Insane Video Stabilization Test; Lumia 920 Tied to a Jeep on A Desert Safari

| November 28, 2012 | 30 Replies

Lumia 920

The word insane hardly goes far enough to describe the lengths MEAMobileReview went to test out the OIS on the Lumia 920. As you can see in the image above they zip ties it to the front bumper of a Jeep/SUV in the middle of the deserts of Dubai, and went for a little ride; the results are what you see below:


The stabilization is honestly amazing, No jitters or bumps so smooth it looks unreal, I’m honestly lost for words

Check out the full story behind the test over at MEAMobileReview



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  • qromodynmc

    Wow,Stability is amazing but I guess there is a problem with colors when light change,Still great 🙂

  • Keith

    This is so amazing it’s unreal. Great job, Nokia!

    P.S. I wish these guys had done a side by side comparison with iPhone 5 or GS3 to show how insanely better video stabilization is on the 920. But still, this is amazing!

  • jammy

    Now this called innovation Mr. Apple, not just increasing the size of phone by .5″ or introducing out of this world maps……….
    OIS really works great, Day by day I’m becoming impatient for Lumia 920, don’t know when the hell nokia will launch it in India…….

    • Amrut

      dude,just got in the registration form where they will mail you or contact you on releasing the Lumia 920 in India.
      Just go through it….

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  • Andre C

    This is really something. I didn’t expect it to do this good.

    P.S. That’s not a jeep, OK. That’s an SUV/off-road vehicle; jeep is a brand.

    • Viipottaja

      jeep is used like hoover – as a brand and as a noun/verb. 😛

      • Andre C

        Wrong is still wrong. It is as wrong as saying “would of” instead of the correct “would’ve” or “would have”.

        • Viipottaja

          So it’s wrong to say I am hoovering the floor? Not that I would of course since we have a super nanny but.. 😛

          AFAIK, jeep is used more in Europe/UK as a generic term, not much in the US. In fact, the Jeep brand is relatively less known over there. Conversely, “SUV” is much less used in Europe.

        • Viipottaja
          • Andre C

            Well that link actually proves you wrong.

            “A TRADEMARK used for a civilian motor vehicle.” – The Jeep brand

            “A small, durable …….. vehicle, used by the U.S. Army during and after World War II.” – The military jeep.

            • Viipottaja

              Err, no it doesn’t:

              Noun 1. jeep – a car suitable for traveling over rough terrain”

              I.e. its ALSO a generic noun for that type of a vehicle. 🙂
              But enough about that already.

              • Andre C

                A Thesaurus isn’t a dictionary.


                “jeep – noun

                Outstanding light vehicle of World War II, developed by the U.S. Army Quartermaster Corps.”

                • Viipottaja

                  Actually, a thesaurus is a type of dictionary:


                  A book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts.
                  A dictionary or encyclopedia.

                  dictionary – lexicon”


                  As I said, enough about that already. 🙂

                  • Andre C

                    “As I said, enough about that already.”

                    Take your own advice then.

                    • Viipottaja

                      I would have and now will. 🙂 Take care.

                    • Andre C


                      I’m expecting to not see a comment after this one. 😀

    • Ruefrak

      You’re right, it’s not. It’s a Toyota, which is what I used when I did this same thing in Dubai (though we didn’t zip tie phones to the front of the truck).

    • viktor von d.

      jeep is used pretty much everywhere now to designate a offroad vehicle. just like xerox is used to describe now the function of copying.

      stop being such a nazi

    • Phiiiteeeyyy

      “The original trademark brand-name application was filed in February 1943 by Willys-Overland.[7] It is also used as a generic term with a lowercase (jeep) for vehicles inspired by the Jeep that are suitable for use on rough terrain.[8]”

      -Wikipedia (

      Jeep is a brand, jeep is not =)

  • SaDudE

    I wish they had zip tied a SGS3 or IP5 next to it, that would have been an awesome comparison

  • Keith too


  • Noki

    Guys you should try this some day if you get the chance its alot of fun, Truth be told sand dunes are known to not produce big unsmooth jumps, so not the best terrain to show off the stabilization capabilities of the camera, just check out some GoPro sandunes videos out there.

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  • Omid

    It is not Jeep, Jeep could not handle on this kind of desert.

    It is Toyota Land Cruiser, the most innovative car that could handle a desert stability.

    It is a great match: Toyota Land Cruiser+ Nokia Lumia 920.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Carbontubby

    Remind anyone of Rendezvous?

    There’s this one video done back in the 1970’s with a camera tied to the front bumper of a Mercedes SL or Ferrari something-or-other, racing through the streets of pre-dawn Paris at insane speeds. They should have had a 920 back then 🙂

  • rwtertwret

    This phone with Android would be a dream-phone.