my $50 back at&t