Nokia Lumia 920 popular in Hong Kong?

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There’s a been quite a bit of news on the Nokia Lumia 920s popularity. We haven’t got numbers from Nokia but it’s been plenty of reports on a figure of 2.5 Million for the 920 in the first month alone. Quite alright for a second gen version for the Lumia range.

If true, that’s a good start, along with news of it being out of stock in several places (though that might have more to do with low initial stock to begin with than actual sales).

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a genuinely awesome phone through and through. in design, in build, in features, in usability – it’s a fantastic all in one package for the majority of consumers and it’s no surprise to see how despite the abysmal marketing from Nokia, it seems to be selling quite well on its own. Wireless charging, Optical image stabilisation carl Zeiss PureView camera, Super Sensitive Screen, PureMotion HD+ With Clear Black Display, WP8 Nokia Drive, beautiful design and legendary Nokia build.

I can’t quite understand the garbled auto-translation but it appears to have some popularity in Hong Kong.


More exaggerated, Hong Kong Bank Lumia 920 at today is the seller Scoop 5600 yuan high price, sometimes for many consumers surprised.

All this shows that a phenomenon: Nokia Lumia 920 is so popular, Nokia virtue WP8 resurgent? Let the market data speak for themselves.

Tipper Keithium explains:

Lumia 920 has been launched in Hong Kong today for a price of about 4500 Yuan (722 USD) and , got “looted” by buyers and now stands sold out completely. As reported, many buyers returned empty-handed. Though the number of devices in the stock have been quoted to be 7000, still for a small market like Hong Kong and this being the first lot only, is very significant.

State-side, the Nokia Lumia 920 is said to be extremely popular at Walmart. In Sweden, an online retailer says the 920 has created a backlog of demand twice as big as for the very popular SGSIII.

The Phones4U stores at Preston have regularly been out of stock on the Nokia Lumia 920 for a while (hence my wait for replacement) but they only had small initial stock.

Fingers crossed Nokia helps the Nokia Lumia 920 gain some awareness from consumers, so that they’ll be informed about how awesome this phone is when considering their new phone options. Hopefully this is the start of the tide turning in Nokia’s favour, not just in sales, but over all public image of the once king of phones.

Cheers rishabh and Keithium for the tip!


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  • elo

    I am from Hong Kong. I pre-oredered a yellow Lumia 920 on Nov 21 in a Nokia shop. When the phone released on yesterday, the shop called due to high demand, my yellow 920 will only be available by Dec 15. Only black and white available. Too bad!

  • arts

    a quick look at the source seems to claim alot of celebs are using the lumia 920, also some sellers are taking the opportunity to raise price.

    The article did conclude with (paraphrased) “does this mean wp8/lumia 920 is very popular in HK? Let the market statistics reveal that later on.”

    • DesR85

      “a quick look at the source seems to claim alot of celebs are using the lumia 920, also some sellers are taking the opportunity to raise price.”

      In fact, when I was in Hong Kong last month, I went to one of their Broadway branch and saw Nokia phones sold at a higher price compared to those in Malaysia. One example is the 900 which is priced at HK$ 4,788 (RM 1,880) compared to RM 1,650 in Malaysia.

      Oddly enough, the iPhone 5 there is sold at the exact same price as the iPhone 4S when it was launched here last December (RM 2,199.xx)…

      • arts

        I guess they have their version of vats, while in Malaysia we are tax free now no? and owh, im not sure if the source is speaking about the dealers or you know, the small stalls that sells phones in and about malaysia. Those guys sometimes raise prices too.

        • spencer1978

          Jay, in the Hong Kong story. It says the first lot was 7000 units. It was sold out, and many consumers wanted it, so the buyers who could get the phone that day with 4500 Yuan(722 USD)
          sold their phones to others for 5600 yuan (that is 1100 Yuan profit in a very short time).
          People make this kind of business in Asia a lot, if something is popular and limited, for example football tickets and so on.
          This is a very good sign that the Lumia 920 is very popular!

          • arts

            Lol. Reminds me of the rice sellers in tvb dramas. Always the assholes that raise the prices in times of need.

  • Jirkaone

    It looks like nobody wants black or white. Red and yellow are bestsellers.

    • flyingbathtub

      black and white is so iphoney and sammy…

    • Harangue

      Actually want neither, want a grey one. But there seems to be nobody selling them. It would be a bit much to get a black and white one just to make a grey one

      • senshi

        Australia is supposedly getting grey ones next month, with how the international schedule had been I would guess HK won’t get grey until Jan 2013.

  • Chris

    While I’m still waiting for Nokia Malaysia to bring it in, I can’t wait to see the sales result.

    It’s a mess in their facebook page every day we fans throw tantrums in every single post they made because we want our Lumia 920 now.

    • arts


  • nn

    It’s all over again. If there really were extraordinary sales, I don’t doubt Nokia would tell us the official number, everyone is doing this “we sold X millions in first two weeks” and they need to generate hype. Even MS told us 60M W8 licenses were sold so far, but is mum on WP8 (or Surface and W8 RT).

    The silence on the hard numbers front pretty clearly indicates there is no breakthrough in WP sales.

    • btdt

      No, they were not mun about wp sales. Ballmer revealed yesterday that wp8 sales are 4x compared to wp7 sales last year.

      • btdt

        Correction: wp7 sales same time last year.

      • nn

        And do we have the official MS number for WP7 sales for the same time last year? Because otherwise it’s totally meaningless statement. Again, that they throwing around only relative comparisons but they won’t reveal the actual number tells you what they themselves think about how big or amazing it is.

        • Jiipee

          Not actual figure, no. Gardner gave 2,8 million WP +WM altogether. That could mean 10 million or less WPs now. If Nokia has 80%, it means max 8 million. Analysts’ consensus is (median figure) 3-6 million.

          6 million woul be decent start. I wish that Nokia will have that special something also in terms of tweaked software coming out next Spring, they could be saved.

        • JGrove303

          If we went with just US sales that’s 600,000 x 4 = 2.4 million.

    • Peter L

      What? Ballmer just yesterday told that the WP sales are four times bigger than they were last year at the same time. That translates to ~12M WP handsets for Q4 2012 if the trend holds since 3M WP7 devices were sold in Q4 2011.

      Now if we count the following details in the mix:

      1) Lumia sales from the WP share is 59% and rising
      2) ATIV S is not yet available anywhere
      3) HTC 8X is also showing limited worldwide supply

      we can make an estimate of ~7.2M Lumias sold in Q4 2012 (12M * 0.60) if Ballmer wasn’t full of crap in his statements and if the Lumia WP marketshare of 60% holds. Given the fact that Lumia 920 is incredibly popular compared to the other WP8 models and pretty much every WP7 device sold is from Nokia that number can easily be more.

      • nn

        Well, nice. Except you are getting your numbers straight out of the place where sun isn’t shining. Which is precisely why they wont tell us the real data, that way everyone can invent theirs.

        The Q4 number is actually just estimate and one from the higher end, the lower end was less than 2M. Given that this is likely far below the margin of error for the estimates, we can safely conclude we have no idea what the WP7 sales were, except that they were abysmal. Four times abysmal is still abysmal, especially when the market is growing in the meantime.

        Also, your “if the trend holds” is quite big assumption. For example what the “for this time of year” means? Is it last week? Is it from the start of Q4? Or from the start of WP8 sales, i.e. just November? And how much are these two comparable? In 2011 there was no big new OS launch at the end of October and Lumias were only available from half of November onward. One or two weeks of sales here and there, and the numbers can paint totally different picture.

        • Peter L

          Is nn abreviation from negative nancy?

          That said, the numbers I “pulled out of my ass” come from analyst houses well respected in the mobile industry and their estimates. Given that Ballmer is talking about WP platform as a whole (not just Lumias) during an investor phone conference call it makes sense to consider Q4 sales for this part. Of course we don’t know exactly what timeframe Ballmer means in his comments, but I don’t think he can be coy here and somehow try to deceive investors. There’s legal things to consider here.

          This is why I think WP8 sales will hit double digits by the end of the year. Feel free to call me positive pete if it makes you feel better.

          • nn

            No, it’s abbreviation from “cold hard facts”.

            It rather seems you picked just one analyst house, which reported the highest number. I suggest you look at more than one, and also take a notice of the spreads between the respective estimates they report, so you will get the idea how precise they are.

            If we rerun your example with 2M for Q4, we get 5M WP8 sales for Nokia. Add one or maybe two millions of WP7 phones and you can see why nobody is in rush to report the real numbers.

            • Peter L

              I could only found one for my quick search, I thought Gartner would be reliable enough. I wouldn’t say 5M WP8 phones would be a bad thing though, if most of that is from the 920. It would be very decent start considering the conditions in Q4.

              • Jiipee

                at the same time Symbian will be getting close to zero.

                If the result reaches consensus, I would be surprised, if Elop gets to stay.

                When was Galaxy SIII launched? Could there be next one coming out in Spring? Nokia has to sell masses by then.

                Btw. Ill check Nokia’s own guidance. If they already know that they’ll reach ~7 million, they might need to issue positive profit warning.

    • krustylicious

      aparrently 40m and that includes downgraded pcs to w7..

      Basically winodws 8 platform is a failure.

      Nokia has not sold 2.5m 920s in the first month.. more like 400,000 units of w8 devices which is dire

      • who knows

        Link please

        • Peter L

          He pulled that number out of his ass.

      • Harangue

        I doubt many have been downgraded. Because W8 is so great? No, because there is hardly any HW out there you can buy with Windows 8. Even if you want a Windows 8 machine you have to look far and wide to get one and most that are available suck because of weak specs or it is made by companies like Acer.

        Regarding Nokia, they probably haven’t sold 2.5 mil units yet. But it based on what you can read it might actually happen. The L900 had similar buzz but not of this size, logical since the 900 wasn’t all that special.

        • Noki

          “Even if you want a Windows 8 machine you have to look far and wide to get one and most that are available suck because of weak specs or it is made by companies like Acer.”

          are you kiding ??? its getting hard to find computers with win7 the win8 crap is all over and people don’t care… pc sales are down in the xmas seson..

          About Lumia sales I will keep my ball park number of 6-8 Million as the absolute minimum for a 8 phone range on average less than 1 million per device, Its still pathetic to me but probably many will say its fantastic.

          • Harangue

            Guess it differs from country to country. Don’t know anything about the US, but from what I hear around Europe it is hard to actually get anything running W8. RT devices are postponed indefinitly or even scrapped and the PRO version of that are all delayed well into 2013.

            But who cares, it isn’t about W8 here on MNB. WP8 is what it is about here. 6 to 8 million units is probably the best estimate. Is it good? No, is it dreadfull. A bit, hopefully the numbers will keep going north.

  • Lampleon

    7 000 means 300 0000 in USA.

  • Lampleon

    Sorry, I mean 300 000.

    • jk

      6 zeros.

  • Janne

    By the way, does anyone remember Nokia EVER disclosing device or device range sales figures ahead of a quarterly report? Off the top of my hat, I don’t remember them ever doing that. Not even during the best of times. I don’t expect them to now, whatever the case.

    That’s why the Q4 report is so significant. It will put this to rest. In the meanwhile, Nokia has given bleak guidance for Q4 (during Q3 report) and has not issued a stock exhange release stating otherwise – we must assume Q4 is constrained as announced, unless we hear otherwise in the form of a note to investors.

    I do see genuine demand in many places (and excess of availability), but in all likelyhood overall that demand is good only relative to past Lumia performance, not good relative to iPhone 5 or SGS3. I doubt the demand is bad relative to past Lumia performance, at least.

    Lumia 920 will NOT have sold tens of millions once this quarter is over. That’s for sure.

    • Peter L

      If anyone thinks that Lumia 920 sales goes anywhere close to 10M, it’s rehab time.

      • Toni

        I think that it might sell more than 10M in the coming quarters, but I agree that it is highly unlikely to sell that kind of an amount during the present quarter alone.

    • Toni

      Nokia has no reason to issue a “positive warning” to the markets and thus even if they would be selling them in millions upon millions they could still just remain quiet.

      I think it is pretty clever at this point for Nokia to remain quiet on the actual sales no matter what the figures show. If Nokia were to publish some initial figures the expectations would either be to abandon its share altogether or to over-value it and be bitterly disappointed when the silly market projections did not hold true.

      I would imagine that Nokia is pleased with the sales and they are revealing the news at Q4 report just to have as much time as possible in this relative calm. They don’t have to speak from future devices or upcoming sales or supply chain management but can just bask in the sunshine of relatively positive media feedback.

      • Peter L

        Except that it’s mandated by law that if their Q4 situation changes significantly from their previous forecast they have to report it.

    • krustylicious

      some where released on the n8. But basically the n8 was their last big selling phone ..

      OH DEAR.

      • Janne

        Did they release N8 numbers outside of a quarterly report? I genuinely don’t recall how that went.

        • Harangue

          They didn’t, but I do recall they mentioned something about S3 in general. If that was during a report or just before I can’t recall, one thing is for sure. They have never mentioned anything just after a launch. Try to find any sales numbers for the N95, even that is hard to come by.

          • arts

            5 million shipped, with a estimated 4 million the n8 and not the mass market symbian devices.

    • nn

      When we have you here, few pre-refuting notes for the Q4 results ride.

      For starter, Q4 will tell us nothing we already didn’t know (provided they don’t report something like 15M Lumia sales, but even you don’t think that is on the table). I think it’s very clever from you to trumpet the importance of Q4 results for WP8. There is the transition from WP7 where WP8 sells only for part of the quarter, the availability ramp up is not so impressive to say at least plus the exclusivity deals, we have the reported shortages… Also somehow I have the feeling we will not learn about the actual WP7/8 break down officially from Elop.

      It will be great opportunity to bend the numbers as one likes it, invent estimates that suits the right theories and then call for wait for Q1/Q2 numbers to see if the momentums will continue.

      BTW, they didn’t share it before, but that’s no reason they couldn’t start doing it now. It’s not like they are trying to totally ignore the sales situation, they just don’t want to tell any specific number. I’m sure that if they sold 5M in first month, we would know it. In fact it would be quite idiotic to not to report it.

      • Janne

        O, ye of little faith. 🙂

        I have no need or desire to twist any numbers or even to debate this, outside of some perverted personal interest in the matter. I do think, however, Q4 numbers will signal us if Lumia (and Elop) are here to stay or not – and I’ll honestly tell then.

        It is true the situation is not optimal. Launch went well into November in many places, some places only getting the new Lumia in 2013. Add to this the shortages in supply, which even if we assume is only due to limited supply and not immense demand, will impact the numbers negatively. I would have preferred an earlier launch to really get good numbers.

        So, sure, there are excuses and real reasons to be considered when we get there… but I remain hopeful we get some meaningful numbers (and qualitative information), especially if and when we get to compare those to HTC’s Windows Phone 8 numbers. I think one signal to consider is the guidance Nokia gives for Q1 on Q4 results, that too will be telling.

        So, an interesting Q4 report coming up early January! 🙂 We’ll talk more about this then, I’m sure.

        • Jiipee

          They will just tell that they had some component supply shortages, which limited the launch and Q1 will be the break point. They wont open up the split between WP8 & 9. Elop will reveal the big secret that 920 has outsold N9 todate 😉

          Q4 will not tell about success or not. Im waiting for the first patch of Lumia’s where it shows – what Elop has promised for years now – the special tweaks to WP that Nokia has made. And the awesome Lumia’s the developer relation director promised. After Q1 we’ll know, if Elop is going to stay or not.

          • Janne

            Q4 will not tell about success or not.

            Success in this industry is won or lost every day, every quarter. Nothing will guarantee long-term success.

            However, Q4 can tell about long-term failure. And if it does do that in my view, I’ll say so. If not, then great.

            • nn

              No, just one quarter can’t tell you anything about long-term failure or success. If you want to measure long-term results you have to look at long-term data, but here everything points to Q4 being the same as all previous four quarters and small up/down variation can’t change basic facts. That’s why Q4 can’t tell much to anyone who paid attention to what was happening through the year.

            • jiipee

              Getting philosophical? 😉

          • nn

            I don’t think you will get much beside the Nokia apps and perhaps some improvements in core WP (like imagining stack), which will be shared by everyone. IMO the big concession from MS is that Nokia will be allowed to use and tweak WP for the next disruption or whatever Ahtisaari is working on.

            • jiipee

              Where have you got the idea that Ahtisaari is working on future disruptions? From the latest Elop interviews Ive come into conclusion that the future disruptions are basicly technological advancements.

              • jiipee


              • nn

                It’s of course just speculation on my part, desperate attempt to find some meaning in the random irrational cacophony coming out of Elop and Nokia.

                The thing Ahtissari spends half of his time isn’t just new phone or tablet, IMO it’s more radical, maybe flexible device or something. Also Elop said that the disruption will make smartphones obsolete, that signals to me it’s more concrete idea and also that it isn’t just mere technical evolution.

    • Bloob


      Although, it would of course be ridiculous to dismiss 920 sales just because they don’t reach iPhone or SGS3 numbers. Nokia doesn’t need to have the best numbers in order to have good numbers. But yeah, if demand were so great (+5% over estimated), they would have to release a positive profits warning/alert.

      • Viipottaja

        Would they need to issue a positive profits warning if demand exceeds their ability to supply? I.e. they would not have more revenue or profits as they have nothing more to sell, and thus would need to report, no? 😛

        • Jiipee

          Everyone above have talked about sales, not demand. To answer your possibly rhetorical question: ofcourse not.

          What is good with having shortages in supply? The next generation of products will be arriving soon again and 920 will be forgotten. Also, they need to get products out for Christmas.

          • Viipottaja

            I did not say shortage in supply was good.

            Second, Bloob talked about demand.

            • Bloob

              Was rather referring to demand from the retailer, which is basically the number of orders Nokia gets for 920. =)

              But yeah, only number of sales (orders) would force them to issue a warning, but as it hasn’t happened, I am doubtful the 920 has been selling all that much. Unless Nokia wrote down bigger than estimated restructuring costs.

              • Viipottaja

                I know, my whole comments was a bit tongue cheek. 🙂

                Having said that, I guess even if there were orders but Nokia would not be able to supply against them, there would be no new revenue other than some prepayments perhaps.

                As for the warning, one could still come (and hope one does) closer to the quarterly report.

                • jiipee

                  Prepayments are only cash-flow related and sales (=turnover) and related profits are written against shipments. Hence, no profit warning in that case 😉

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        Problem is that even though Nokia Lumia sales are more than iPhone 5 level and its launched in fewer markets than iphone andS3 also in sweden retailer tell that the backlog is 2X s3… in Hongkong selling 7000 units in a day is mile stone… But friends as Elop nored in Q3 earnings call, the positive sales will be impacted by restructuring cost.. if u look for last 6 Qs loss is because of this massive restructuring

    • pchees

      The headline figure for Q4 may still be poor due to more “one off” costs incurred by the closing down of factories etc. The interesting figure will be the sales, and the profit (not including expecptional items etc).

    • Viipottaja

      This is the only one I can remember:

      What they did in addition at some point in their quarterly reports was to split between N Series, E Series and other smartphone sales. Might have mentioned at least in the earning call some specific device numbers,not sure.

    • dss

      I will be surprised if their whole Windows Phone portfolio sells more than 3 mil. in Q4.. that is including all the Windows CE devices that are on fire sale right now.

      • Harangue

        That is really pessimistic, last quarter was 3mil. AFAIK, if they sell less than that in the quarter that is known for big spending that would be abysmal. I’m not one to do any crystal ball number predictions but I’d suspect it will be 6mil. maybe 8 at best but that would be stretching it.

        • Noki

          I agrea with the 6-8 M ball park number cmon nokia as 8 Lumia devices on sale…

  • alsocan

    Actually, Why would wp8 sell better than wp7? The devices and ui look the same, the capabilities and performance look roughly the same… Why would consumers suddenly start buying wp?
    I’m asking in all honesty. Is there better advertisement this time (but they already said last time more advertisement than ever, operation rolling thunder, blabla)? Is the ui suddenly fashionable…? What has changed?

    • arts

      We could replace wp7.5 and wp8 with symbian s60th and symbian^3 and try to compare the difference.

      To me, there might be a few reasons, a better camera, more processing power, more languages available and being sold in more countries.

    • who knows

      In my own current surrounding some of my friends have been waiting for WP 8 to launch so that they could try out these new Nokia phones. This is a big change since they have been ridiculing me for the last 3-4 years for having Nokia phones and not an iPhone or an android.

    • Viipottaja

      Marketing is better this time around at least here in the US, clearly.

      There is more carrier support here in the US – perhaps elsewhere too, not sure.

      Windows 8 is out.

      Performance of the devices is significantly better, and there are more compelling devices from Nokia and others. Specs on paper are also on par with the competition, at least right now.

      The UI does not look the same, until 7.8 is out. There are some important added capabilities too which may have some positive impact on sales.

      So, all in all WP8 should sell better and the indications are, it is (Ballmer, while not giving a specific number, also cannot just lie to his investors).

    • Harangue

      I don’t know why, but there are quite a few people that have asked me lately how WP was and if it was worth switching to (from Android in most cases) There are more people noticing WP and looking at it as an alternative, will this translate into sales? Who knows.

      One thing is for sure, WP is being talked about more.

      • Noki

        yeah I agree with that Microsoft marketing invisible machine is full on.

        Will it work???? well they have failed so many times in the past that… PLus I think the usedtobecaled Metro language is failed at its core but we will see..

  • NPW

    Your Tipster copied the full paragraph from an article without quoting the link ;). Anyways, Good that this news get more spread being on MNB.

    • Webby

      Hi, NPW. Any new rips on the way?

  • twig

    Add my order to it. ATT had cancelled my order because Google maps doesn’t show my address and they didn’t tell me. We redid my order and the gal says she’s getting the cyan 920. Its about Win8 on phone, tablet and computer.

    • Noki

      “Its about Win8 on phone, tablet and computer” Is that for real???

      • Viipottaja

        What is so unreal about that? The integration accross the three is quite good, in particular if you have Xbox Music.

        • Noki

          No, I meant as something people genuinely want, do people want a kinda Microsoft big brother all over their device range???

          I Don’t want that, but hey I’m not every one.

          • Viipottaja

            Yep, people genuinely want devices that work well together and have shared services etc. across them. I even heard some fruit company has kinda demonstrated that point a long time ago.

            • Noki

              Hummm that must be the reason most iphone buyers use PC’s…
              “Yep, people genuinely want devices that work well together” yes and for that to append they need to use OS’s from the same brand??? NO!!!! for them to work well enough together they need to be decent product in it self using standard communication methods for each of the things you wan to share.
              Unless you have the mental condition known as the appleism you don’t want all your devices with the sign of the faith (biten apple, cross, moon cressent, or worse 4 squares) because they don’t define you, you are a mix of things, a brand alone is not enough to define you.

              Lets do an informal question here…. How many of you are exited about the prospect of using the Microsoft pc, Microsoft phone, Microsoft game centre, Microsoft phone, Microsoft TV, Microsoft cloud,???

              To me that is the set up of a religious fanatic (much like some apple fans)

              • Bloob

                I agree, standards would be best, but they aren’t born in an environment that is pretty much ruled by one OS ( just look at the PC-market, where cross-platform is largely community-driven ). 5 active mobile OSs would be great.

              • Viipottaja

                Yep, people genuinely want devices that work well together and have shared services etc. across them. Instead of waiting for some standard to possibly, maybe, emerge through an open source utopia.. 😉

                Btw, perhaps you should define yourself through a few gadgets and the things you do with them either. Or be afraid of them having the same brand. There is more to life and identity than that.

                • Noki

                  Don’t want to get into a personal discussion, I’m sure me and you define yourself in many more way than that. If you meet a UX Psychologist he can probably explain you what I was talking about…But in a nutshell what you buy helps define the way you project yourself.

                  If you look into the brain MRI’s made of iWorshippers you will find that the areas brighten up in their brains are the same as the ones active for religious experiences, resulting in the kinda mindless faith some of them are known to have.

                  Any way this is a fairly complex subject, I just thought that intuitively all of us knew it.

                  BTW about the Utopia… Is ssh an utopia??? Are the several protocols you use to sink with the cloud an utopia??? Is html an utopia??? (they seam pretty real to me)
                  Does using all software from Microsoft warranties you better interoperativity??? If you think so you are wrong…

                  • Viipottaja

                    That triggered a lot of ???, didn’t it? Hmm.. wonder what an MRI scan at the moment of your brain would have shown? 😉 😛

                    Btw, doesn’t MS use many of those standards too?

                    • Viipottaja

                      And, just to be clear, I am basically just messing with you. One Finn to another. 😀

                      Yes, being tied to one may be bad. But it may also be very very convenient and provide a pretty darn smooth experience. Nothing inherently evil about it IMHO, I am sure most people realize they are being tied into a manufacturers “ecosystem” – and don’t care and, IMO, that’s perfectly fine. It does define who they are, as we both agreed. 🙂

  • in holland introduction postponed to january!

    nokia was able to do it again, miss the xmas season.

  • von

    Didn’t they once sell the Lumias with free Xbox? and it sold out. But after all that hype the nos. were still weak.

  • Weirdfisher

    I still haven’t seen any 920 in Hong Kong on streets

  • Spencer

    Nokia has long been held in high regard by HK citizens, but only recently fallen away due to incompetence of Symbian vs Android / iOS, however HK people (guys and girls) are at the forefront of technology and will easily switch back if the package is right….

    I’ve pre-ordered my Lumia 920 yellow with Smartone should be free on a 2 year unlimited data LTE contract at around $460 HKD a month. I went to Nokia store in Hang Hau and also in Kowloon Bay and they all sold out first batch on 1st day. I called on day 2 and they were taking orders for second batch around 10th Dec.

    I asked the guy how many were released to his branch – he said around 10-20 only… however he said the Mong Kok and Shatin branches were selling much larger quantities and sold out also. FYI, Shatin has a massive shopping hub (is out of town), and Mong Kok is THE place for everything relating to tech/gadgets.

    It was priced in Nokia Store at $5498 approx, and didn’t include free wireless charging, however had a reduction on listed price down to I think $288

    • chris1

      Hey Spencer well said. Nokia was indeed big in Hong Kong before iPhone and Android took over.

      I am thinking their marketing has also been slacking off also. These days you are guarunteed to see at least 50 apple ads a day, be it on TV, bus banner, etc., which is starting to feel like brain wash… I have yet to see 1 bus stop poster for L920.

      Glad to hear I am not the only person in HK getting a L920.

  • Kivatt0024

    Damn…why nokia malaysia is very slow….nokia indonesia already open pre order 4 their customer….why…..wae?????

  • angler

    I have ordered 2 yellow Lumia920 at Fortress on 23 Nov and still waiting for the phones. Back in June I seldom saw Galaxy S3 in the street and until month after the initial launch there were people carried that phone. Now in every corners in Hong Kong there are people carrying Samsung phones. I would see Nokia another success with this Windows Phone. I like Windows ecosystem and I used to have Lumia800 a year ago. Wish more software developer may switch to WP.