Massive queues for Nokia Lumia 920 in China

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It’s always a pleasant sight to see people queueing up for Nokia. Or even just showing interest to Nokia products (such as hovering over a Lumia on display at a phone shop).

Below we can see one of the few Nokia shops in China packed with people interested in the Nokia Lumia 920. Now whilst this isn’t indicative of any sales in China, it’s still always nice to see, especially since the Nokia Lumia 920 is totally worth all this attention.

The Nokia Lumia 920 sold out in 2 hours apparently. Well, that would be easy if stock was low, no? :p


20121223_162223_136 20121223_162226_551 20121223_162356_631Source: NokiaHighDemand

Cheers  viktor von d. for the tip.



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  • massy

    lol wat a load of pish

    • viipottaja

      ??? Constipated?

    • Mark

      Oh look, another hater crying!

      Makes me smile every time! 🙂

  • Hmmmmmm…
    I wonder how many Lumia 920s they had in store…
    I hope it was over 500… But anyway this shows progress in the Lumia brand. 😉

    • Definitely better be over 500, a lunch with 500???? I was thinking more of 300-500K? especially since its china?

      • Yeah But 300k for a launch it’s “too ambitious” for a launch of something that previously did not get the attention of ppl. But I get what u are saying, and I was just only saying this 500 units coz it looks like a single store…if u say multiple stores with 300k units I’d 2nd u, but next year I have high hopes that indeed 300k per store in China would be possible. I guess we’ll have to wait for Elop to announce good news next year as to how much they’ve sold. 😉

        So I’d say maybe it’s between 1.5k to 7k but not more, especially because ppl need to sign up for their purchase, it’s impossible to cover 300k ppl in 2 hours…

      • StefanP

        Lets say each sale takes 3 minutes and 5 customers have been served in parallel. 2 hours = 40*5 = 200 phones. I would say there have been clearly less than 200 phones available in this shop. Not sure how many Nokia shops there are. Should be quite a few. Anyway, only if it remains 200 per day / shop for the next weeks, it would be impressing.

        • Hosh333

          I think so as well, Quite sure it was below 250 mark

        • Kimi

          And u mean that there is just one seller not 10 or 15?

  • michael

    You may say that im a dreamer
    But im not the only one
    Imagine all these people
    Buying a Nokia lumiaaaaa..

    • Irishmarius

      Nokia ! Do you hear the people queue?
      Singing a song of Lumiaaa?
      It is the music of a people
      Who will not be apple slaves again!
      When the beating of your Ringtone
      Echoes the beating of the drums
      There is a life about to start
      When Nokia 920 comes!

      • viipottaja

        Haha! Merry Xmas/holidays one and all!


        I’m bringin’ sexy back
        Them other OEM’s don’t know how to act
        I think it’s special what’s behind your back
        So turn around and I’ll pick up the 920 in black.

  • sinple

    there wasn’t this much crowd for iPhone5. shows that China is actually more IT savy than some country

    • jtanigawa

      American iSheep are too savvy! 😛

  • mike

    I see a yellow Lumia! Does that mean I have to go to China to find a Yellow one? All sold out in the US.

    • Kimi

      Its same in Europe, even here in Finland, but i got it:)

  • Bloob

    Now if only MS got their shit together and fixed those bugs crashing peoples phones, something like that can be a real brand killer.

    • Anders81

      I have had zero problems with my yellow L920, I must belong to minority…

    • general

      I’m using red Lumina 920 since 4 weeks and did not face a single issue… also, I got the portico update with new features… awesome$#%&*”@

    • twig

      There are no crashes except in the android of the person behind the counter of a store I went to today. I told her not to buy that android, it will last 6 months before all the malware destroys it. Sure enough, its another Android disaster. Even the fbi warned her…do not use an android.

    • Bob

      No crashes here – not one!

      And great battery life.

    • Jake69

      I had 0 problems with my black Lumia 920, I have own it 3 weeks. On the other hand my Samsung Galaxy SIII (Previous phone) rebooted/asked sim/crashed once a day…
      So which one has problems? To me Nokia 0 problems Samsung many problems. Also my Samsung started to get slower… I sold it already 🙂

  • viktor von d.

    oh this is just so damn awesome.
    godzilla is back 🙂

  • twig

    My yellow 920 has got to be the most stunning, magnificent, fantastic device ever known to mankind.

  • Keith too

    China is Nokia’s most important market for a reason. Get them some stock.

  • reedha

    weak OS in a hard hardware
    I hate windows phone

    • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

      thankfully the Chinese in the above photos have different opinion

    • Keith too

      Oddly that seems to be a common trait amongst illiterate people.

  • joza2006

    So you hate WP. may i presume you like android ? We can all have persobal favorites but the truth is WP and IOS are only OS’s worth even trying out. Writing from SGS3…

  • spacemodel
    • N9

      Are you saying that the l800 Don’t outsold the Iphone in China choking…. We will see in January late quarter numbers… I Bet the kids will call anything more than 4 million lumias a Massive win, yes on xmas time…….

      • viktor von d.

        well it would be at the same level as the symbian 3 handsets from q4 2010. at least they would have stopped the fall in the smartphone category, with following months concentrated on growth.

        and who are you calling kids? some of us own nokia handsets since 98-99 with the 5110. drop the elitist attitude

  • larryg

    This line is irrelevant. Android controls 90% of the chinese mqrket. Grant that 1/3 of those are not google blessed, but still.

    If u believe nokia has any chance of coming back in china, ur delusional. The odds r stacked against them. Android has won. Nokia will be lucky if it gets 5% of the market.

    Additionally, i read recently about the $50 android phones in african. There is no way nokia can compete with that. Licensing wp alone provably cost 40. The game is over. Now nokia is just battling for scraps.

    • Ik

      Lmfao! Who wants to buy laggy $50 droids here in Africa. Everybody loves dem Ashas.

      • larryg

        Im in no way saying cheap phones r any good but the numbers dont lie. Nokia is in trouble

        For mw, im gonna try the nexus 4 and if i still dont like android, im gonna get an iphone afterwards

    • viktor von d.

      are you mental? do you expect nokia alone to overtake the whole android marketshare? marketshare that was obtained in 4 years with the help of 30 oems? really? nokia only needs to stay ahead of htc,sony and lg for now,and in the course of the year to close as much as possible to samsung smartphone sales. that’s it

      • larryg

        Ok then. Continue to dream and hope. Lets compare stats in a year. Android has so much momentum, its gonna be hard for any company to stop this.

        Selling 10mil phones a quarter is nothing. Google activates that many phones in a week. The game is over. Samsung is outselling nokia about 10to 1. If they cannot beat the other android phone makers, there is no hope. At best, wp will end up with a small share of the market and nokia will be a marginal player. Great ending for the world largest phond maker

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  • Janne

    Still, so much hate. Haters, why not go elsewhere if Nokia is no longer serving your needs? I mean that sincerely. Nokia is doing what it is doing and we can’t change that now. If something else serves you better, please by all means go pursue it.

    Anyway, on this day all I want to add is Happy Holidays and soon New Year to everyone independent on your opinion of Nokia. 🙂

    • Now in rim

      Most of those “haters” were nokia biggest fans. Alienating users is what nokia does this days… In a way nokia will fall as a victim of seeing reality and consumers as a mindless crowd that will buy what ever it shovs down users inspire of what ever Consumers might think.

  • MOOking

    I wonder how many got paid like the last time

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  • fiz

    Haha.. MNB and Jay are used as a source in the biggest Finnish economics magazine Kauppalehti:


    • Kimi

      R u stupid or something? It doesn´t make any fu..difference where it comes from, because pictures won´t lie. And anywei i tested galaxy, 4s and 920 and i have to say that 920 is much better than those other and in many ways and everybody is saying same.

      And something nice is coming, first one is 11.1-14.1 and more later!!!!

    • Jake69

      Actually not. Finnish magazine is using Jay as source as mentioned in text written in finnish 🙂

      Nice to see big lines there, I understand this is hard for haters.
      I have owned many brands of phones: Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, LG since year 1994 and I can still say that Nokia is the only phone that has showed me good quality and this Lumia 920 is suberb comparing to my previous crappy Samsung Galaxy SIII ( I still own Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 because WP 8 tablets are nonexistent or way too expensive).
      Happy new year 🙂

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  • risto

    lumia 800! what a great phone! best phone in my life!

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  • The lumia 920 is such a great phone.
    I hope Nokia will make more great telephones!