Video: Size Comparison Lumia 920 Vs. 808 Pureview, iPhone 4/4s, Lumia 900, Lumia 800/N9,

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920 vs. everything else

The Lumia 920 is an interesting device, not just from the innovation on the outside, but from some of the design choices made in the device itself, the screen for example is .2″ larger than the Lumia 900, yet they’re both the same size. The camera is light years ahead of the N9/800/900 yet the phone manages to be on equal footing in terms of width (and actually thinner than the N9/800).


I decided to do a video putting it up against the main Nokia competitors and the obligatory iPhone, and honestly it doesn’t fair too bad; it has the highest screen resolution & ppi of the lot (iPhone included), it’s one of the slimmest (at thinnest point- Nokia’s site only gives details for the thinnest point of the device AFAIK) and it looks awesome in red (I can’t get over that).

The dimensions for those who missed them in the video (note width is according to official Nokia and Apple sites, taken at the thickest point of the phone) :

  • Lumia 920: 185 Grams, 10.7mm Thick, 4.5″ screen – 1280*768 = 332 ppi
  • iPhone: 137 Grams, 9.3mm Thick, 3.7″ screen – 960*640 = 326 ppi
  • 808 PureView: 169 Grams, 13.9mm Thick, 4.0″ screen- 640*360 = 183 ppi
  • Lumia 900: 160 Grams, 11.5mm Thick, 4.3″ screen – 800*480 = 217 ppi
  • N9: 135 Grams, 12.1mm Thick, 3.9″ screen – 854*480 = 251 ppi



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  • senshi

    I have the N9, 800 and now the 920 (in Pikachu Yellow). It was surprising to me how easily I adjusted to the increased size of the 920 within just one day such that when I pick up my 800 again it actually felt too small. Now the 920 feels the most “just right” size to me mentally, amazing how your brain and muscles adjust so easily.

    • Hoi

      Muscles haha. I think its purely the brain

  • Hoi

    Muscles haha. I think its purely the brain

  • Sefriol

    When I looked this video it made me thinking: Nokia has only 1 Top end model with a lot of medicore phones. In the end, if Lumia succeeds we need something more. We all know that Modern UI isn’t for everyone so Nokia needs phones with Android/iOS/Symbian/Meego -like UI. Not only that, but Nokia needs new cool designs. Nokia needs iPhone-like for those who don’t like N9-design. 4-4.2″ screen with good resolution, good camera without Pureview, slim design. Something like Samsung did with S3.
    900-series need more variation. Nokia cannot compete with Samsung if they have only L920.
    Nothing else than WP isn’t coming for a long time, but L900-series needs improvement. Atleast 3 Flagship phones: pureview1(808WP), pureview2(L920) and something similiar to iPhone/qwerty-phone.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      Very true. Nokia should just make an iPhone clone the others did. That’s what masses want.

      • Sefriol

        Maybe not an iPhone clone, but something that has similar values as it does: good materials, slim design, overal-good for everything. Nokia needs 8800 of this day.

        • Spede oli aliarvostettu

          They could start with that and improve from there.

  • Banderpop

    Slimness and PPI – two hardware specs that add absolutely nothing to functionality!

    Still, they certainly helped to sell iPhones. People like numbers they understand, even if they can’t see the difference until devices are put side by side.

    • Banderpop

      Come to think of it, side by side, the screen that would stand out the most would be the 808’s because of its brightness, contrast and superior daylight visibility to anything. And then there’s the clock and notifications while the phone is just standing by. Nobody notices the PPI deficiency, ever. It has not happened even once. I actually read a phone review from 2003 earlier this morning, which complained that the phone in question caused eye-strain after five minutes due to the screen detail being higher than what people were used to, and also lamented a lack of notification indicators while on standby. How times have changed.

      Ali – “The people who bought this phone did not buy it for its screen” True, but the 808 having the best practical screen turned out to be a nice bonus! Glove usage aside, although I’ve found that my 808 does work with my main gloves.

      When I’ve left my 808 lying around, friends will pick it up and comment on how nice it is to hold. Being not very wide helps here. They know it has the best camera. But then they ask what it’s running and which carrier provides it, and I have to tell them Symbian and none of them. “Oh, Symbian? I think my old N97 was on that…”

      • I dint care,much for higher resolution screens, but there are limits, especially when out into relativity.

        for,example I never noticed how bad the pen tile on the 800 till I used the 900.

        but the 808 is honestly pushing the limits of acceptable screens. Sure the clear black display is amazing, but you can’t help but notice the rough edges ob the app icons. Especially if you’ve used a higher resolution screen before.

        • Banderpop

          Daylight visibilty = practical advantage.

          Jaggy icons = nothing of value was lost. Unless you use your phone for graphic design tasks?

          If anything shows up jaggies though, it is those stupid squircle Anna icons.

          • I agree, but why can’t the 808 have great daylight visibility like the 920 (which does this weird water color effect and adds a grey tint to everything to stop refelction) while having an incredible Res. screen. (I know it’s pointless to argue that point now, but it does impact a decision)

            • AreOut

              because Symbian doesn’t support higher resolution, and because higher resolution is really not needed on phones, I understand it’s nicer but I would gladly sacrifice it for visibility on sun

              • I understand, but speaking from a non OS limited point of you, if there’s a phone like the 920 that gives you great visibility under the sun (better than the 808) WITH a super high res. screen, than that’s a winner.

                If you look at the 808 as a standalone device then it’s sunlight viisbility is impressive; but compared against the 920 which has that with higher resolution means a point against the 808, do you get what I’m trying to say?

                • Sonny

                  808’s sunlight legibility impressive? And the 920 has better legibility than the 808? Please go check out the review of the 808 on gsmarena where it tops the chart by a huge margin!

                  Plus you stating about rough edges on the 808’s screen is completely the same bullshit as people stating that a 400ppi screen is amazing!

                • Banderpop

                  As Sonny says, the 808 is way ahead of everything according to GSMArena’s sunlight visibility tests, and their reviews are the most comprehensive by far, even down to audio quality. The 920 is okay but not close. Nothing is close. When buying an 808, I assumed it would have a screen like.the E7, but apparently not.

                  Not that Nokia could be bothered to tell anyone about whatever it is they did to make the 808’s screen so good. That would mean acknowledging the existence of something other than Lumia.

              • Banderpop

                Symbian has always been flexible with resolutions. Japanese Symbian phones on Symbian^2 typically run at at far higher resolutions than Nokia’s phones do. Plus some apps run at 720p and even 1080p via HDMI on the N8, E7 and 808. But as you say, there’s not much need for higher PPI.

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  • Spede oli aliarvostettu

    I don’t have anything to measure the phones with, but since the 4S and 5 are apparently equally thick, that 4,6mm really makes all the difference!

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