Firmware Update to WP7.8 for Nokia Lumia 610. Lumia 510 gets second WP7.8 ROM

| January 4, 2013 | 27 Replies

The budget handset, Nokia Lumia 610, is said to be shipping with WP7.8 already, which means the update should be coming soon.

Further more, there’s another firmware update to the already WP7.8 handset, the Nokia Lumia 510.


I’m not really sure it was ever a good idea to go down the 256mb route. I find it just frustrates users when WP gen 1 handsets on 512mb flew.

Source: Ubergizmo via WPC

Cheers Viipottaja for the tip!


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  1. Ronit says:

    “I find it just frustrates users when WP gen 1 handsets on 512mb flew.” <– Didn't get this

    • Jay Montano says:

      Apologies. This was in response to issues the guy in the video had with having only 256mb on his 610.

      WP is smooth, fluid and about running fluidly. It’s a pleasing experience. 610′s malnourished specs puts people off WP.

      • Ronit says:


        Yes, app loading is slow, but the interface itself is fast enough. Even then, I am glad devices like 610/510 exist. I have a few friends who wanted a phone on a budget and I was able to recommend the 610 to them.

        I updated my 900 to 7.8 a few weeks ago (when the firmware first came out). I can see some additional lag when launching system apps now (Xbox live, office) compared to 7.5, as in after I tap the tile, it takes a second before anything happens and the app is loaded.

    • Chris W says:

      Think Jay means 7.5 devices fly (work very swiftly)which frustrates users who have devices with 256mb.
      Personally I’ve only ever tried the 610 in a shop and it seemed smooth enough to me. Obviously this is only using default apps. Now I have the Lumia 900 I may notice it seems slower.
      Finally, in case English isn’t your first language, flew is past tence for Fly!

      • Jay Montano says:

        610 is pretty smooth, smoother than any Android equivalent, but has problems running apps requiring 512mb, slightly longer to load things (800MHz)

        • Jiipee says:

          the app problem might be true. Still in my opinion the 610 and the 600 series in general are the main positives of WP for Nokia. Nokia might not ever got Symbian as smooth and Meltemi was risky bet. My dad enjoys his 610. It beats my N9 in smoothness and email. It wouldnt fit my professional needs though. His segment does not need that many apps.

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

            Yes, it’s very important that the UI is smooth.

            That’s something Nokia never really got right with Symbian.

            Now with the WP it’s great to hear that people can have a smooth user experience.

  2. arts says:

    eh, but is the lumia 510 running alright? they have almost similar specs no?

  3. hemedans says:

    these phones are not that bad but nokia should make sure budget friendly apps like opera and ucweb developed for this phones

    • mirco says:

      Nokia has its own Xpress browser which is proxy based just like Opera. However, it seems that it is not available for those 256MB Lumias any more. The beta still was.

  4. hemedans says:

    these phones are not that bad but nokia should make sure budget friendly apps like opera and ucweb developed for these phones

  5. Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

    I suppose Nokia thinks they just have to get WP to work with 256 MB of ram because 5800 had only 128 MB and the extremely smooth iPhone 3GS had 256 while supporting multitasking.

    • WhiteAdy says:

      iPhones don’t have multitasking. But neither do WP7.8 devices for that matter. They’re just “pausing” the apps in the background, which is -quite shamefully- called multitasking and consumers get fooled by that…
      Although WP8 seems to be hiding something related to true multitasking, probably because it’s still not optimized and ready for use (battery drain issues)

      • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

        Actually iPhone has multitasking.

        I can easily open a internet radio app and leave it on background while I browse the internet or read my mails. I can also open some app using the GPS and leave that open on the background.

        I can also use Skype on the background while I’m reading my mails. That may be a better example because it’s an app you are probably familiar with. Skype is not ‘paused’ or frozen when I use some other application like the default camera or some camera app I have downloaded from the App Store. The multitasking is not limited to apps or applications provided by Apple.

        This a a quote from Wikipedia, just to refresh your memory about what multitasking actually is.

        “In computing, multitasking is a method where multiple tasks, also known as processes, are performed during the same period of time.”

        By doing those examples I mentioned, the iPhone is performing processes during the same period of time.

        • Ronit says:

          I can easily open a internet radio app and leave it on background while I browse the internet or read my mails. – Same with all windows phones (7.x and 8.x) (try TuneIN radio)

          I can also open some app using the GPS and leave that open on the background. – Works in WP 8.0 onwards

          can also use Skype on the background while I’m reading my mails. – Works in WP 8.0 onwards

          Still, both iPhone/WIndows Phone multitasking is somewhat limited compared to Android/Symbian. Apps cannot run unopposed, but can only use a few limited APIs to multitask

        • WhiteAdy says:

          Are you actually telling me that you can TALK with somebody on Skype WHILE browsing the Web?

          Try to send (or receive) a file over Skype and let it reach say 20% progress and suddenly go into another app or game, and go back after a while… You tell me what happens.

          Also try to use any YouTube downloader app to download a video, while browsing your sites… Nope. Doesn’t work either.

          The only multitasking the iPhone could do so far is playing music in background, you’re right about that. My 7 years old Motorola could also do that.

          • WhiteAdy says:

            And you’re wrong about leaving a GPS app in background. Resuming it will make it search for your new location and lose it’s GPS lock.

            • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

              No I’m not.

              I have been leaving the GPS app on the background and continued to use the phone. The app has been drawing my route on the map while it was running in the background.

              This would not have been possible if it was frozen.

              You should update your knowledge about the multitasking iPhone has.

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

            Yes, I can talk with someone using Skype, while browsing the web. It wasn’t that long ago when I was talking with Skype, went to browse some images and then sent those images with an email client. No problems.

            I haven’t tried to send any files with a mobile Skype. Never had any need to do that. Sending pictures with email client was required because I knew that the people on the other end didn’t really know how to receive pictures with Skype but they knew how to use email.

            I don’t have any Youtube downloader applications so I can’t say anything about that. Never really needed those because I use Youtube for replaying the videos.

            But yes, Skype works perfectly on the background with my iPhone 4S.

        • Jiipee says:

          I dont have actual comments on yhe multitasking question, but that definition is crap. “the same period of time”? So if a device can handle receiving email and playing music during the same year, that is sufficient for multitasking? Someone might need to revise that ;)

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu says:

            Yes, but it’s just a general definition. Pre-emptive and co-operative multitasking are both multitasking while the quality between those is enormous.


            What I’m trying to say when people talk about multitasking in mobile phones, is more about what people actually need. As long as very few people really need full unrestricted multitasking, it’s not so smart to offer it to everyone because it may backfire.

            Asha is a great phone without any multitasking. That makes it simple and straightforward to use. The restricted multitasking used in iPhone and Windows Phone is very useful for people who may like to do some tasks on background but don’t want to understand what multitasking is. No programs left open and less lags. That’s actually a very smart invention Steve Jobs gets too little and too much credit for.

            Time sharing in that article, that’s another type of this. I actually was learning some programming with time sharing system back in the days.

            You may have read the story about how Apple got their first implementation of “freezing multitasking” for the original Machintosh. Really crude but it did the job. It was also something people could use without having to wait forever for a better version with better features. And there was that animation.

            I’m glad to see Nokia offer some less sophisticated solutions like the Asha. Offering them now. That’s a lesson learned from Apple. Less features but functional and polished. Shipping now! That’s something great!

  6. leonardo s. says:

    ho acquistasto da poco 2 610… programma ZUNE ne riconosce solo uno,quindi uno lo uso e l’altro no!!….in quello che uso non riesco a personalizzarlo con le suonerie…ho provato a cercare degli aggiornamenti firmware che mi hanno consigliato,ma gli stessi aggiornamenti mi dicono che se lo faccio io perdo la garanzia… mi riuscite a consigliare qualcosa,bene…seno’ li butto !!!

  7. Yogesh Patell says:

    Lumia 610 irritates a lot…. Takes too much time to load applications…. Its for people of age above 50 yrs… I’m really disappointed with device… Can’t switch to another apps smoothly, every time I switch between running apps, It restarts the app and cant keep them running in background…(Resuming…. makes me hate this device)
    Nokia C6 00 was much more better… Great Disappointment

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