Popular WP Twitter App “Carbon” Pulled From MarketPlace, Developers Say Farewell to WP

| December 12, 2012 | 30 Replies

Carbon is a well known cross platform Twitter app (there was a WebOS version available, as well as the currently available Andorid version); last year carbon released its sleek interface to the Windows Phone world were I personally enjoyed it. Unfortunately today Carbon developers announced that they are pulling the app from the Marketplace and ending all WP development. The reasons stated on Carbon’s blog:

We had big plans for Carbon on Windows Phone, we listed some of them in our previous posts. Yet, given the state of volume of sales and Twitter’s continious pressure on third-party client developers it has become less encouraging, and given that we barely covered costs(no profit) with Carbon on Windows Phone we slowed down development and re-evaluated our next steps. Then came our re-write plan for Carbon, decided we had to re-write the app as it was based on a slow base & it was non-performant. That was the time we were in looks for WP talent here in Dubai to rewrite and start over, that turned up to be costly and not even feasible given the volume of sales.

Most of the other apps that are on sale(paid apps) on Marketplace are of a side-project nature, our products are not side projects and they are actually our bread & butter.

Blogs jus’ jumped the gun with News about us pulling  the app off of the Marketplace, without even a line of e-mail for at least a simple clarification, which is a bummer given that we have been in direct contact with them before.

Since we stopped updating the app long ago, it is the best way to stop sales, there are no options for us to keep the app in the Marketplace and only stop new Purchases, so to further stop dissatisfaction of new users who won’t get support or updates we pulled it out of the Marketplace.

I guess that’s it for Carbon :'( read the full post here: http://carbonwp7.com/blog/2012/09/23/end-of-the-line/


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