Video: Nokia Lumia 920 Destruction: What Does It Take? (AKA 3310′s son)

| November 21, 2012 | 29 Replies

Nokia, as well as once a global giant in phones is still a current popular internet meme for being indestructible. Nokia continues to build strongly built tanks that can weather drops, scratches, bumps more so than your alternative fisherpricePhone or wannabe.

This is not for the squeamish.  It takes a hell of a lot of beating, so you need not worry about drops. But best to take care of your Nokia. Just because it’s strong doesn’t mean it should be neglected or be put under undue phone abuse.


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  1. stylinred says:

    not impressed

  2. Schneider says:

    They’re out of stock everywhere and people like him get hold of one just to destroy it…

    • JGrove303 says:

      What’s worse os there are a bunch of dickheads that bought out the stock of some stores and are reselling them on Ebay for $600-900. For AT&T locked 920s. Ya, so a lot of the ones that are out there aren’t even in deserving hands cause of these Jackels.

  3. qromodynmc says:

    :( why the f**k people destroying this beauty.

  4. Bloob says:

    I want to punch him.

  5. Yemi says:

    This sucks. I want this phone and this guy is smashing it??? Damn. I felt the pain when he hit the phone with a 2X4

  6. Chris Wayne says:

    Somebody would have done it someday anyway, this video proves the sturdy construction on the 920, iphone/galaxy/(enter name of the phone here) can’t say a word about it…

  7. n8thegreat says:

    Amazing! Now THAT is the power of Nokia! That is why I still enjoy my N8, despite the significant drawbacks it has. This is one of the things that makes a Nokia a Nokia, and this is what Samsung cheap phones and iPhones will never be.

    Also those youtube comments are epic :D.

  8. Tom says:

    Seriously if no one did the test then we will never have the chace to see how increadible Nokia is.

  9. If you are going to hit a phone with something it is definitely going to break. Still Nokia phones display great amount of strength which is not present in any of its rival phones.

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