The New 2013 Toyota Avalon Comes with a Qi Charger Pad; Lumia Friendly

| December 20, 2012 | 25 Replies

Toyota 2013 Avalon Limited packs Qi wireless charging

I don’t know too much about the Toyota Avalon (wasn’t the whole Avalon line scrapped and replaced with the Aurion?); but at least they’ve gotten one thing right, the new Limited edition will come with a built in QI charging dock to juice up your 920 while driving. Unfortunately they chose to go with an iPhone in the press photos rather than a flashy yellow 920; but whatever. It’s nice to see that Qi adoption is ramping up, I know it’s been around for ages but people are starting to notice now; is this the Lumia effect?

Check out the press release below, most specifically the second to last paragraph:

TORRANCE, Calif., Dec. 19, 2012 – The 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited will be the first vehicle available in the world that offers in-console Qi wireless charging for Qi–enabled mobile phones and devices as part of a Technology Package, available for both the gasoline and hybrid version of the new Avalon Limited, which also includes Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Automatic High beams and a Pre-Collision System.

Qi is the global standard for wireless power and charging. With Qi, devices can be charged just by placing them on, or near, any Qi-enabled surface. Any Qi-enabled device works with any Qi charger, regardless of brand or manufacturer.

The Avalon’s wireless charging pad is integrated into the ebin® lid situated in vehicle’s center console. The system can be enabled by a switch beneath the lid, and charging is as simple as placing the phone upon the lid’s high-friction surface.


Supplied by DENSO, the Avalon’s wireless charging system relies on technology developed by ConvenientPower and Philips Lite-on Digital Solution (PLDS), and it will elevate the high technology experience of the new Avalon sedan.

“Pioneering the ability to charge with no wires or connectors by simply putting devices in the car console is an intuitive innovation which reflects Toyota’s continuing commitment to improve the consumer experience,” said Randy Stephens, chief engineer of Toyota Avalon. “We see wireless charging as an important feature that helps enhance the high-technology theme and consumer interface offered by Avalon Limited which is already equipped with three TFT color screens and Intellitouch™ controls.”

Qi wireless charging is now integrated in 34 mobile phone models, including recent launches of the LG Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, HTC Windows Phone 8X. Qi-certified products range from smartphones to charging pads, gaming controllers, Blu-ray Disc recorders, smartphone docking speakers, automobile phone chargers, alarm clocks and battery packs, to charging modules that can be installed in tabletops and furniture.

The new dramatically-styled 2013 Avalon arrived in showrooms the beginning of December. This new Toyota flagship sedan features improved dynamics, an athletic exterior design, and a modern yet elegant interior that surrounds occupants with premium materials and a high level of craftsmanship. This latest Avalon is also the first available with Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive that offers a combined EPA-rating of 40 mpg.

But for the $42,195 price tag, I think I’ll stick to my VW.


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  • David

    More importantly, if the Nexus 4 has adopted it, other Android devices will likely follow… and then Qi will become the all time preferred standard! 🙂

    • nabkawe

      I’m sure google will *** it up just like it did with NFC , Imagine if NFC was cross platforms …

  • Andrew_b

    Perhaps without industry pedant Steve Jobs at the helm, Apple will fall in line and adopt the Qi standard too. Like them or loathe them, having Apple on board would be a big boost to the standard (for the next year at least, anyway).

    • mike

      I’m sure they’ll come up with their own “standard” that is incompatible with everything else

      • stylinred

        they already have; patent pending 🙂

    • Janne

      I wonder how much Apple have shot themselves in the foot in the quest to become smaller and thinner. Implementing the charging coil would add a new layer thickness-wise. Same goes for innovations like OIS in the Lumia 920… Well, maybe they can get those innovations and still make things thinner, but I just think their anorexic tendencies might be putting unnecessary limits on their creativity. I’d rather have thing a little more chunky with good stuff than thin sticks without.

      Nokia could surely work towards a little thinner designs, because the market asks for them, but I hope they never go after thinness for thinness sake… an extreme in that not a good way to got if you want to keep improving the product.

      Just my opinion, but I find the iPhone 5, while thin and light, utterly uninteresting as a product. Apple has been known for great implementations of innovations, but lately they seem to have become quite superfluous in their priorities.

      • Janne

        I guess one way Apple could offer the charging is a “wireless charging case” route… they could still keep the product itself getting smaller and smaller, while their customers would accept an Apple designed “protective cover” with charging for $99… offer that in six colors and they sell like hotcakes.

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        Adding more hardware makes phones thicker and there are limits to how thin a phone should be. However iPhone has a very good camera, so it’s not too thin for that.

        My old Nokia phone was 2,5 cm thick and it was way too much even when it was released. I really hoped it was thinner. Today it’s different but I bet Nokia shot themselves in the foot by making too thick phones because it’s not very nice to have anything that big in my pocket. And for the record, I don’t keep the family jewels in my pockets. I really wonder who does that.

  • stylinred

    This is very cool, now if only Audi et al. adopt this feature

  • twig

    Looking at a VW for my next one also. Taxpayers lost 50 billion on GM bailout.

    • Viipottaja

      AFAIK, the US Treasury has already recovered in cash and equity shares about half of what they provided to GM and Chrysler.

      • twig

        Not according to zerohedge. Also even more money is headed to GM according to Zerohedge. Massive channel stuffing on GM lots.

        • Viipottaja

          Other sources say half is recovered already. Yes, there is a bit more going still to the other direction, but I would expect all it to be recovered in due time. Of course, to recover the equity investment the government would have to sell its share and/or wait for dividends. Selling a part or all of the equity share would presumably be quite realistic given that GM is doing quite well again.

  • Alexey

    I want this charger pad in my Trailblazer.

  • Bill

    If only Nokia’s own charger was actually available! Not yet received the “free” charger from Nokia for my 920, nor the one I ordered on Amazon (UK). This is typical Nokia behavior sadly – excellent ideas, poorly executed. Sometimes it is hard to have sympathy for their ongoing plight. At this rate it’ll be quicker to order the Toyota than the Nokia charger. (Ooops, did I just stick my head above the parapet? Cue a stream of bile from the less objective of Nokia’s fans.)

    • StefanP

      Maybe they keep them back until the Portico update is rolled out? They seem to cause restarts.

  • StefanP

    One more thing about phones in cars: Some cars have car kits which support (or even require) rSAP to use the phone’s SIM. The benefit is that the car phone provides then hands free plus external antenna.
    rSAP (over bluetooth) has been supported by many (most?) Symbian phones, but is NOT supported by WP8.


    thats nice, now add NFC functionality so music can be played on the car sound system.

    • JGrove303

      Correction, add NFC tag so device is automatically paired to Bluetooth stereo connection, which will enable handfree.

      I read and hear a lot of confusion about NFC. NFC is a RF adapted scanned instruction tool. It does not stream data over its bandwidth like Bluetooth. Use NFC to pair devices, open a web page in browser, open an app, etc. But it will not stream a voice connection, audio or data.

      Not harping on you, you just left an opening for me to correct what is too common a misconception.

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  • erzhik

    This is definitely a Lumia effect. And Apple said that wireless charging is unnecessary.. Ha! Wireless Charging makes life easier. Just imagine this in 5 years, no more cables..

  • JGrove303

    The Avalon is still the top model of Toyota here in the United States, overlapping the luxury Lexus line. I know the Lexus brand is used in the UK and imported into the UEA too. Although, all our markets blow it when it comes to keeping the same name for a car in different markets.
    I.e.: JDM S-14 Silvia=USDM

  • At the LA Auto Show, I saw a Dodge Dart with a a wireless charging pad. This hit the gadget news cycle back in April 2012. I couldn’t figure out what standard it uses though.

    • JGrove303

      Got to be Qi. That is THE standard

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