Video: Samsung ATIV S vs Nokia Lumia 920

| December 19, 2012 | 37 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 09.54.34Michael from Pocketnow takes a look at the Nokia Lumia 920 and puts it against the newly available Samsung ATIV S. Whilst it was the first WP8 phone announced, it is only beginning to trickle in to some networks.

  • Lumia – better camera, better design (more high end in appearance- it’s a more aspirational design and apparently makes the ATIV look dull and less impressive), more natural screen colours, polarised for better outdoor viewing, more fluid display (don’t forget super sensitive) higher pixel density.  Has wireless charging. Lumia’s low light photos CAN’T be beaten. Software differences – Samsung’s apps does not hold a candle to the Nokia apps on the Lumia 920. Windows Phone runs consistently well on both devices.
  • ATIV – larger screen, removable battery, additional microSD, nice screen with wide viewing angles, good camera (just not as good as Lumia, but produces sharper pics in ample lighting – Lumia is waiting for update to fix this). Some good basic specialised apps. Windows Phone runs consistently well on both devices. ATIV does have a later build of the software which allows constant WiFi on. Brings a 2011 sensibility to a 2012 WP line up.

As other reviewers go, the consensus is that the Nokia Lumia 920 is the BEST Windows Phone to go for.

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  • Louis

    This is just getting juvenile. While the original review points out fairly the pros and cons for each device, you just go on to pronounce the L920 the BEST WP device by other reviewers, when most reviewers have NOT even reviewed the ATIV yet.

    • I think these tech-minded guys are completely aware of the existence of the ATIV-S. Specs, it offers a larger screen and MicroSD slot.

      For complete user experience, both hardware and software, the 920 is the best WP device. FACT.

      • migo

        Disagree. The ATIV S has a built in call-blocker, which makes it far more useful as a phone. The lack of a call-blocker on my Lumia 710 is a huge pain. All the stuff the Lumia 920 has is nice to have, but I’m not tearing my hair out that my current phone lacks any of those features. Once you start getting enough calls from telemarketers, nothing else matters.

        Although, why the hell doesn’t Windows Phone have this feature baked in to begin with?

        • Is that a feature for the mass market?

          As to why WP doesn’t have that feature baked in, we should ask for some other basics that aren’t baked in first.

          • WhiteAdy

            I was SURE that eventually some troll would come up and say “ATIV HAS CALL BLOCKER WHICH MAKES IT FAR BETTER THAN NOKIA BLABLABLAH”
            *Sigh* This shows how desperate the haters become when they refuse to face the truth.
            Same stuff goes to Apple fanboys when they whine that their precious iPhone is better because it is 30 grams -or so- lighter…
            I’m just glad that Nokia got back on the track, and they did it with force!

          • migo

            It most definitely is. It’s pretty damn crucial for people in countries that don’t have the caller pays model for phone calls. Even if you have the option of ignoring incoming calls, the lack of additional cost for telemarketers to contact your cell phone means they’re not at all discouraged from making the call.

            South Korea has the same costs regardless of whether you call a landline or a mobile, Finland has split costs. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the difference in perception of importance between Samsung and Nokia.

            • Good point. I forget that paying for received calls/text is not unusual for some places.

              • migo

                Same for me on the other end. I was thinking, “How can people not realise that this is really important?”

              • nabkawe

                yup it’s actually rather strange that you pay to get a call !, well perhaps cheap contracts would have to get some money some how.

      • Louis

        I’m not arguing for either phone, actually. I can accept that you like L920 more than any other Windows Phone device out in the market. I’m just appalled by the type of statements you’re publishing.

        “As other reviewers go, the consensus is that the Nokia Lumia 920 is the BEST Windows Phone to go for.”

        This statement is utterly misleading, because, as of the time of your post, there is no such consensus (at least published) amongst reviewers. Their verdict on the ATIV S is not even out yet you go on to decide for them? I don’t think that’s right.

        “For complete user experience, both hardware and software, the 920 is the best WP device. FACT.”

        Yet another sweeping statement. Define ‘complete user experience’. If you’re proclaiming it to be ‘FACT’, you’re telling me that this perception (that ‘920 is the best’) is universal. But can you really say that? It might be a popular opinion, but ‘FACT’? You should be more careful with your wording.

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m a huge Nokia fan. Have been using Nokia phones exclusively – 3315, N80, N82, E51 and now L800. In fact, if you were to have me argue for these two phones, I would have favoured the L920 too. But the way you callously word your opinions is affecting me.

        • OK, let’s wait around for the reviews of the ATIV-S and see whether that will change anything.

          • Louis

            Doesn’t matter if those reviews turn out in favour of your prediction. It matters that you spout those predictions as if they’ve already happened.

            • Because they might as well already have 🙂 920, best WP phone, FACT. There we go 🙂

    • MOOking

      ha ha exactly…. if it’s not Nokia now it’s deemed garbage…oh where have i seen that mentality from before…oh yeaaaa iProduct users

    • indigo

      I agree with Louis. Really, My Nokia Blog is starting to get on my nerves with this pro-Lumia bias. Just change the name to “My WP Blog”, will ya?
      I still don’t get how Jay can say Lumia 920 is THE BEST WP EVER without even TOUCHING an ATIV S. All he did was watch a 7 min video and a look at a specs sheet.
      Sad. I can see that Symbian people and Meego people have stopped coming here. You guys are losing people and can’t even realise that.

      • The ATIV S is pretty much the SGSIII with Windows Phone.

        There is the stock Windows Phone experience, but Lumia 920 adds things like PureView V2 for really great low light shots, steady video, super sensitive screen so I can use my gloves or a fork on the screen etc. Wireless charging is bliss for me. Just placing on the charging plate and having it charge..neat. + The host of stock Nokia apps for navigation.

        Having a larger screen is great, but if it was all about a larger screen I’d opt for the Note II. I didn’t want the Note II that much (though it was on my top 5 list of potential new phones) Having MicroSD card slot would be fantastic, but 32GB is more than ok for now.

        Perhaps the reason there’s some irked feelings around here is that what defines “the best windows phone”? Perhaps I see the 920 as WP8 with some very cool extras.

        If we’re getting on your nerves, apologies for that. I recommend you STOP coming here to prevent you any further frustrations.

        • Louis

          That was not the tone of your previous posts.

          You were so sure that it was FACTUAL that the L920 is the best. Now you seem to assert that L920 is well tailored for YOUR needs.

          • Sreeni Ra

            Lumia 920 is the best WP8 device out there. It is the FACT!!!

            Prove us otherwise and we’ll agree. Simple!!!

            • migo

              Depends on usage.

              I refuse to buy a touch screen phone that isn’t symmetrical (which is why I own a Lumia 710).

              I’d be fairly content with a phone that doesn’t even have a camera (I liked my E62), so while the Lumia 920 camera is nice, it’s not something I need.

              I no longer live somewhere that gloves are necessary, the Lumia 920’s super sensitive screen doesn’t give me any benefit.

              The 60hz refresh rate is a nice bonus, but again, not crucial for me. I’m more concerned about accurate colour reproduction, and RGB subpixel arrangement. (Lumia 920 still beats out the ATIV S here anyway).

              Telemarketers are really annoying, and changing my phone number isn’t going to help. Built in call blocking is a huge bonus for me. None of the Lumias have it.

              For me, it actually swings the way of the ATIV S. The ATIV S screen is also a deal killer, PenTile is terrible with Metro, so it’d look like crap. So I need to go for an entirely different OS.

              My brother only really cares about the camera, and he lives somewhere that’s a lot colder. If he were in the market for a flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920 would be his only choice.

              So it’s not by any means a fact. It’s quite subjective.

              • Sreeni Ra

                What you are telling me is your usage scenario, i respect that.

                This does not alter anything. 920 is still the WP8 king phone to beat. Just by the sheer number of Features, Design and App collection it Nukes everything else out there. I dont think any other phone is even in the ball park.

                So let us all agree facts for facts.

                Btw, am a Lumia 710 user myself. I like symmetrical designs and thats the only thing i hate on 920. But my friend who has one says that it actually improves accessibility to the WP Keys. I’m yet to try one to take a stand on this.

                Cheers 🙂

            • yourmama

              I agree that 920 is the best, and I think most would agree as well. But Louis is right. Jay is stating “As other reviewers go, the consensus is that the Nokia Lumia 920 is the BEST Windows Phone to go for”. I see no such thing. The Pocketnow comparison above was very balanced, and eventhough the L920 had more going for it, the reviewer certainly did not favour one over the other.

        • Sreeni Ra


  • ahmad

    i like windows phone but where are google apps

    i think it’s a deal breaker

    • shallow ocean shoal

      You mean the built in apps that spy on you and learn everything about you to sell for money?

      • migo

        Have you been following all the attempts of various governments to control the web? Google’s the only major company actively fighting against that. While I’m not happy that Google spies, for the time being I’m willing to trade some privacy for a better guarantee of internet freedom.

        If MS starts standing up for internet freedoms as well, then things would change a bit.

      • MOOking

        LMAO….microsoft a PC in almost every household…you honestly think Microsoft and Google aren’t working to gether to collect information about it’s users

    • Hypnopottamus

      Which google apps/services do you need? Maybe I or someone else here can suggest what is possible for WP.

      • Louis

        A YouTube app that does not stop working whenever Google updates some codes.

        A Google Maps app that doesn’t suck like GMapsPro. Argue all you want, in my area, Google’s POIs are far superior to Nokia’s. I don’t mind using Nokia Drive at all. But Nokia Maps is severely lacking compared to Google’s offering.

        • Hypnopottamus

          For YouTube, try Metro Tube. Everytime Google has updated their codes, the developer for Metro Tube has a fix for it withing a couple days. In the interim, you could use the Youtube website. Google hasn’t fucked with the codes in a while so Metro Tube has been pretty stable. It doesn’t take long for the devs of Metro Tube to fix things.

          As for Google Maps, if you prefer it, I don’t have any answer. I have no problem with Nokia/Bing maps in my area.

          This is really all on Google. Since they refuse to support WP and if you are tied into the Google machine (or just prefer it), my answer is simple (and one Nokia fans might not like to hear)…STICK WITH ANDROID!!

  • StefanP

    At about 2:04 he says that the L920 ATT version has LTE support, but this is not true for some other countries. As there is no LTE yet in Thailand, I wonder if my phone has LTE support and if there are really non-LTE 920s around. The Thai spec page lists LTE support, but on my box only GSM and WCDMA bands are listed. Furthermore, the “Highest connection speed” setting offers only a choice between 2G and 3G. Are there some “low cost” devices around?

  • It’s Tony Stark again!

  • dss

    The haac mics, the OIS, and the screen tech on the 920 is enough for me to take it over the Ativ.. otherwise.. they are pretty much the same thing.

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  • Sreeni Ra

    One of these phones looks like Sh*t and another looks like a jewel!!!

    No comparison really!!! 😉

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