CNET’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide puts Nokia Lumia 920 as #1 Best High end Smartphone

| December 7, 2012 | 23 Replies

The most powerful, feature rich Windows Phone according to CNET. Heavy and thick? Not at all :p  In the best high end smartphone category we meet the innovative Nokia Lumia 920.


The prelude to the busy holiday season means one thing: companies are sending out their biggest, baddest smartphones all at once. Here’s CNET’s guide to the best phones we’ve reviewed. Keep checking back; we’ll add more favorites as they come in for review.

At just $99, the Nokia Lumia 920 is the most advanced Windows Phone yet, and a steal. It has a gorgeous display, a speedy dual-core processor, and its 8.7-megapixel camera masters low-light shots. In addition, it integrates voice navigation and wireless charging, not to mention a music service that saves music offline for free.

CNet wants a few more settings in the camera to adjust their view of ‘overhyped’. Well, for low light, it certainly performs much in the way of witchcraft to absorb light from the faintest places like bulbasaur’s solarbeam.

Cheers Ricardo for the tip!


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  • stylinred

    are there voice commands in hte 920?

    my dad wanted to know but i couldnt seem to find a setting or anything for it

    • KEV

      AS far as I know you hols in the Windows Icon “button”. Then say what you want.

    • Yes, all voice commands with slight improvement in the tone over WP7.5.

    • stylinred

      ah great thanks guys ill let him know

      • Plus there’s the in app voice commands, where you can talk to the app like the demo we saw for audible.

        • stylinred

          ah cool thanks, i dont think my dads ready for all that yet though i think he’d have been better suited with another dumbphone but ah well in time, lol

      • Maybe

        As long as you know they “key” word for every task…

        • stylinred

          ah i see, i think he really just wanted to know if it was available i doubt he’ll come to use voice commands anyhow and if he ever gets the hang of it hopefully the feature will be updated/improved on

          • Viipottaja

            Her could perhaps install and try Ask Ziggy as well.

  • twig

    Ramp up production Nokia, on the colors.

  • JGrove303

    Lol, Bulbasaur’s Solar Beam. Accurate

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    so awesome the lumia 920 getting the #1 spot on cnet,
    lots of yanks look to cnet for info on products,
    ( no i don’t have any links or proof regarding that claim)

  • jiipee

    This is great news.

    Now Nokia, please, launch a no compromise device next Spring. Now you are getting close, but not quite yet.

    Btw. WP8 device owners. Have you tried to sync your contact information with gmail? It seems that WP7 only imports data, but does not publish to gmail. Or is there a separate app to enable it?

    • Janne

      Lumia 920 is already a no-compromise device.

      Sure, it would be nice to fill the big camera and qwerty niches too (I expect the first one to come springtime), but as far as this type of formfactor goes I don’t see any significant compromises in the 920.

      Nokia is finally there product-wise. Now, will success follow? Q4 results. 🙂

      • jiipee

        Its not yet up-to the Pureview brand. Ok, it is awesome on difficult circumstances, but not in oordinary (daylight photos for instance). Pureview has to be above par.

        Second is the battery life. If Nokia is able to tweak WP8 as promised, they need to get some extra juice out of it. HTC 8X seems to beat 920 as wel as Iphone5. It should be possible to optimize WP8 by Spring.

        If I recall right, N95 was great on everything else, but touchscreen 😉

        • Janne

          I doubt the 920 type of formfactor will ever be great in the way 808 is. 920 may be average in daylight at the moment, but it isn’t a compromise camera. It is fine for the formfactor, with strengths for video and low-light.

          If anything is a compromise, it is the fact that the Lumia range is still missing those big camera, qwerty and tablet or phablet niches. But 920 is not a compromise device for the formfactor it is (nor are 820 or 620).

          When N95 came, touchscreen was not yet a market requirement – iPhone had been introduced, but wasn’t out yet, nor would it be for a while globally. N95 was great for its time.

          The things you mention about Lumia 920 are potential areas for improvement of course, but that hardly makes it a compromise device. BTW, I get much better battery life from mine than 900. Roughly two days vs. one on the 900.

          • Carbontubby

            Where the heck is Qwerty, oh Nokia? Seems like they’re the only ones with the guts to make such a device as HTC and Samsung have abandoned that form factor.

        • Viipottaja

          N95 too had battery problems (and other bugs) at the beginning. 🙂

  • Joker

    those assholes never wanted to admit: Lumia 920 is the best smartphone! not just best Windows Phone.

  • Chris_Skylock

    Glad to see a Pokemon fan (or referencing to one, I think)

    Going to get a Lumia 920 as soon as possible to accompany my 808 PureView. Thanks Jay.

    BTW: I heard it’s available in the Philippines for PHP 27,500 and it’s available in Nokia Store, SM Mall of Asia. I’ll check on Thursday (Philippines) for anyone whose interested.

    • Chris_Skylock

      *who’re, typo and grammar re-check

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