Lumia 820 European Version Update Appears on Navifirm

| December 19, 2012 | 26 Replies

A-gGTb9CAAAJ0C9Earlier today we heard that the first WP8 update for both the Lumia 920 & 820 would begin rolling out later in the day to At&t branded Lumia devices. Later Jay posted that the update has gone live, but Nokia stated that the update wouldn’t be available for the international versions until early February 2013. However it’s possible it might be available a bit sooner, seeing how the firmware for the 820 can now be downloaded and flashed off Navifirm (version number 1232.5951 rather than 1232.2110). So hopefully we won’t have to wait till February, or if worst comes to worst you can always flash it…


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  • Anders81

    I have 920 bought from Finland, please let me know how to flash it ?

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  • I’ll just rant it out here a bit;

    If true, this is typically Nokia again. It starts with the 920 being announced way early. Then, Nokia expects me to keep my cash in my pocket for another few months since I’m in one of those countries that didn’t get the 920 even though every neighbouring nation does have it. And now, when I can buy a 920 in January it might not even come fault free and still have the crashing FW on it and the crappy camera performance?

    Sometimes it is justified Nokia is in the hole they are in now. These are the decisions that kills brand loyalty. It feels like Symbian Anna all over again. Buy an N8, Anna (or a KB fix) is promised for February but you get in Finnish February which is August. Seriously Nokia? Sometimes defending Nokia or recommending them feels like bringing a knife to a gunfight, you can’t win because they Nokia themselves destroy all chances they have, burn all bridges or any other analogy that fits the bill.

    Last week I was already contemplating it, but I’m leaning towards just hanging on to my 800 for a while and just skip this entire botched line of WP8 devices. If the WP7 launch last year was crap, I’m calling this disastrous, from my end at least.

    • jessy

      Nothing is perfect.

      Don’t have the balls to trust Nokia, don’t even bother to say anything.

      Complaining about the problem you never had is not the mature way to express your feelings.

      Why are you so bitchy about WP8 ?
      cause you own the lumia 800 ???
      give me a break……….

      If you ever want anything fault free perfect one , make yourself one. If not don’t come here and cry me a river.

      • Dave

        Wait what?

        The “balls” to trust Nokia? What does that even mean? The balls to be ok with no firmware updates for several months to fix a phone that in many cases crashes SEVERAL times a day?

        I have an 820 right now, and it reboots on average twice a day. Twice it’s managed to reboot while updating an app, leaving that app uninstallable… which is another issue all by itself.

        Stockholm syndrome is the only reason Nokia even has the customers it still does…

        We don’t want “fault free perfect one” but we would like “not seriously broken and if you don’t like it *** you thanks for your money and support one”


      Nokia may bring it sooner, let’s wait and see.

      As for 920 announcement, wrong. Nokia did not announce it early, stop beating that dead horse already! I, ULTIMATEANTITROLL, is getting very angry with this sad sack of posters on this site beating the same dead horses. Who is your employer? How much are you paid to beat this dead horse of an argument?

      The 920 HAD to be announced when it was. Right before the iPhone, and well before the Note 2 and Nexus 4. That allowed the 920 to be mentioned in any iphone 5 conversation, and still for the 920 to be relevant now with the big parallel Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 release.

      The update situation is even worse on Androids. Yes Apple does very well with updates, and yes ideally Nokia and Microsoft should be as good as Apple. But, neither of them have the same influence and power over carriers. Carriers won’t allow Nokia and Microsoft to be another Apple in terms of influence. So there you have it. Techies can still update ahead of time flashing on Navifirm and what not.

      Regular people though probably are not too concerned about when updates come.

      Enough sour grapes. Nokia is updating AT&T and Rogers phones on the SAME DAY. That in itself is amazing that Nokia got the carriers to go along with it.

      • I’m not a troll far from it. Just read the author tags on this blog a from time to time. You’ll see me pop up there every once in a while.

        It’s just that, I like Nokia, I like there products but not a single launch went well apart from the N9 one perhaps. That was presented pretty darn good but it faired a not so great life beyond that as we all now, but that is water under the bridge.

        I guess this is down to being an avid Nokia follower and thus the time frames in which things happen are never fast enough. Although, I do see quite some negative voices about the staggered launch and in particular the weird geographical layout they use. UK, Germany and France all have the 920. Yet, Belgium and the Netherlands don’t, both countries smack in the middle of the aforementioned ones. If say, Spain, and Italy were skipped that would make some sense but this doesn’t.

        In the end, I hope I’m proven wrong and updates roll out to all users way before February. But if I do happen to be right or Nokia’s statement is correct that would be yet another mind boggling decision in the saga that is called Nokia.


          Not everything is under Nokia’s control. Maybe some carriers refuse to release the update until February? Maybe Microsoft’s promised feature of bypassing the carriers for over the air updates is not working as intended?

          Or, maybe Nokia did mess up again and couldn’t make a co-ordinated update for all 920s worldwide.

          We don’t know what the true story is.

          • Mazze

            I have an unlocked phone! I thought the advantage of using one operating system for all phones without fragmentation was to roll out updates simultaneously. I can understand if carriers slightly tweak the firmware to differentiate it from others. But a global firmware update for unlocked phones should be available immediately. In fact, this is what all customized firmware versions should be built upon.

        • Rich

          i wouldnt call the n9 release as faultless, if i remember correctly PR1.1 had to be released on a very similar timescale correcting more important issues than a slightly blurry image.

          the way the roll out is going could be better, but i guess they are doing the best they can given the new kind of carrier relations they are trying to implement.

          you might feel outraged by the fact that the 920 is being released in your country just a few months after initial launch but hey, there are a lot of markets that are way worse than you, just as an example, my own countr, Mexico, we are just around the corner from the US, but we MAY get the wp8 range sometime around march! we got the first lumias 6 months after launch, and the n9 was pretty much the same story!

          • Janne

            Not to mention N9’s delay from announcement to sales was even longer than with Lumia 920…

            Look Harangue, the WP8 launch schedule was certainly unoptimal as is the lack of good availability, but it is far too much to call the WP8 Lumia line botched. I actually think the line is anything but. It’s superb.

            • Guess, that’s the price to pay when avidly following anything tech. Nothing is ever on time nor good enough. 😀

              • Janne

                That’s so true. 🙂

                • But still, I don’t understand why Nokia puts out a message with the essential (it is) 920 update going out in february next year. Even if they do mean that by feb. everyone will have it, it is a totally wrong statement to make. Clarify on it, people are pretty miffed why a perfectly working update for the US is postponed 2! months until is released in Europe.

                  I was already contemplating waiting what MWC would bring since the 920 doesn’t really feel like it is all it can be, but with these decisions I’ll wait it out a little more. It isn’t like a new phone is a necessity anyway, it is nice but necessary no.

                  • Janne

                    I agree, it probably could have been communicated better. They should have just said in the coming weeks. February is just what, five+ weeks away anyway.

  • KeiZka

    Here I’m hoping that Nokia meant with that Feb those devices that actually were exclusives. As in devices sold out of contract everywhere would still get it this month.

    • Pökö

      Really hope this to be true. Can’t see any reason why unlocked phone should wait? What is it waiting for?

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  • Carbontubby

    Is it Symbian all over again for Nokia? Sometimes it’s better not to announce than to ship late. Jolla, do take note.

    The N8 was announced in early 2010 but shipped six months later with half-assed firmware, the E7 followed more than six months after it was initially unveiled. Anna came more than a year after the N8’s release and it took forever for Belle Refresh to come after FP1.

    Nokia February = December 🙂

    • flava

      Nokia delivered an update pretty FAST (for branded lumias that is), it’s only about a month after the new Lumias public launch. They didn’t just make announcement you ignorant troll, they delivered.

      The un-branded Lumias will get an update later with what? 4-6 weeks difference? Nothing to bitch about, your argument with symbian is laughable and totally irrelevant.

      • Now now, don’t call someone a troll just because he is stating the ugly truth. Nokia has a hand of these kind of things. All that is written there about the Symbian days is true, I experienced it first hand.

        The time difference might not be that big, but to most people it doesn’t make any sense and neither does it to me. At least explain why there is a delay, that way people are soothed and any angry blog posts, tweet or comment on forums can be avoided or atleast a pretty percentage of that. Apple can deliver updates near instantly, so infrastructurewise is should easily be possible, after all Apple needs to cater to far more devices than Nokia has to with the WP8 Lumia’s or even MS with the entire WP8 line up.

        The Symbian argument lastly, isn’t irrelevant or even laughable. Nokia needs to be on it best right now to woo the consumers. They already put off many in the Symbian days with the their feet dragging. That mentality cost them dearly as we see now, now is their time too shine which they should be able to, but Nokia always finds some way to drop a ball or two that might not be too significant but they will be blown out of proportion via either news channels or social media. Damage control is what is needed now, just be clear and honest about why the deployment is a little later and people will be satisfied, I would.

    • Pökö

      Well no, it was leaked and then they had to announced it too early.

      Now is whole new ball game. No leaks what so ever, just some mockups quite near the announcements.

      Pretty good job from Nokia. Only gripe this far has been delays from MS side. Its not nokias fault.

      • Dave

        You need to understand something – if the company you partner with for software messes up, it’s still your fault.

        If your security is not good enough and your designs leak, it’s still your fault.

        If the business arrangements you’ve made with carriers result in customers being messed around, it’s still your fault.

        Any company who wants to create anything truly exceptional will have to fight against a mountain of “other people’s problems.”
        You can point the finger at your partners all you like but the fact is, you chose them, and so you are responsible.

        • Janne

          Well that is obviously true.

          However, FAR too much has been made of any “delays” regarding Windows Phone updates. I haven’t noticed any announced timeframes slipping. Just because some Lumia 920 update rolls out over a period of month and a half or so is not some catastrophic delay in my books (for all we know it might come sooner anyway) – it is just people being impatient.

          Nokia has been very good with updates on the Lumia. I have no complaints. Just yesterday I loaded maybe the third or fourth set of Nokia updates to my Lumia 920 apps/features. Same for all the new stuff my Lumia 800/710/900 got and I think the WP7.8 Lumia update set promises to be fairly good too with all the stuff in that.