Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Trade and his Electric Pikachu Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 at Independence Day Reception

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Alexander Stubb, Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Trade and previously Finland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs is seen above at the reception for Finland’s Independence day taking a picture with his Pikachu Yellow Nokia Lumia 920.

He was apparently busy taking lots of pictures with his Lumia.


With Marko

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Here’s Mr Stubbs in his day job (2007)

Cheers Fossi for the tip!


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  • Pdexter

    Who is that on the middle on that last picture? Isn’t he a CEO of some company?

    And lol at that video. 😀

    • Janne

      CEO of Marimekko.

  • T?

    Actually Mr. Stubb is Minister of European Affairs and Foreign Trade these days. He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs before.

  • Janne

    Alex is a cool guy, very open to new technologies and also promoting Finnish companies’ products. He actually stirred up a bit of controversy with this by bringing a yellow Lumia to an event where cellphones are not supposed to be brought. He shook the establishment and old media quite a bit by sharing this stuff on Twitter. Good for him, good for us. Time to air those old traditions and media powers a bit…

    Elop also brought a yellow Lumia 920 to the same independence day party and showed it when interviewed. The interviewer pointed out that you’re not supposed to bring a phone and Elop said “he knows” but thought it so fitting that he was sure an exception was okay. But Elop wasn’t flaunting the Lumia anywhere as much as Alex was, so there wasn’t any more controversy about that.

    Of course Marko Ahtisaari’s “not” Lumia tie also stirred some controversy in the Finnish press… 🙂

  • LMAO at that video, some good points were made.

  • Chris

    Mr. Stubb is taking a lot of heat for tweeting from the party, which according to some news houses (with no real coverage of the event) was against etiquette.

    His tweets made it almost worthwhile, as the party really is a bunch of fancy people in fancy dresses eating, drinking and dancing. 🙂

  • shashi_n

    look at red eye in 3rd picture. what an amazing crap picture. all nokia camera got this issue. what to say jay…. an comment toooo

    • Werner Ruotsalainen

      Red eye can’t be fixed if the flash is close to the lens on ANY camera, not only those of Nokia. This is simple physics and biology.

      • Werner Ruotsalainen

        So, get your facts right before attacking Nokia.

      • DesR85

        True, I even see the red-eye problem in high-end Samsung and HTC phones like the S3 (even the S2) and the One X. Heck, even my dad’s Canon S90 camera have the red-eye problem as well when you leave everything in ‘Auto’ mode (there is a setting to eliminate it, though, but that is beside the point).

  • sinple

    i cant say that the image qualities are good. Front camera?

  • Mendax

    Jay, I know it sounds fun and all, but why do you keep referring to the colour as Electric Pikachu Yellow? Not splitting hairs, just curious.

  • cyanwp