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| December 31, 2012 | 23 Replies

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 10.11.11Speaking of QWERTY smartphones, let’s take a look back at this slider QWERTY, the Nokia E7. It’s on Amazon for just $199 – not bad after over 2 years from being announced (£123 GBP) though I’d probably be greedy and want it for even lower.


I took a quick look on Amazon UK for comparison and it’s pretty much triple the price there as it’s a single handset from a private seller.

Cheers Sammy for the tip!






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  • Janne

    This one took quite long (together with N8) to be dropped from Nokia Finland site, but recently it was finally removed. I think the E7 had quite the longetivity in the corporate sector in Finland at least.

    I do think the E7 deserves respect as probably the best Symbian touch device, because of the keyboard. It retained the traditionally high keyboard usability of Symbian, including use of arrow keys to navigate menus, which alleviated many of Symbina’s ailings.

    Here’s to E7!

  • Antero

    I wouldn’t use the E7 even if someone paid me! The low res screen, the horrible OS are just too big drawbacks.

    The mechanics are nice although the canned N9 with qwerty looked even nicer.

    • Janne

      I hear ya, I bought the Samsung Galaxy S II and E7 quite close apart and comparing the best of Nokia and best of Samsung was quite an eyeopener at the time…

      But still, E7 is probably the best Symbian touch did at Nokia in terms of usability due to the great keyboard.

      • swain

        Only complaint I had about E7 is the screen brightness and color rendering. The keyboard is certainly excellent. When considering Symbian touch(only touch), I must say 808 is the best. Talking about S2, sometimes I feel bad for the AMOLED of my 808 in front of Super AMOLED Plus of S2.

        • Sonny

          What do you mean bad? Not speaking of resolution but when I turn my ambient light sensor of on my n8 it has higher brigthness then my sisters gs2. Plus we all know in contrast and outdoor viewing the 808 is king. Its just the screen resolution

          • swain

            May be it’s due to the resolution, but everything looks pretty fine and clear in S2 screen.

            “we all know in contrast and outdoor viewing the 808 is king”. I agree.

            • krustylicious

              I have the note 2 next to my e7 – i soo wish the e7 had the same hardware and higher res..

              Android is soo meh ..

              • swain

                Go for Lumia 920. It has similar hardware as Note.

  • StefanP

    Interesting. Is there actually any recent phone equipped with a slide-out keyboard? This species seems to become extinct. A keyboard is quite high on the wish list of Jolla fans. I said goodbye to keyboards when I got my N9 after the E72. Got used to on-screen keyboards but I still think a real keyboard is better. Not just for typing speed and accuracy, but to keep the screen free of the keyboard. The planned N9 successor looked so promising, I hope we will see this form factor again some time! A challenge might be to integrate a good camera if the back is covered with the thin keyboard.

  • ukko

    Nokia should make a new slide-out keybord Lumia phone, a new Comminicator-line. I think that in corporate world that phone would be highly appriciated.

    • Janne

      I agree.

      • Janne

        I’m slightly pessimistic after recent Elop and Ahtisaari interviews, they seem to acknowledge that some like qwerty, but not acknowledge sufficient demand or hint at any products around the corner.

        To me a slide-out qwerty phase 3 PureView Lumia would be perfect. 🙂 Not gonna happen I wager… More hope for just qwerty of course, WP fully allows Nokia to include qwerty, they just seem reluctant to. 🙁

        • ukko

          Well you can always dream… I do it often… but like you said.. it’s not gonna happen…. too bad.

          But still with windows phone8, implemented ms office and full size qwerty would be a seller. To use office mobile phone you would get the best of it by using physical qwerty which would leave much bigger screenspace for office usage and for other softwares too.

        • Francis

          Yes, i still remember my N86 white which had slide out keypad. I like it so much as it is so much easy to access my contact or type simple sms by pressing the keypad, even without looking at it. My present main phone SGNII and camera phone 808 can’t do that. sad.

          If Nokia manage to workout something WP8/9 with keyboard or keypad, i may reconsider to stay with Nokia as my main phone.

  • Scelero

    They should make a E7 with WP8! I just love the design of the E7. The best looking phone with a keyboard. IMO.

    • StefanP

      Right, don’t waste too much time, energy and money for a total redesign for every new model. Re-use what’s good. Certainly Apple has overstretched this idea, but it’s not so wrong to stay with a successful form factor and just update the HW inside. If there is more space left because of higher integration, use this for a bigger battery, I don’t need a super slim device. If the device needs then a recharge only once per week (or every 3-4 days), we don’t need to hunt for public charging stations or distribute those wireless chargers everywhere.

    • Peter L

      “Lauta” prototype is much better looking option for that purpose.

      Full polycarbonate body without the ugly plastic caps in the end.

      • v.s.i

        That would have been a real workhorse of a phone 🙂 And I’m still hoping some day they’ll revive at least the HW part of Lauta, it was just gorgeous!

  • nsx

    Don’t think you’re being greedy at all considering it is now a few years, on a relatively dead OS & has way outdated specs. If it goes lower I may consider one myself to replace my N8 – the keyboard/swype is has a lot of lag & maybe a real keyboard will end that frustration for me.

  • Carbontubby

    I think Belle has finally made the E7 the device it was supposed to be, almost two years after it was launched. You’ve got to be nuts to stick with one when so many more tempting Android and WP8 devices are available.

    But stick with one I did… and the keyboard is the E7’s reason for existing. It turns a humdrum smartphone into an awesome micro-laptop that smacks everything else for sheer productivity. I can get stuff done on it that I can’t do even on a fat phablet like a Galaxy Note.

    Shame about the stupid tiny sealed battery, no MicroSD, junk camera, slow-as-molasses CPU, etc. 🙂

  • JGrove303

    I want to say the last slide out QWERTY to be released was the DROID 4 on Verizon. Don’t know if it got a Milestone 4 release.

  • DesR85

    I see that phone is still sold in certain stores in my hometown even now, but not the N8.

  • xNokian

    Duh, they raised the price to $249.