Nokia Lumia 920 HAS an FM Tuner, It’s Just Not On.

| December 12, 2012 | 46 Replies

In a recent article on Nokia conversations about how amazing the S4 processor in the Lumia 920 is, they let slip that the S4 processor in the Lumia 920 does indeed have an FM Tuner; contrary to what WP8 wants to force down our throats. In Nokia conversations post under “connectivity ingredients” the S4 is listed to carry an Fm Tuner:

Connectivity Ingredients:

4 parts LTE Multimode Modem

2 parts GPS

1 part WiFi

1 part Bluetooth

1 part FM tuner

It would seem that Nokia went ahead and included this in the 920 even though it isn’t currently supported by WP8; however should they ever change their mind all it needs is a software update and Voilà, you can rock out to your local church station. It is worth keeping in mind that Nokia did something similar with the C7, where it was made with an NFC chip which was only activated in a later update. So for all you radio fans, don’t worry there’s still hope.

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