Lumia 920T Outselling iPhone 5 On Amazon China

| December 16, 2012 | 39 Replies


One of Nokia’s largest victories this month has been the fact that it beat out the iPhone for the number one spot on China Mobile, which is the largest carrier IN THE WORLD (say that in Jeremy Clarkson’s Voice). Now that both the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 920 are on sale through Amazon China the 920T is placed at 4th place (behind several low-end cheap knock off phones) with the iPhone 5 at its heals at #5.


If I recall correctly both were released at the same time which should give for a fair playing field, but only time will tell how long the 920 can stay ahead of the iPhone.





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  • You mean to say Largest I believe. 🙂

  • Could be related to the fact that the 920T works on China’s 3G network, unlike the iPhone.
    Not too familiar with the China market, but must be a good thing.

  • Jack M
    • StefanP

      There ARE quite many deficiencies. MS should hurry with the update(s). Don’t need to be a hater to report those. I am annoyed as well, but I hope the L920 will be a success.
      BTW, another “sold out” story, but with numbers:
      2000-3000 is really not much for a big operator.

    • Keith too

      As of this writing it has dropped to 9th while the iPhone is 5th. There are several Nokia feature phones on the list as well. One of 1 star reviews thinks it is priced too high and the other thinks the price is too high for only a dual core (rolls eyes).

      • Changed again..

        Now the Lumia is 6th and the iphone5 is 9th

      • adit38

        now lumia 920 move to 4 and ip5 drop to 10

  • lamine

    What are the actual sales figures for the 920?

    • Janne

      We can not deduct such things from retailer top lists. Just a little bit of good cheer for the holiday season, postings like this.

  • swain

    Sounds pretty good.

  • Janne

    Right now Lumia 920T seems to be 7th and iPhone 5 is 9th. That list seems to change fast! A billion people does that I guess. 🙂

    • StefanP

      The iPhone is also split into a black and a white one while there is just one 920. Combining those two iPhones should give a correct picture, maybe with a small lead of the iPhone?

      • Janne

        I think it is important to realize that nobody here is thinking Lumia 920 in any variant is selling iPhone 5 like numbers. 🙂 But getting somewhere on top lists is certainly a nice bit of news, if nothing more.

        • StefanP

          Well, actually I thought this, at least for amazon CN. My remark just to be precise. I am not sure how this ranking is actually done.
          Anyway, right now L920 is #2, black iPhone5 #10 and the white one #11!
          It’s good to be in the top 10 on such a huge market!

  • jammy

    iPhone 5 is not launched on China Mobile, it’s only launched on china Telecom, which is third largest carrier of china, but people are buying unlocked iPhone’s which is running on it’s 2G speed, at iPhone don’t support tdcdma/tdwcdma 3G/4g speeds bands supported by China mobile. But Nokia Lumia 920T is officialy launched on China mobile and supports it’s 3G and 4G bands….. I’m not saying this to take anything away from 920T’s good selling, but just pointing the fact, that this might be reason of iPhone not selling well there…….

  • Changed again..

    On amazon best selling in at&t, Lumias have climbed up a bit after the status changed to in-stock.
    Red 920 is 4th
    Black 920 is 7th
    and HTCrap has gone down to 8th.

    A few hours ago HTCrap was above those 2 lumias

    • BeefyDragon

      Where? I’m not looking at the right place because I’m showing Black 920 is showing in 5th place. that’s after I narrowed it down to AT&T and SmartPhone category on
      I wish Nokia had supplied enough stock to meet demand here in the U.S. via Amazon so the charts would look a lot better, like the previous Lumia 900 sale.

      • Changed again..

        Yeah.. i never find it easily on amazon. I usually google smth like “amazon wireless best selling at&t”
        Here’s one of the first links:

        I might have faulty selections, as I said im not good at finding it on amazon. Feel free to point out my mistakes

        • BeefyDragon

          You are not wrong at all. Amazon sorts things differently depending on how you access their website! If you go to as to amazon’s main website and head to cellphone category, you’d get a totally different answer. Kind of screwed up actually. I wish they had combined all the colors for the Lumia 920 and it would definitely have been either #1 or #2 slots against the Galaxy SIII.

          • Changed again..

            I agree! That would be good marketing because the amazon top lists are quite often in business news. That was a good thing for iphone before. On the other hand, having all different colours make Nokia stick out from the crowd. And if they have 4-5 different colours in the stores, it’s bigger chance a new customer sees them.
            Before it was annoying me when they top sales lists where iphone just had one place even if they had at least 3 different models, while the nokia’s had separate positions in the list according to the colour. That’s a great way the skew the statistics! Analysts do not of course mention that if it’s not going to support their own investments

  • rafaelinux

    Right now the lumia is 4th and the iphone 10th, so, that list isn’t really reliable.

  • Janne

    And they are both loosing to Nokia 1280, a Series 30 device? 🙂

  • Charles

    Good for them

  • SitBadDog

    Big fan of this website, and of Nokia, but I think this is a misleading and poorly written article.

  • DJ

    It is not misleading. IPhone sale in Chine are below expectations, a lot. It is to expensive for Chine to compete with cheap phones like 920.

    • lol

      I think you better need to read the article at Engadget. iphone 5 sold over 2 million over weekend making new record.Lumia stock initially was very limited.

    • J R

      The post starts off with Nokia “beat(ing) out the the iPhone for the number one spot on China Mobile”, implying that China Mobile carries the iPhone: it does not.

  • anon2

    oops.. now at number 2

  • If you say Lumia 920T is Outselling iPhone 5 in China, Then iPhone 5 Sells More Than 2M Units During First Weekend | |

    I wonder how many Lumia 920t are sold.

    • viktor von d

      the iphone will sell moe i think. in the end these are on-line sells.they can only compliment the in-store sales and not the other way around

  • KT

    Still soon lumia will be out of stock whereas iphone will still continue to sell as it is, so as a matter of face its the hair and turtle story. So the quarter result would not be great because the manufacturing unit(limited production) to be blamed largely. Nokia is not able to hand it to those who want to give them money.

    • viktor von d

      they said at the q3 results that they wont be able to ramp up production in q4,only in q1 2013.weird they hyave these manufacturing problems every year when launching flagships

  • aleci


    How many more lies do we need to hear boosting the Lumias?

    • Peter L

      You get an F from reading comprehension.

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  • Alex

    As of right now the black Lumia 920 is #1, iPhone 5 @ #10.

    Is it really only because it supports the China 3G and 4G networks (unlike the iPhone)

  • Gurra

    The iphone5 started to sell 14th december, and the opening weekend from 14-16th december over 2millon units were sold i china.
    Some sites report that Beijing had a snowstorm during the weekend but not living there i don’t know if it’s true.
    In china i don’t think many people buy things on Amazon China.
    So i don’t think any Lumia outsold iphone 5 this weekend, maybe it did on Amazon but not in total.

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