Whatsapp For Windows Phone Updated, Now Supports Emailing Chat History

| December 3, 2012 | 10 Replies


Whatsapp for Windows Phone has once again been updated, this time bringing further stability updates, faster launches and most importantly the ability to mail chat history (useful to email it too yourself as an archive). unfortunately the ability to transfer your chat history or sync online is not yet available, but hopefully it’ll come soon.

Also worth noting is that the ability to stay connected to WiFi when the screen was locked, which came in the previous Whatsapp update is no longer available; meaning anyone without a data plan should probably sit this one out if they value their push notifications.


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  • Mazze

    Can’t find it for my Lumia 920. It’s still not in the app store. Looks like this update didn’t target WP 8.

    • Not even a WP7 version?? that’s not good…

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  • Quipl

    Would be nice to know when Whatsapp will be available for WP8 again. I’m using Lumia 920 and I really need this app…

    • Harangue

      Seems that there was a technical glitch somewhere/somehow and WA should be back in the Store sometime this week. As said by a MS person, not really solid info though but it is something.

      • Quipl

        Nice to know 🙂 Hope that’s true, not too handy to use 2 phones, one for whatsapp and one for other stuff 😀

  • Fafa Mcmuffin

    There is no whatspp on the Windows Apps store at the moment (as of Dec 5th). So depressed. No whatsapp, no life!

  • Salma

    I tried emailing my chat history but it only emailed the last 2 days part of the chat. Is there a way to email the full chat even if it started a month or so ago?

    • Nayantara

      Hi, I have faced a similar issue. I use Lumia 520 and chat history of only the last two days is available when emailed. In the past, I’ve used andriod phones, and I could easily access history of a month or two. Is there any solution to this problem?

  • Myra

    I have a nokia lumia 520 and i tried emailing the whatsapp chat history but it kept saying “Make sure you have an accounr and try and send it again”. Which account is it talking about??