Juggernaut is Actually a Phablet Lumia 820 Prototype!

| December 17, 2012 | 8 Replies


We’ve heard the name “Juggernaut” and “Juggernaut Alpha” thrown around alot, some people assumed it was the code name for Micorosft’s Surface phone, others said it was an upcoming Nokia device. Well the truth has been revealed, Juggernaut was the codename for the Lumia 820 while it was in prototyping phase. The phone easily living up to the name Juggernaut is a beast in dimensions, it looks to be easily 4.7″ possibly even 5.0″? seeing how the Lumia 820 looks absolutely tiny besides it.

“it’s the same smartphone, but one of them is the engineering sample”.

The phone was revealed in a  video posted by Igor Shastitko from Microsoft Ukraine where he was walking through the new features of WP8, where at the 8:15 mark he brings up the Juggernaut on screen stating:

There were several reasons why it is so big, one of them obviously – to disguise the looks of the new phone from competitors. Making believe Nokia’s making something big and awkward)

Of course keep in mind that the Lumia 820 doesn’t have the 920’s fabulous HD screen, so wVGA on a screen that size would look pretty ridiculous… right?





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