Nokia is aware of “cog wheel” issue plaguing Lumia 920, PR 1.1 supposed fix? Some updated users still suffer

| January 4, 2013 | 51 Replies
Courtesy of Jamie Haggett

Courtesy of Jamie Haggett

Not too sure if the Lumia 920 “cog wheel” issue has ever been posted here, most likely as I don’t think Ali or Jay have encountered it, and since I have the Lumia 820.  If you are not aware, the “cog wheel” issue is caused by the Lumia 920 freezing, and needing to be “unfrozen” by using the hardware keys to perform a battery pull (like the 8sec power hold on Symbian apparently), anyway, it is this that makes your Microsoft Account (and linked social networks) stuff up.
To fix it, you need to do a reset. It is this reset that causes the screen to display the image you see at the beginning of the post, and not respond to anything. Most people took their devices to Nokia Care points to be fixed, however the more courageous simply used Nokia Care Suite’s Software Update Tool to reflash the device on their own. It seemed to fix it, with the vast majority of users reporting it happening again.
Since this has been a relatively widespread issue, I figured it was about time we reached out to Nokia about it. Below is their official comment on the situation.
You might have already seen that we have started to deliver a software update to the Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 just before Christmas. You can read the full story in the Nokia Conversations. I’m happy to let you know that the issue of the phone occasionally freezing up will be fixed with the software update. The delivery of the update has started for the AT&T and Rogers customers and it will be made available to other countries and consumers during February.
So it seems that the PR 1.1 (Portico) update is supposed to fix it. That’s great! Well, it would be if it weren’t that there are still some users who have the update and still having issues. Admittedly, it seems the number of affected handsets has dramatically decreased, but why have all devices not been “cured”?
Have you gotten the update and still suffering? Please get in touch
EDIT: Just wanted to add some extra info, based on what I saw in the comments (easier than manually replying to all). Yes, the Lumia 920 has an issue, most likely caused by Nokia modifications/add-ons, as the issue isn’t present on HTC 8x/8s or even the Lumia 820. In saying that, the Lumia 820 and 8X have had their own issues. With users of both reporting spontaneous reboots. I haven’t heard anything with the 8S yet, but who knows what issues that has. Either way, my point is, it isn’t Nokia’s fault, nor is it MS’ fault, solely. They each have their own share of the blame. No point in choosing who to blame, as it won’t solve anything. WE JUST WANT DEVICES FIXED!

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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • “…and needing to be ‘unforzen’ by using the hardware keys…”

    unfrozen? unforeseen?

  • Siko

    I’m on Rogers and received this update. It didn’t fix the issue I was having. Every 2nd day or so, my phone would go into a deep sleep and the screen would not turn on, but the phone is still on. I have to reset it (volume down + power button) and it reboots like normal. Very annoying as I don’t know if I’m missing calls or emails as my phone won’t ring/vibe when its like that.

    • lumianer

      Had “same” issue with Lumia 800 when I always had to reset it. Now it’s gone. 🙂

  • Having a nice time with the Burnt Platform?(Windows Phone)

    • Oh wow…

    • Mark

      Oh, Ajit! You so bitter! 🙂

      Maybe you’ll meet a nice lady who’ll make you happy…. but I doubt it!

      • You dont worry about me Mark, have a nice time with Windows Phone!

        • Mark

          I don’t worry about you and probably no-one else does either, Ajit. Pity, maybe. 🙂

          I’ll enjoy my phone with its lovely, smooth UI, great keyboard and browser thanks!

          You can enjoy… well whatever it is that you use.

          • I use the N9 and I enjoy it…

            Well, I pity you using the garbage tiles and the junkyard layout of the windows phone… Enjoy it!

            • Mark


              Yes, you’re so happy with your N9 that you have to troll WP articles!

              Poor Ajit. Left behind as always! Never mind. 🙂

              • Well that explains your frustration on WP… I understand, and I feel pity for poor souls like you… Enjoy the beautiful smooth cog wheel.

                • Mark

                  Tut, tut. I have no major frustrations with WP, Ajit. That’s why I’m not the sort of sad loser who trolls topics about platforms they don’t use!


  • Elopasskicker

    Loooool poor Windows Phone users

    • Mark

      It’s OK. All our phones work so not a problem.

      You bought an Android though, didn’t you? LOL! 🙂

      • torcida

        There are other phones, than just android.. 😉
        N9 and 808 FTW!!

        • Mark

          I wouldn’t know because I don’t go trolling in topics about handsets I don’t own. That would be the act of a complete loser! 🙂

          I’m glad people like their 808 and N9 though. 🙂

  • rustyknight17

    Yet another issue with the 920 and the update failed to fix a widespread problem ?!? Definitely not good !
    I realise WP ‘s not mature yet ( another year proably ) , but Nokia simply doesn’t have the luxury of such mistakes. Given these serious issues and that the fact that the 920’s is barely ahead of several rivals , possibly inferior to several more ( the high end Xperias and the Droid RAZR MAXX series ) and certainly inferior to the 808 , N8 and N9 , I strongly suspect that at least part of WP8’s success is , with the exceptions mentioned above , a lack of credible challengers . That ‘s not going to continue for much longer ; RIM’s BB10 , for instance , is coming out in a few weeks and it’s shaping up as a dangeroud opponent ..

    • Bloob

      The update didn’t fail to fix it, it failed to fix it for everyone, likely because it is a different bug with a similar end-result.

      While it is unacceptable how bad shape WP8 comes in, while most likely better, I doubt BB10 will be bugfree (nothing ever is) either. I wish both BB10 and WP ( and Sailfish, and Ubuntu ) all the best, I don’t want Google – Apple -duopoly, or worse, Google monopoly.

      • rustyknight17

        In all fairness to WP , it`s still immature , takes 3 years to work enough bugs out and enough features in , to make a new OS reliable .
        Nothing is bug free but it looks like RIM , unlike MS , is taking the time to do it right . That`s` good !

      • Noki

        +1 fully agree

    • Bob

      Haven’t had a single issue on my 920, nor anyone l know. These can be isolated incidents.

      p.s. not a WP issue as particular to 920 (i.e HTC etc no issues).

      • Bloob

        There were multiple reports of 8Xs crashing on WPCentral though. I don’t know if it had the same circumstances, also I think HTC already rolled out the update.

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  • Jiipee

    I dont know how widespread this is. Still, I have to admit that it looks very mature taking into account it was just released.

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  • Weirdfisher


  • MooCoo

    Nokia is fixing things so no worries. And it’s not users fault with these phones, is it?

    • Why should Nokia “FIX” when its Microsoft’s problem?

      • Mark

        Is it affecting the HTC 8X or 8S or Samsung Ativ or 820?

        Well? 🙂

      • Bob

        Not WP8 when HTC for example have no reported issues.

        WP8 is looking very stable.

        • Michael Faro-Tusino

          HTC are having other issues

  • JGrove303

    I’ve only had my 920 stick a couple times. But a quick reboot and its going again. No big deal. It doesn’t crash nearly as much (by a long shot as my fiancé’s iPhone 4s, her iPad, her iPod, my N8-00, or any of the Android devices I’ve used. The laptop and desktop blow it more often than my 920 does.

    Considering the age of WP8, it’s quite solid.

    • Bob

      As others have reported, not WP8 but Nokia (HTC, Samsung etc have no such issues with the same OS).

  • leo

    My 920 freezes all the time.
    i did the update with nokia care but still…screen will not respond.
    it really sucks.
    sometimes, when I have to make a call the phone is block, have to reebot and time and date are back to september/2012
    come on!!

    • Noki

      wow that is serious bug, I would ask for a replacement.

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  • Since I updated my 920 to PR1.1 I have had zero issues with freezing, or anything else for that matter, but as Michael knows, I had a couple of issues prior, so for me at least it seems to have resolved the problem, so far !

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Yeah, I am glad you’re all good now SQ! My 820 seems to have been cured by the 1.1 update too

    • DesR85

      Thanks for the info. Might as well wait for the 1.1 update before considering the 920, since I’m from Malaysia, and the former is not released yet.

      • arts

        +1. im more keen on what new magical phone nokia produce on feb thou. =x maybe the 808 successor?

        • DesR85

          An aluminium 808 running WP8 (read a rumour that they’re working on an aluminium body for future Lumia devices)? I have no idea what that’ll look like, but would be interesting to see if that is confirmed.

          But given that Nokia confirmed a new device specifically for Verizon, I’m not sure if that device will be widely available worldwide as the 810 (T-Mobile) and 822 (Verizon) are not.

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  • leo

    my lumia 920 died today.
    the screen freezed since 8am and im still waiting (6pm)
    i did the hard reset combination: nothing.

    the physical buttons work but the screen and the capacitive are “block”

    (btw, i can take pictures! ¬¬)

    bye bye nokia.

  • wafa

    hello well i ve got a big issue with my NOKIA LUMIA 610 my phone is doing a regular reset every 24 hours so i lose all my photos and videos and even phone numbers i really don’t know what to do to fix it plz can u help

  • shahid khan

    Fix to spinning gears Nokia Lumia
    Watch solution at followilng youtube video :

  • Fix to spinning gears Nokia Lumia
    Watch Solution at following youtube video:

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