How To Send A Twitter DM Directly From the WP People Hub

| December 18, 2012 | 7 Replies

Windows Phone (7 and 8) are both great in terms of social integration, but one thing that has frustrated me is the lack of Twitter DM integration (I was hoping for something similar to the Facebook Message integration)- but considering how Twitter are┬árestricting┬átheir APIs more and more every day that doesn’t seem like something that’s going to happen any-time soon.

However a neat feature that I recently discovered in WP is that you can send out a DM directly from the People hub/What’s new simply by starting your tweet with a “D” then mentioning the recipient


For example: to Send me (Ali) a DM from your phone:

Me Tile–> post An Update –> “D @AliQudsi Hey ali! ”

alternatively if you don’t recall the recipient’s twitter handle simply search for them in the people hub first, then choose “mention on twitter” after which you can replace the “@” with a “D” and you’re all set.

*Note this apparently isn’t a feature of WP but rather a Twitter feature, but I just discovered it and thought it was worth a share.



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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • Jack Merson

    Works well.
    Wish the WP hub to receive DM though.

  • migo

    This just highlights how WP falls short in a lot of ways. It was supposed to be the OS that didn’t require apps. Facebook and Twitter were integrated, Maps was integrated, Office was integrated, etc. You should have been able to use it out of the box.

    That’s not how it works though. In the end you have to get all the official apps anyway, which rather defeats the purpose of having all the hubs and having things integrated.

    • Hypnopottamus

      Yes and No.

      Yes, there are still shortcomings in integration. But that has to do more with restricted API’s. Another shortcoming is not being able to check-in to a location WITH another person/people (you can do so as an individual, though). Not sure this is a result of restricted API though.

      No, WP is still FAR more integrated social media wise than any other mobile OS. You can do the vast majority of everyday things via the Hubs. With Android and iOS, you pretty much HAVE to download the app. With WP, you don’t really need the app at all. Only on rare occasions do you really need the apps. Is it perfect? of course not. I myself do have the official apps downloaded, but have not really ever had to use them. I can do almost anything from withing the People Hub. Having the apps really is just to fall back on in the rare occasion I can’t figure out how to do it natively (which has been rare).

      Of course, WP isn’t for everyone. But from my experience (and mine only) if you want reliable email and good social media integration, I still think WP can’t be beat.

      • migo

        Not really. For instance, I don’t have app support enabled on Facebook, because I don’t like random 3rd parties getting access to private information. That means to support Facebook messages, I need to install the Facebook App. Microsoft decided to do a bizarre integration method that locks you in for using WLM for all your messaging needs, instead of supporting the best WP integration. Incidentally with FB Apps disabled, I can’t chat with anyone using an App for chat purposes, so that isn’t just a WP problem, but that’s one problem.

        Another one, while WP shows FB events on the Calendar app, it doesn’t actually let you view event information. You have to either go to the app or to the mobile website to get it.

        If you’re following a conversation thread, you can’t like specific comments on the WP app.

        The WP People hub doesn’t give you any updates on posts that have been made in groups you have followed.

        That’s clearly not the vast majority, you definitely need to use the App or mobile website for Facebook to be of any use.

        In the case of Twitter, the only thing missing is DM support, but it’s still pretty ridiculous not to have it included.

        Anyone who is satisfied with the FB integration of WP clearly doesn’t use FB very much.

        • Hypnopottamus

          I agree with your point about liking comments. That is not possible through the People Hub. I’m not sure why you disabled WP app on Facebook. That’ll definitely limit the usage you can get from WP natively (particularly chat).
          As far as not using Facebook much, I’m on it all the time. Primarily for chat and posting and following my friends posts. I guess I’m not a power user? I really haven’t needed to use the app itself. I pretty much do everything from the People or Me Hub. I guess it depends on how you use your social media. I or most of my circle of friends are evidently not power users. Don’t do Facebook calendar events. As far as following friends, posting, chatting, commenting, and checking in to places (as an individual) the native functionality offers most of what I need.

          • migo

            I disabled ALL apps on facebook. It’s just safer that way. I signed up for facebook when it was a very different beast, I don’t really trust it anymore, and they already have my info. So I’d like to keep it somewhat constrained.

            My girlfriend isn’t a power user at all, but the facebook calendar event was a major problem for her. I’ve found it annoying as well, although not to the same extent as her.

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