Video: Detailed Nokia Music Walk-through on WP8

| December 21, 2012 | 11 Replies

2012-10-22-0175Yesterday we saw a couple videos by Dean showing off Nokia music and some of the awesomeness it has to offer, well today my buddy SamJPullen has posted a video showing even more awesome features and a detailed walk-through of Nokia music itself, including the premade Mixes/playlists and much more.




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  • can anyone help me , i cant find radio mix or gigs on my nokia music app on my nokia lumia 920

    Im from bahrain and please someone tell if the service is avaliable in my country .

    please ali help

    • I’ve emailed you.

      • Manish

        From Nov 20 2013, Nokia has upgraded the erstwhile Nokia Music has been upgraded to Nokia Mix Radio app. But after this change, I can not find my offline mix radio streaming playlists. Is this service still available in Bahrain?

      • Abdul samad

        I’m from Bahrain, I was wondering whether there’s any possible way I could use Nokia mix radio.


    Can I share music files from any Lumia to other smartphone?

    • Unfortunately not since you don’t own the music you might be streaming / making available for offline use, you are playing a copy licensed to Nokia for you to listen to while you own a Lumia device.

      If you mean in terms of using bluetooth to send music you own from one device to another, that’s also a no at the moment, that is something that Microsoft control in the core OS.

      • JAMES


      • swain

        Tired of listening microsoft controls this, microsoft controls that etc etc.. Can’t we have a OS that is open and customizable like Symbian/Android. Many possibilities and no bu|$%^t restrictions.

  • JGrove303

    Someone’s always trying to pirate music. Disgusting. When it’s. So cheap, too

  • Anders81

    I love mix radio exactly for the reason that it plays music that I didn’t remember I liked so much. Also the streaming works like a magic in places where iPhone takes one hour to download a song!

  • Rick

    I’d love to have FM radio back! Dealbreaker for me …