Video: Official WP7.8 on the Nokia Lumia 900

| December 28, 2012 | 26 Replies

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CJ takes a quick look at WP7.8 on the Nokia Lumia 900.


This is the actual Nokia release version flashed from a Nokia Care Centre.

On the note of the BT sharing app, according to our readers, once installed, it becomes integrated into the sharing options.

by Clinton Jeff of unleashthephones

Cheers CJ for the tip!


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  • Jens

    yesterday a new firmware version was released on navifirm. is it that version?

    • I had heard that if you flash your Lumia with 7.8 you don’t get any of the extra Lumia exclusives, it’s just a standard version. Any idea if that’s the case still?

      • Jens

        What extra lumia features do you mean?
        My ringtone maker app does in fact work and I also have the Bluetooth app installed.
        don’t think there aren’t any other Lumia features at this moment, or do you know some of them? I can check it out for you.

        • It may have been an old story I read but someone said you don’t get things like Nokia Maps, drive, Music etc, you just get what you would get on a standard HTC/Samsung windows phone running 7.8. I looked on NaviFirm last night and found the firmware you mentioned, but I’m not familiar enough with flashing to want to try it.

          • Jens

            Ive got everything you just mentioned 😉

            • Cool. May well look into doing it. Flashing with the Nokia Suite is what they would do if you took it to a care centre, right?

              • Jens

                That’s right. It’s really not that difficult 🙂

                I used navifirm+ to get a hold of the files
                I changed the product code on three of the downloaded files
                I used nokia care suite to program – refurbish the Phone and it flashed the whole thing 🙂 Took about 5 mins

                • Interesting, I may give it a go. Only other concern is that some apps won’t run on 7.8 yet? Third party ones I mean this time. Such as Nokia Pulse (from Beta labs) and others from the store.
                  I may just wait til it’s properly rolled out.

                  • Jack Merson

                    Nokia City Lens from Betalbas works great on my flashed WP7.8 Lumia 710.

                  • Jens

                    Everything still works 😉

    • Jens

      I know notice it is the same version as I have. So (looking at navifirm) the one flashed on his Phone by nokia is already outdated, as the new one is 2906.8858.12460

  • Alvester
    • migo

      There will be more than one model. There’s already the 920T, and Nokia will likely release another 920 for India with a different selection of bands.

    • aleci15

      ??Have you even experienced 3G there? Can you even afford 3G data 24/7? What more 4G?

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  • Mariano

    i flashed via nokia care ages ago

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  • مصطفى

    i flash it on my lumia’s just awesome!

  • migo

    Not exactly anywhere good to post it, but some enterprising hackers got Windows RT (same kernel as Windows Phone 8, different APIs) working on the HTC HD2.

    That makes WP7.8 sting that much more. It would have been possible to bring WP8 to all existing WP devices (except probably the low end Tangos), and MS decided that wasn’t going to happen. And apparently, still no IE10 on WP7.8 either.

  • sonika

    videos were really amazing and gave a clear picture about features the Nokia has come up with.

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