Video: Size Comparison Lumia 920 Vs. 808 Pureview, iPhone 4/4s, Lumia 900, Lumia 800/N9,

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920 vs. everything else

The Lumia 920 is an interesting device, not just from the innovation on the outside, but from some of the design choices made in the device itself, the screen for example is .2″ larger than the Lumia 900, yet they’re both the same size. The camera is light years ahead of the N9/800/900 yet the phone manages to be on equal footing in terms of width (and actually thinner than the N9/800).

I decided to do a video putting it up against the main Nokia competitors and the obligatory iPhone, and honestly it doesn’t fair too bad; it has the highest screen resolution & ppi of the lot (iPhone included), it’s one of the slimmest (at thinnest point- Nokia’s site only gives details for the thinnest point of the device AFAIK) and it looks awesome in red (I can’t get over that).

The dimensions for those who missed them in the video (note width is according to official Nokia and Apple sites, taken at the thickest point of the phone) :

  • Lumia 920: 185 Grams, 10.7mm Thick, 4.5″ screen – 1280*768 = 332 ppi
  • iPhone: 137 Grams, 9.3mm Thick, 3.7″ screen – 960*640 = 326 ppi
  • 808 PureView: 169 Grams, 13.9mm Thick, 4.0″ screen- 640*360 = 183 ppi
  • Lumia 900: 160 Grams, 11.5mm Thick, 4.3″ screen – 800*480 = 217 ppi
  • N9: 135 Grams, 12.1mm Thick, 3.9″ screen – 854*480 = 251 ppi



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