Switch Comics: The Color of Dreams

| December 6, 2012 | 8 Replies

Part 4 of the cute #SwitchComics has just been released by Nokia UK’s Facebook page, this one titled: The  Color of Dreams. Must admit it is a very nice approach; but more importantly is that a Lumia 920 married to a N950 (I have no idea why I think it’s a 950 but something about it says 950; or maybe it’s the Lauta since the 950 only came in black?).

Check out the rest of the switch comics here: http://mynokiablog.com/?s=switch+comics


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  1. BJ says:

    Black and white guy is a bit stereotyped, don’t you think?

  2. anon2 says:

    The predicate is a fear of being stuck in the dark ages i.e A world in which your only choice is black or white (iphone)

  3. FireDragon says:

    Lumia is used in Vampire Diaries, and just watching this movie “Trade of Innocents” and main character is using N8.

  4. StefanP says:

    THIS would be a nightmare: I buy the 920 and then the “immediate N9 successor” would be released the following day. Of course a very bearable nightmare. Purchasing mistakes can be corrected.

  5. ***** says:

    Nokia, listen to yourself!

    Why is it, that in Canada the Lumia 920 is only available in BLACK?!

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