Why Nokia is still NOT going to make an Android device…

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Due to a job posting on LinkedIn, which will be discussed in the following and most importantly final link, blogs came to the conclusion that Nokia was going to finally make an Android handset.



– Cheers NokDroid

Daniel Rubino from WPCentral however thinks folks might be jumping the gun and says Nokia are clearly NOT making an Android. Rubino explores the job listing and concludes it’s more about Nokia’s location services as Nokia continues to expand its userbase across different platforms.

Look, we get it. Android is the most popular mobile OS in the world but what they’re lacking is some killer, sexy hardware. The Nexus line tap dances around that goal but they don’t have any Lumia-type phone (say what, HTCopypasta?) to fawn over and that drives Android fans nuts. They want Nokia and they want that sweet, sweet hardware as they have been dreaming about it since June 2011.

– Cheers Viipottaja


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  • s3m44

    So bad that the news is not real.

    I am looking forward for a Nokia android or meego flagship. Although I’m quite happy with my Xperia, but imagine a Nokia 920 with swipe and android apps on board. How sweat!

    • Noki

      You cant becouse Nokia can only survive if it goes all in with WP, because heeeeee well the great gods would get angry at Nokia and punish Nokia with high sales numbers or something like that.

      • Grendell

        Too bad, As I’ve a lamb or two stashed somewhere that i’d readily sacrifice to appease the gods and eat with unleavened bread for a product like that. A meego N920 in hand would be a real dream come true and I haven’t had a good shawarma in like, forever.

  • rustyknight17

    Ty Janne for the quote , but it`s not as clear as it seems . Don`t think the post is for maps : as several people have pointed out , u don`t need a Linux engineer for that .
    So what did Nokia mean by beyond smartphones and future disruptions ? Tablets ? A new kind of phone ?
    As for the OS thing , Apple has slipped with the IPhone 5 and Android is seriously fragmented , not to forget that most Androids r crap pretty much . I contend that the mobile device market is ripe for a challenger or two , even three . Short of some major changes , i don`t see WP as more than moderately successful , plenty of room then for Sailfish and BB10 , both ofd which hae real potential !

    • Janne

      Sure, it can be more than just maps/backend server stuff/third-party platform apps… I suggested Nokia HERE Glasses, smart glasses, in a past thread. 🙂

      Not that I really believe in the glasses idea happening, but hey, a fun idea at the kind of new directions Nokia might be thinking about – as well as others in the industry obviously already are of course.

      Whatever the direction they’ll take, the presence of location, location, location is clearly major.

      • rustyknight17

        No argument there lol .

    • Bingo!

    • Madratz

      Android being fragmented can be seen as a weakness but in another pov it is a strength that gave its lead in the OS pie.. Up to u how u wanna make of it.. just sayin’..

      • rustyknight17

        Certainly true , depends on which parts u r talking about. For example , from a choice pov , fragmentation is good , but from an update pov , it`s bad .

  • niceone

    Nokia already posted a tweet to end this rumors
    in short answer No hahaha
    the job linked to HERE platform for android and ios

  • Allawi

    Hi. If they want to be success they should make nokia android. My n9 is nice with jellybean except the calling which is main thing.

  • JGrove303

    A lot of the comments here are not from familiar names. How many of you yahoos have actually used WP8? My guess is not many of you nye-Sayers have.

    Someone coming from Symbian should feel comfortable. Yes, WP is new. And off to a great start in my opinion. And the fact that WP have surpassed. BB user base in numbers says a lot.

    I think the biggest problem the android dicks have with Window Phone is that pirating apps isn’t so easy. File browser, can be usefully, but again, mostly for exploiting software to install hacks to side load market material off the market. Now, be honest. I’ve done it with iOS, Android and Symbian, too. But I also BUY GAMES AND APPS FROM DEVELOPERS TO SUPPORT THEM. How many of you fandroids do the same?

    • Noki

      ” And the fact that WP have surpassed. BB user base in numbers says a lot.” In what planet??? Links please

      BTW BB OS 7,6,etc is far worse than symbian ever was. and still its sells way more than WP.

      • rustyknight17

        Yes current BB is worse than Symbian , yet I had in early 2010 a BB Curve 8900 . inferior to Symbian , as I later discovered , but still a good phone . If it hadn`t been for the trackball issue , I`d proably still have BB today !

        • Noki

          Well its superb in mail, BB10 is ok you might like it.

          • rustyknight17

            From what I`ve seen , BB10 will be awesome!

            • Noki

              Its ok, I still prefer my N9 for day to day usage, well the dev device a bit to bulky for daily usage, the London might be my n9 replacement, having a eye open for the joola device as well, we will see.. Currently I’m trying to get a cheep enough N9 storage in mint condition. I wish prices would droop substantially like the L800. But I guess there is a lot of guys like me storing their N9’s as little bits of history to remember.

              • aleci


      • migo

        Hardly. Ever since S60v3 BBOS has been better than Symbian. It’s possible that some non-Nokia Symbian variant like UIQ would still be better, but Nokia’s Symbian was crap since 2006.

        • dss

          Symbian 10.5 is a very good OS.. I can’t find anything wrong with it, and it holds its own against iOS 6 on my iPhone 5.

          • migo

            hmm. possible. it might stack up well to ios, but android is a better benchmark. that said, i’ll buy that it has gotten better, but still too little too late

          • Spede oli aliarvostettu


            You have the Nokia’s disease if you can’t find anything wrong with Symbian. I have been using Nokia phones from 90’s and I replaced my private phone (E70) with and iPhone 3GS. Never regretted that. Not a bit. Using the iPhone was great. After that using the company’s Symbian phones has been nothing but pain.

            Nokia failed just because they didn’t understand what was wrong with the Symbian. Nothing, they said. The iPhone is just some eye candy, they say. Wrong and wrong.

            I really hope Nokia is cured from that disease.

            While Symbian was clumsy to use, it was and is also incredibly unstable compared to the iPhone.

            People claim that they have Symbian phones without any problems. They either lie, don’t know about better or they have those few ones Nokia was never able to make in quantities. If the last one is true, then Symbian is probably the most picky OS what it comes to the hardware. It’s not enough that the hardware is fine. It has to be miraculously fine.

            I’ve never used an Symbian phone without any major problems. E7 had tons of those. 808 has those and I have one.

            • rustyknight17

              First , define major . Second , define unstable .
              sure , Symbian has some issues , but then so does every OS , including iOS . It`s a question of what u can live with …
              I have a N8 and a C6-01 and I must say Belle is awesome . Some issues ? Yes . Unstable ? No . Major problems ? Certainly . I suspect u exaggerate .
              But please give us some examples !

  • JGrove303

    These are the same people how believe paying 8-16 bucks for a game that is better than its xbox360 version ( cost $40 ) is too much money JUST because its on a portable device.

    • Noki

      you seam a bit “pissed” by that, tell us do you have alot of non profitable apps on the WP store?

      • migo

        WP as a whole is a more profitable platform for devs than Android. So is BB for that matter. Nowhere near iOS, but still, if you want to make money as a dev, WP8 or BB10 is a better platform than Android.

        • Noki

          was not discussing that, I know that.. was just wondering how come he was so frustrated…seamed very specific.

        • Marc Aurel

          Last time I checked Symbian was a more profitable platform on average for developers than Android, so that does not mean much.

          • Viipottaja

            Hi Marc, is there a good centralized source for that info? Would be just curious to see how the various platforms stack as of now.

        • Tom

          “WP as a whole is a more profitable platform for devs than Android.”

          citation pls. You mean that’s why MS has to pay every developer to port their apps to WP, cause it’s so profitable.

          • migo

            no citation needed. it’s common knowledge

  • rustyknight17

    Jgrove , I`m a Symbian user and I tried WP7 ( Lumia 710 ) , found it to be on the whole , inferior and infuriating ! WP8 is better , but if MS and Nokia want to compete with Symbian , they must do better , let alone compete in markets with real growth , the emerging markets!
    It`s telling that much of the Symbian customer customer has either migrated to Android or they , like me , r waiting to see what Jolla Mobile brings out or RIM .

    • James

      They don’t need to compete, just backstapped. I am stuck with Android at the moment waiting for Jolla.

    • I jumped from Symbian to WP7…not a traitor!

      • rustyknight17

        Who speaks of traitors ? It`s all in what u need !
        Which version of Symbian , if I may ask ?
        These said , generally ( S3 and above ) , WP is inferior to Symbian in terms of features and capabilities , so I`m a bit surprised u would go for WP . Why if I may ask ?

        • Harangue

          WP is inferior in probably a lot ways compared to Symbian, there however areas where it is vastly superior to Symbian, although I am basing this on my last Symbian experience which was on an N8 last december. Just a few weeks usage with Belle.

          Where WP shines is the speed at which it does things, it has a stellar keyboard it integrates all of your contacts in the people hub with FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. so you see what people are up to at a simple glance. Granted, this is highly user/use case dependant, but for me; WP is far superior to Symbian. If I really have to name things I miss it would be all nearly all be HW related.

          Just to add a Jobsian thought; features don’t make the OS or phone it is the way that it executes those features and the ease or joy one can use those features.

          • arts

            just to add, for a phone that pride itself in its 12 mp camera, its absolutely shit to use it. Want to zoom into the photo you just took when you are in the picture preview? IMPOSSIBLE.

            Want to show off your awesome n8 camera by zooming into the picture you just took? Good luck keeping people interested for the 3 seconds before the damn picture loads. And no, its not just for showing off, just imagine taking pictures of documents and wanting to preview them, OR just to check if they are sharp or not takes for ever.

    • dss

      It is inferior.. you just have to adjust your usage and expectations.

      • rustyknight17

        I`m a power user and I know it`s terribly old fashioned of me , but I don`t consider it unreasonable to expect my device to serve my needs .If Nokia can`t do it , I`ll go elsewhere . Speaking of which , I`m keeping a vigilant eye on the 190 series Lumias , Jolla Mobile and RIM ( BB10 ) .

  • James

    Other than Samsung the rest of the world is simply stuck with Android without any choice.

  • richard

    Waiting for Jolla phone. Hope it has 720×1280 pixel with screen size ranging from 4.0-4.5 inches. Usb-otg support, at least 8 megapixel camera. expandable memory,1ghz ram and rom, single core, 2000mah battery,2 megapixel secondary camera, 720 and 1080p capable of video recording. at it’s best in fragmentation and battery consumption.

    • migo

      err… you actually want a single core phone? dual core shouldn’t be necessary, but it’s better for multitasking

      • rustyknight17

        Really ? Symbian and Meego do just fine on multitasking with a single core . that said , dual core would be better for several reasons I suspect .

        • migo

          symbian was always terrible for multitasking. that’s a big reason the iphone 3g slaughtered nokia’s smartphones. because of bad multitasking, a symbian phone would always crash

          • rustyknight17

            If by crash , u mean freeze, yeahh , it does that grrr ! But Symbian multitasking is vastly suerior to the IPhones

          • john

            lol iphone and multitasking? dont make me laugh – save state bs multitasking

    • rustyknight17


  • Bob Hyde

    I agree.

    I do not believe that Nokia are doing an Android Smartphone.

    If WP OS fails to gain significant traction there is a probability that Nokia will bow out of the Smartphone race for a while and focus on building up its mobile services to be offered to all smartphone eco-systems.

    Sell its world leader technology (on license) to all eco-systems (e.g. iOS, Android, Blackbery and WP).

    For example its camera (jointly with Carl Zeiss) and sound (jointly with Dolby) technology.

    Become the world leading mobile technology services provider.

    Expand and keep the Asha range (feature phone set) to show off what it can do.

    It would be a good time to take a step back and re-think the future.

    Make plans on technology that they see coming in the next 5 years and plan a stronger come back.

    • GordonH

      Wait what Wait what.
      oh ok Wait again

  • Seriously, this is a no-brainer. Develop for Android/Linux under Microsoft? No way, this listing must be for some other internal development or may be to kill some Linux based project and move it to Windows…

    • GordonH


  • sammyl

    Forget about Android, Nokia should work on Harmattan 2.0 for N9 and new phones instead and with the following enhancements.

    – skype video call
    – voice dial and voice search
    – smart dialler
    – multi-core processor support
    – multi-resolution support (400×240, 854×480, 1280×720, 1920×1080)
    – better email client (ability to copy stuff from existing email to clipboard, ability to search MS exchange contacts from within the email client)
    – better browser (with better HTML5 support, e.g. jquerymobile animation does not work in current browser)
    – VPN (IPSEC and PPTP support)
    – theme support
    – more video codec support

    YES, I’m dreaming and this will never happen!!!