Long Time Symbian App “CameraPro” Now Available for WP8

| December 31, 2012 | 12 Replies

Any of the Symbian users here are surely familiar with CameraPro, an app that gave the user extended controls over the camera settings in terms of increased zoom, ISO, camera modes, Autofocus etc. (very useful for N8). Well the app has now hit the Windows Phone marketplace (WP8 only :/ ). The included features are:

  • Fast access to camera features

  • Support for manual focus distances

  • Auto-, Macro-, Touch focus

  • Manual exposure times

  • Exposure locking

  • ISO up to 3200

  • Enable disable focus assistant light

  • Disable shutter sound

  • Custom image filenames

  • Front and back camera support

  • Overlays including virtual horizon/level meter, compass, grid

  • Camera modes: normal, timer, burst, time-lapse, anti-shake, bracketing

  • Windows Phone 8 Lens integration

  • Upload to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter from CameraPro

You can get it for $2.49 at the marketplace from here: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/camerapro/ee7b9093-62ec-48f5-9364-1b192509c86f


Check out an in depth coverage of the app at PureViewClub here: http://pureviewclub.com/2012/9235


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  1. WhiteAdy says:

    Holy s*** it’s one of my favorite apps for the N8! Glad that the dev took his time to implement the important stuff such as lenses support and full control over the settings… ISO up to 3200?!?! That’s crazy man!
    And I guess he wasn’t able to create the app for WP7 because of it’s terrible restrictions…
    Oh well… One more reason to get the Lumia 920 ^_^

  2. Matt says:

    What’s the maximum manual shutter time? Is there a ‘bulb’ setting?

  3. Banderpop says:

    Manual focus and exposure control? I always wanted these on Symbian, partcularly for video, but it never happened. Continuous auto focus and exposure produce really unproffesional results and I hate not having any way to lock exposure on any phone camera I’ve owned.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

      That’s nice.

      Having manual exposure control is really important and the lack of that is something that makes the 808 to perform not so well. Actually I really can’t understand why people were claiming 808 can compete against dslr cameras. Yes, if someone uses a dslr in full auto, then that’s possible in some special occasions. However it’s hardly the idea of a dslr.

      Manual exposure control really makes WP8 interesting if you are into taking pictures. I have some applications on my iPhone that allow some control over the exposure time and yes it really makes all the difference.

      This is a nice boost for WP8.

  4. Rat Kutti says:

    “Pone marketplace (WP8 only :/ )” typo Ali, btw, happy new year man.

  5. JGrove303 says:

    What’s. More, it doesn’t seem to work on the HTC 8x. Would make since do to different and inferior camera

  6. mutumba says:

    Finally a useful camera App for the 920. I still dont understand why Nokia with all its privileges cannot make a special camera app for the 920 rather than this crappy wp8 app.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu says:

      Maybe it’s Elop’s fault? After all, maybe it was Elop who told Nokia engineers that they can’t improve the camera software because that would help Nokia to sell more mobile phones?

  7. JGrove303 says:

    Well, I went ahead and bought this app. Pretty complete for initial release. Maybe I do a review of it?

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