My Dream Nokia #75: Nokia Lumia 0360 – Xbox Phone

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Here we have another Lumia concept, this one called the 0360, whihc pays tribute to both the N-Gage and the Xbox 360, the phone is in no means slim, but then again that’s not the point of this phone. The phone has an integrated Kinect camera to give you touchless games.

Introducing the Nokia 0360 Concept a name chosen as a salute to the Xbox 360.
This is a phone that borrows Nokia N.Cage’s design language and attractiveness and adds the magic of the XBOX to spice up the deal.
It’s almost a given that non touch interactions eventually will become the norm, So this phone is equipped with a KINECT camera made specially for Windows Phone 8.   It helps create better games where your fingers doesn’t cover the screen or smudge it , it can also be used within the UI , only you need to hold the two green areas on the sides to enable that feature to prevent unintended interactions, and to save batteries
Speaking of batteries there are two both at 2000mah !!! , one powers the KINECT camera along with all the heavy duty stuff like powering the huge 5″ screen, the other one handles all normal activities of the phone , The Nokia 0360 will use both batteries in powersaving mode to provide an amazing standby/calling/web browsing experience.

Once you put the 0360 on a charger you have the option to activate the KINECT camera full time which will make buying a stand for it all the more essential.

It’s noteworthy to remark that this concept was  photoshoped to life using a black rectangle and a Sonim XP3300.
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