Nokia Lumia 800 Number 1 selling phone for Elisa Finland in 2012

| January 2, 2013 | 17 Replies

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WMPU reports that Elisa Finland’s top selling phone is the Nokia Lumia 800. Their headline is a little more exciting as it says Elisa is the largest network in Finland (Wiki’s data says Sonera, though that was 2008).

Arun suggested that according to Statcounter’s Data, WP was the biggest selling OS in Finland too (given how much marketshare it has increased by compared to the current players).


Screen Shot 2013-01-02 at 20.52.26As quite rightly noted, Finland isn’t the rest of the world, but it does show great Nokia devices can sell.

Source: WMPU

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    • Sonera: Best Selling Mobile Phones 2012

      1. Nokia Lumia 800
      2. Apple iPhone 4S
      3. Samsung Galaxy XCover
      4. Samsung Galaxy Gio
      5. Apple iPhone 5

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        The iPhone 4S is a great phone. No wonder it’s still selling that well.

        Let’s hope Nokia will make one that popular. At least it’s now theoretically possible because Nokia can no longer mess up the software development like they did with MeeGo.

        • Jiipee

          True, now they have full control of their operations, strong position in the value chain, excellent negotiating power towards suppliers, huge upside potential and best-in-class equal software partner, who has proven track record in mobile.

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu

            Yes they have.

            I really hope Nokia too will have those in the future.

  • karam

    Business customers by the end of 2012 top seller is Nokia C2-01 hehehe

  • Noki

    Like I said anything less than 8 Million Lumias on Q4 is pathetic…. The Largely discounted wp7 series Lumias combined with xmas should boost sales.

    • Spede oli aliarvostettu

      Yes, people seem to have double standards on this one.

      Anything less than 35 million would have been a failure in Q4 2010.

    • Keith too

      It will certainly be below 8 million because it’s kind of hard to buy them when they are not available and that is the aspect that is pathetic.

      • Noki

        what the old ones not available????

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Thank you, your knowledge and post is very helpful.

    • Mark

      Ah, Noki the Android shill moves the goalposts again.

      What a shcok! 🙂

  • Sefriol

    L800 being number one wasn’t a surprise. At current price people are still buying it and it was quite popular Christmash gift this year. Imo 800 is more appealing than 820.


    just shows that wp 7.5/7.8 will keep on selling for some time, so much for the osborne effect.

    • Jiipee

      Could be true. If Nokia is still purchasing L800 from Compal and they have minimum order quantity contract, it is important the 800 sells well. The sales channel is just emptying their stocks with rebates by Nokia. The price level is now the same as N9 had just before before running out of stock. Interesting to see the effect on ASP in few weeks.

  • hulkkii

    “Their headline is a little more exciting as it says Elisa is the largest network in Finland (Wiki’s data says Sonera, though that was 2008)”

    Elisa is the largest in Finland by wide margin now (has been since 2009).
    About 600k more mobile subscriptions now than sonera (3.8M vs 3.2M), took the numbers from the latest financial/operational data.

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