GSM Arena’s Nokia Lumia 820 battery test (and Review)

| November 23, 2012 | 13 Replies

From the people who know how to do proper reviews, here’s GSM Arena’s thorough battery tests on the Nokia Lumia 820.


The Nokia Lumia 820 will get you through the day, maybe two work days if you’re frugal with the web browsing, but hooking up the charger at night will probably be quite common. That wireless charging shell is starting to sound like a must-have accessory for the 820.

Whilst we’re looking at the battery test, here’s the full review:

Cheers rishabh for the tips!


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  • Marc Aurel

    Nothing really surprising there. AMOLED is good for battery at standby and basic phone functions, not so good at web browsing due to mostly white backgrounds. WP8 seems to be roughly as good as Android 4.x otherwise, but of course the GSMArena tests do not measure multitasking, where the iOS/WP approach should have a little advantage over Android. At least in theory, that is.

    • Carbontubby

      I’ve extended the battery life on my E7 by forcing Opera Mobile to use a custom CSS file with a black background and white text for all sites. It really saves power, you can try running Energy Profiler and see the power consumption drop by a few mw. I wonder if IE is hackable enough to allow that.

      • why not, suggest it to Microsoft. ^^

      • Banderpop

        What did you do to Opera to achieve this?

        I suggested a black backgrounds in browsers idea to Nokia via their Ideas Project site during their energy savings campaign, and pointed out that it would also make night-time browsing easier on the eyes. But there was no evidence that anyone at Nokia actually read it, and it got lost among the flood of ideas for solar and kinetic charging.

        • Carbontubby

          Opera itself has a simple black/white CSS file in the accessibility folder somewhere in /system/data, I think. That’s what I based mine on.

          To use a custom CSS file, run opera:config to load the Preferences editor. Go to User Prefs/Local CSS File, then put the path to your custom CSS file.

          Put * {color: white; background: black} to force white text on a black background.

  • Mark

    A decent review and pretty much spot on.

    The weight isn’t really an issue although you notice it for the first day. After that it feels reassuring – it simply doesn’t feel as fragile as my friends’ Android and iPhone devices.

    I bought this over the 920 because, for me, the 920 is just too big. Not weight, I think I’d get used to that, but size and, unfortunately, a lot of my friends in the UK have uncharitably described it as a brick. That said, a number of those friends are now sporting brand new 820s so maybe not all is lost. 🙂

    • qromodynmc

      Yeah 920 is big and heavy but,doesnt matter for me,nokia phones are generally thick but,you know,feeling great at hand,Im using 603 now,and it is just perfect to human hands,my friend has galaxy,slim but its not comfortable,I think nokia knows what they doing.

  • Mark

    As an aside, if Nokia do a 920 (better screen, better camera) in that form factor and take the weight down to, say, 145g, then I think they would have a huge success in the UK.

    Just sayin’.

    • incognito

      I really don’t get what’s the fuss with the weight – unless you want to launch it into space that is.

      The only reason why you’d want to shave a few dozen grams off of it is if you intend to carry it in your shirt pocket where every little bit helps, but then again – it’s not sized for such carrying anyway.

      OS aside, I have far more problems with the shear size of it than with the weight.

      • anon

        I have an old X10 Mini that weighs under 100 grams and it still feels heavy in your pocket. The people whinging are just android fanboys that don’t want to see Nokia or Windows Phone succeed. Ignore them

        • arts

          i think the weight is an issue if the person who buys it have an active lifestyle. Jogging with this phone might not be comfortable.

        • Mark

          What a silly and intolerant viewpoint.

          Did you miss the point where I said I bought – in cash, not contract – an 820?

          Having held the 920 I don’t like it. It’s too big. It’s not the weight, it’s the size and construction. The 820 is far more aesthetically pleasing to me and a good deal more practical.


      • yup, dodnt know why everyone is so worried about weight about 920.