Lumia 620’s Internals Detailed; Shows Off Dual Microphones

| December 21, 2012 | 6 Replies


Here we have a couple of pictures of the Lumia 620’s internals; we can see the usual assortment of buttons and antennas. Interestingly though the lowest end WP8 device is also rocking a second microphone; although it’s possible that it still won’t record in Stereo/Surround (like the 920 which is stuck in Mono at the moment). But of course if you’re looking for crazy recording look no further than the 808’s rich recording; which has just been discounted for Christmas.





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  • Toomas

    Probably the second(ary) microphone is used for noise cancelling. It is usually placed on the back (or here on the top) of the phone to record background noise, which is then subtracted from the primary microphone’s signal to make the speaker’s voice more clear.

    Stereo micropohones usually look like two holes side-by-side, pointed approximately in the same direction.

    • Quantom

      Doesn’t seem to be the case with the 808. There are only two mics and yet there’s stereo recording.

  • Needlez

    Why is nobody talkin about the wifi update for symbian fp2 for Nokia Belle at Nokia betalabs ? This Windows Phone dickriding is gettin outta of hand

    • Quantom

      I guess this may be happening for two reasons:

      1) This blog is mostly about the latest nokia devices, so the 808 takes a backseat, along with all the other phones that came before it.

      2) The main bloggers are Ali and Jay. Their main phones are now the 920, so very obviously there’s going to be some small bias towards the latest WP devices from nokia.

    • Just Visiting

      If you want a plethora of 808 news and tidbits, AAS would probably best suit you. This blog covers all Nokia devices, and those devices newly released will be in the spotlight.

      There’s always the Tip section if you wish to see stories on older Nokia devices.

    • FOr the record we received no word about the update or we would have posted it; Next time as Just Visiting suggested drop it over here: and we’ll be sure to get to it.

      (and for the record it’s up now: