Happy Independence Day Finland!

| December 6, 2012 | 18 Replies

Just a quick heads-up; today Finland celebrates its 95th independence day! happy birthday Finland! Bringer of Nokia and Angry birds! Stay awesome, without you my favorite company wouldn’t exist :)

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Speaking of which Nokia’s stock has doubled its value over the past month finally moving from the $2 mark reaching almost $4 today; while apple has lost $35 BILLION of market value because they lost out on the China Mobile deal to the Lumia 920. Is it just me who thinks the sleeping dinosaur has awoken?


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  1. B.Srikanth says:

    Happy Independance day Finland.
    Love Nokia country.

  2. Chandan says:

    Happy Independance day to Finland peoples..

  3. Lampleon says:

    Thank You!

  4. meh says:

    Just saw Stephen Elop on TV shaking hands with the president of Finland…

  5. Pdexter says:

    LOL at that picture. I love you guys.

  6. Janne says:

    Thank you, Ali. As a Finn I appreciate the post. :)

    The picture was hilarious too!

  7. Desa says:

    Congratulation to Finland from Russia!
    Live long Nokia!

  8. Irishmarius says:

    Happy Independence day Finland from Ireland.

  9. Sue says:

    Happy independence nokia. . . .

  10. Sefriol says:

    I love that image. Hah. So hilarious!

    Maybe I could use that image as a definition for Sisu. Muhahahaa.
    Thank you for the post.

  11. Ansardeen says:

    Happy independence day finland from India

  12. Indra Kusuma says:

    Happy Independence Day to Finland

    from Indonesia ;)

  13. ms.nokia says:

    happy independence day finland
    happy come-back nokia :)
    nokia’s deal with china seems to have sparked much interest with investors,

  14. MAXMIN says:


  15. Tak says:


    Thanks Ali!

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