Lord Alan Sugar’s Nokia Lumia 920 on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

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My housemate and I were catching up on Stephen Fry’s Channel 4 show, “Gadget Man” which guest starred Lord Alan Sugar from The Apprentice.

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What caught my eye was that when they started talking about Smartphones, Stephen Fry pulled out the Nokia Lumia 920 (black) which he says at the time of filming was the first one in Britain (whilst introducing Nokia as the Second biggest phone manufacturer in the world – hey, second is still awesome).

Oddly, Stephen calls Windows Phone 8, Windows 8. What irks me even more was the upload to twitter challenge to see how intuitive the phone is. You don’t really need a separate client to begin twitter on Lumia. It’s built in. On the upside, somehow against the Note II (lol, which is called Notebook II in the video :/) Stephen still declares Lord Sugar as the winner of the challenge (despite the hiccup in forgetting his pasword and not finding the underscore on the keyboard – erm press shift?). It’s because Stephen says these days, you don’t expect to use a manual, you expect things to be easy to use and intuitive.


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What’s funny is that although Lord Sugar says he doesn’t know how to download apps, when going on mobile twitter in the browser, it prompts you to download the app for Windows Phone. Though I did find it strange that Lord Sugar could work out how to take a picture (it’s so simple – just tap the screen or use the camera button).

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I like that Stephen Fry mentions that the 920 does have optical image stabilisation.

This is one of the tweets from October 19th.

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Teehee - Alan has turned his back on me and I'm tweeting this - love from @stephenfry



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  • Fred

    The fact that they don’t know the terminology correctly means that they were just given the phones on the spot that day, just for this programme.

  • Andrew_b

    For all his purported intelligence, Stephen Fry is a bit of a plank. Problem is, say something incorrect with a posh voice and millions of people will think it’s true.

    • Steve

      Very true. Julie Burchill called Stephen Fry “a stupid person’s idea of a clever person”.

  • nabkawe

    actually finding the underscore requires pressing &123 and then pressing the arrow and then u can choose it which is counter intuitive

    • Andrew_b

      Yeah, I find the WP keyboard underscore pretty unintuitive too. The keyboard doesn’t show the shifted chars, so you have to guess. That’ll teach us to be all geeky using underscores. Perhaps they’re going out of fashion?

    • Viipottaja

      What would be nice is when composing emails having the cursor arrow keys available somehow. The long press and place system works most of the time but is a bit cumbersome.