Nokia 808 PureView drops under $500 at Amazon (US)

| December 21, 2012 | 18 Replies

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For those loving the Nokia 808 PureView in the US but still waiting for the price to drop, James Scott noticed that it has gone slightly under $500 – $495.82 right now. That’s equivalent to around £305GBP.


Amazon Link: Nokia 808 PureView Black Factory Unlocked 41MP GPS


Just in time for Christmas? 🙂

Cheers James for the tip!


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  • Matt

    £305! For the 808 that’s incredible value for money.

    My Lumias and Androids sit in a drawer, it’s an amazing device.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      It depends.

      I bought my 808 because of the native resolution I use to take 34MP images. I got it also to be used as a compact video camera. The 808 records very good audio and the image quality seems to be good. However I’m a bit disappointed because it’s not really performing that well when the zoom is used. I really have to figure out why it does this but it drops frames and in some situations it looks more like a slideshow. Actually the cheap video cameras seem to beat it what it comes to the zooming. That’s because of the dropped frames. If that’s not a problem, it’s a good video camera.

      I don’t think I’ll be using it as a phone and I can’t recommend it to be used as one because it’s Symbian.

      It will be interesting to see how fast they will sell those. The 808 is not selling very well at the moment. It seems that the camera is not that important after all. At the moment the image quality is really good enough on phones like iPhone, Nexus and Galaxy.

      Maybe Nokia was testing with the 808 how much camera really matters. That was a valuable lesson for them.

      • AreOut

        “and I can’t recommend it to be used as one because it’s called Symbian”

        edited for accuracy

      • Banderpop

        I can’t say that I’ve noticed frame drops myself at all, but zoomed video would be a harder task for any digital video camera because of the increased noise and shaking. Are you recording onto a slow memory card maybe? I think Nokia recommend Class 4 or 6, but really it’s better to go with Class 10.

        The 808 really needed some marketing effort. My 808 is able to impress people easily, but barely anyone has heard of it. Those that did know of it went and assumed that really it was just a gimmicky 8MP cameraphone, and knew nothing of the zoom or Rich Recording.

        • Spede oli aliarvostettu

          My old digital HDV video camera does pretty good job while zooming. No problems like the 808 has. But it’s huge compared to the 808 so the 808 beats it on size.

          This is not so great example of 808 having problems while zooming but you can still notice how the zoom is not smooth. That’s not happening because of YouTube compression. My 808 easily does that when I use the zoom sot it’s pretty much the same you can see on the video.

          What do you mean with increased noise when using digital video camera for zooming? The 808 has some noise when zoomed to the max because pixel binning is no longer used.

          Yes, my 808 easily impresses almost anyone I show it for but some people, mostly women, think that the picture is too detailed. That’s because you can see all the small hair people have. One woman was horrified when I zoomed a full resolution picture too much and all the small hair on her nose was visible. Almost everyone has some but it confuses people when they notice that the invisible can be seen.

          No, it’s not really too detailed for me, but when marketing this, it should be done with care because some people even consider very good cameras as some kind of spy equipment. That’s funny but it’s also a challenge for the marketing.

          • Banderpop

            I mean noise is something that compresses really badly and increases the bitrate, so an increase of noise could be a reason for frame drops. But from your link I understand that this isn’t the problem at all. I thought you meant frames were dropped while zoomed in, rather than during the zooming transition. I don’t think my own videos suffer from dropped frames when zooming, but I’m still not really a fan of how the zooming looks.

            I’d rather Nokia gave an option to zoom like Camerapro used to, by just jumping to the zoomed view and back instantly. It could work great with the 808’s zoom-slide controls. But alas this isn’t an option, and for some reason it looks like Camerapro doesn’t work like this anymore either 🙁


      • rustyknight17

        Siurces please ? AFAIK , it`s selling quite well , especially for a DOA OS

  • JGrove303

    I still want one, but I don’t need one, especially with the 920s latest update. I feel Big Red can totally hold it’s own against The Dutch Destroyer, my Orange N8-00. Of which has assumed the roll of Most badass Nightstand Alarm clock.

    But then again, the 808 is still ridiculously awesome.

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  • fester.

    but how can you get it to uk for that price, if you try to order it, you told item not exportable to uk without taxes

    • torpedu

      Do you think if someone sends it through mail can it, get around the tax fees, maybe if its open/or sent as a gift?

  • fester.

    does anyone know a way to get around that

  • MOOking

    woot Canadian Dollar is on Par with the US Dollar….gonna get me a new phone soon 😀

  • samystic

    Indian website has it for less than 300GBP

  • reptile

    That’s the black one. The white one’s still almost $550..

  • Haroon

    Australian website mobicity has it for $489.00 now. Black, white or red.

  • rustyknight17

    I saw the vid u referenced Spede and I don`t see the dropped frames

  • Anthony7a

    the black one has no us warranty and with the 3g problem it doesn’t seem like a good deal with no fix for this