Jolla Ringtone available for download

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Labelled “Jolla Music Ringtone”, this appears to be one of the Ringtones for Jolla ( which may sound familiar as it was in one of their promo videos). You can listen to it below:

It sounds like one of those cheesy Samsung ringtones to me.

Source: JollaUsers

Cheers MeeDroid for the tip!


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  • Sefriol

    Good ringtone. Suits well for their goals.

  • Twet

    I’m not impressed. What are they trying to say with this ringtone?

    • Lloydo

      “You are getting a phone call”

      • Adriano


      • Ehhh


  • Elopasskicker

    It sounds alot better unlike the shitty Nokia remix They made last year

    • nabkawe

      That remix was submitted by a DJ , in a ringtone making contest , and I just love it , because it has both soft and sharp sounds which makes it hard to miss a call.

    • D Harries

      I have dubstep set as my ring tone as well

  • kuzmichov

    A month ago, has set itself the ringtone by Jolla! Very awesome!

  • D

    The best ringtone ever!

  • Hosh333

    Love it!!!

  • D
    • BJ

      A FLAC ringtone?!?! What’s this world coming to…

  • JollaNada

    All that presentations, hype, etc. for a ringtone? LMAO

  • hellohelloigor

    Nokia should get someone like The Chemical Brothers, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Calvin Harris, M83, Royksopp, Mika or Pharrell to make their new set of ringtones. Anyone young and upbeat actually. Like the music they feature in their ads and promos. It would sell the Lumia lifestyle, young, fresh, different, colourful and energetic.

    P.S. I am not that fond of this Jolla ringtone, sounds a bit corny.

    • I totally agree! Such would be an awesome investment!

  • rustyknight17

    D et al who liked the Jolla Mobile ringtone , with youse ! Kinda reminds me of that Symbian Belle ringtone Nokia used for the 701 commercials …

  • StefanP

    Great! It’s now the ringtone on my 920!
    How to get it there? I thought I could mail it to me and save the attachments… Of course saving an MP3 attachment is not supported (allowed)! Some things are a bit to Apple-like! No problem on my N9.
    So I gave in and booted my Windows PC. Here at least no problem, no “ringtone maker” needed. But that’s the least we can expect!
    Time to get used to the Jolla sound! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • rustyknight17

    Jay , if Samsung ringtones r anything like this one , I`d say they`re anything but cheesy

  • great! I love piano. I was looking for a piano ringtone :3

  • aboodesta

    This sounds a billion times nicer than any samsung tune. L920 user here ๐Ÿ™‚

  • torcida


  • incognito

    Very nice tune to be used during adverts, stage announcements and such, not so much as an actual ring-tone. I certainly don’t see anything cheesy about it – certainly nothing cheesier than the Garden which Nokia used for the Lumia ads.

    Gran Vals/Nokia Tune is the exact opposite – not really suitable as a sound cover for an advert and such, but damn good as a ring tone which is why it is probably the best known tune/ring tone on the planet. Jolla needs something like this if they want to tie their name to a certain tune.

  • hary536

    Ringtone is fine. Nothing special or unique in my opinion. Nokia’s ringtone is unique. No one i think in the market has pulled off a unique ringtone like Nokia so far.


    when i hear that ringtone, i feel like i am sitting in the departure lounge waiting to board my next flight,

    • N9

      Do you? the lounges I’m used to are much worse than yours them….

  • JGrove303

    Eh… a memoriam slideshow on Youtube. Does the job.

  • GordonH

    Sounds sweet. Jolla Jolla go go.

  • sana