Wild Predictions/Rumours: Nokia Selling Phone division to Huawei and Microsoft

| January 2, 2013 | 113 Replies


I saw this earlier in the day but I wasn’t able to get to a computer in time to read it properly, let alone write about it. Yet again, some people are spelling doom and gloom for Nokia. Surprise, surprise, it’s Forbes.

Supposedly, a contributor’s opinion piece, now circulating everywhere, suggests something quite bizzare. Nokia (who has mentioned time and time again about the mobile products they’re unveilling in 2013) is supposedly, (after all that work that’s now showing signs of progress, albeit small) is going to shut up shop and sell, sell, sell. Haven’t we heard this already?




Cheers all for the tip!


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  • nokiaman

    If ya dont believe how big Nokia is in a place like India well just watch some of the Twenty-20 cricket matches and NOKIA logo everywhere. Here in OZ we still buy them cause they last especially when ya live in the outback and it takes a hard beating but always survives . I mentioned India because population is billion+ and most people only need phones to do basic functions which NOKIA are great at and durability and reliabilty I am pretty sure alot of people who are actually mature really dont give a shit about facebook , twitter , instagram so forth. NOKIA will be king again………..

  • Instagram sucks anyways……..

    • Ritesh

      Ya.. the move to use user’s fotos was cheap.


    ANALysts !!!!
    say no more.

  • New_user

    I am not sure which smartphone they are using because it probably showed January 1 as April 1 in their calender. They are probably not using Nokia because it wouldn’t have provided wrong & embarrassing date mix-up like this.

  • correct

    Amongst a lot of rubbish comments as usual, some optimistic clarity is required:

    The 920 is the FIRST Lumia phone to feature some of Nokia’s “secret sauce” ingredients. It’s the first Lumia device that has a bunch of unique Nokia innovations on it. Nokia has strongly hinted to us that there is a lot more to come.

    So things for Nokia will only get better from here on out, as they continue to introduce more innovations, and at the same time as they continue to add and updatemore of their Lumia exclusive software to WP8, while Microsoft continues to fix and develop WP8.

  • Nokia will get better, it won’t sell a thing. Nokia’s Goldmine

  • tim

    when i saw the first iphone presentation steve jobs said that the iphone is at least 5 years in front of the other smartphone experinces. i think he weas right more and more people come out with cool os like meizus flyme 2.0 or now ubuntu and dont forget mozilla and jolla.
    for nokia it was the right to choose windows phone instead of android but i dont think that it will be enough because a lot of people just hates microsoft.the live tiles are very cool but the nerds and the enthusiastics who buys every high end phone cant do much wich wp8. so i think we will see that nokia will 2014 – 2015 after good succes introduce maybe a sailfish or ubuntu device!
    Sell Nokia??? Never ever!!!

    Ubuntu looks waaaay more inoative and new user experince than jollla!!
    jolla looks like mozilla wp8 and ios!!
    Ambience??? thats just boring jolla i hope for your own devices you gotta bring a more innovative os

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  • kan


    This is stock manipulation in run up to the quarterly report in January. The amount of naked, brazen stock manipulation is deceitful and crazy.

  • Anything but Huawei. Just the name alone ticks me off.

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