Slim, Svelte, Light, Aluminium Nokia Lumia 920 successor in the works. Codename: Catwalk

| January 3, 2013 | 72 Replies

Tall, slim, light, beautiful and elegant. Things you may associate with a Catwalk and something hopefully we’ll see in the high end Nokia Lumias this year.

Whilst people are loving the innovation, the one main criticism seems to be thickness and weight. Well, no more if rumours are to be believed. Nokia may move partially from the Polycarbonate body back to aluminium.


Not only is it slim, but it’s meant to be the 920’s successor. So that puts away some thoughts that it’s just slim for the sake of it. There should be some nice innovations there too.

I love polycarbonate. I’ve found it to be much more durable than the aluminium on my N8. Reception is also better through a premium plastic body. But the cool, cold touch may please many.

Source: TheVerge

Cheers Muerte for the tip!


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  • JGrove303

    I don’t really know what to say about this. I mean, a Lumia 920 Al would be cool, but its pretty late for a chassis swap I think. Maybe with improved internals with the new S4 Pro (quad w/ Adreno 320), but how well would the wireless charging work? Radiolucent material must be used around the antennae, as aluminum is not really all that radiolucent. It would not do at all to ditch wireless charging now, just like you don’t get a phone without a camera now days.

    As I ser it, this can really only turn out like a RAZR or ATRIX HD, in all honesty. Which isn’t bad, but the KIRF accusations will be flying at Nokia with that one.

    luxury phone? Nokia sold of Ventu.

    The anodize aspect doesn’t bother me. I’ve scratched at my N8-00 with keys to show people how tough it is and didn’t damage the finish. I beat the ever-loving SHIT out of my N8-00 to end up scratching it. Seriously, battle scars. Apple’s iPhone 5 had the Taiwanese Special cheapass anodize job like you get on that $5 key chain fob. That’s why they were scratched coming out of the box.

  • Sud07

    A Successor to Lumia 920?
    I hope the forbes guys are watching..coz according to them..Nokia will sell its handset business..LOL
    Aluminium body is welcome coz i heard that polycarbonate is not good for health reasons.

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  • Sonny

    Please release it at MWC or atleast announce or leak it. Please Nokia!

  • shihuzaan

    I think nokia is going good. Making a slim phone is necessary but it should be perfect in every way to compete with others.

  • Toni

    — I just think that if Nokia (and other manufacturers, of course) will outdo Apple on this front, the metrics for “luxury” will once again change to better suit its very definition, i.e. iPhone. Maybe Nokia shouldn’t be chasing a golden goose that is luxury as it is not defined by the features but by the mind-share. And what better way to gain good mind-share than to produce good phones.

    Thus, if there have to be sacrifices in order to achieve a thinner phone, I am not entirely sure whether Nokia currently is in a position to make those. On the other hand, maybe risks are really what Nokia needs to take and only through them they can actually gain a market share. By putting together a phone that has internals matching those of upcoming Samsung flagship and the “metal luxury finish” of the iPhone there could no longer be a pundit arguing that there is something missing from Nokia product.

  • omar

    is this image true

    • Muerte

      No, it is a fan concept.

  • AJE

    Since so many of us want so many different things from our mobile phone, NOKIA will either have to select its battles or build up a large portfolio in order to be all things to all people.

    As NOKIA has already demonstrated with the N8 (and where Apple failed with the iPhone5), aluminium can be very durable and scratch/chip resistant. But, because of the reduced reception, some plastic would also be required. I think that only the black N8 aesthetically got away with the two materials as the other colours never came close to matching. Perhaps the approach shown in the photo above is the best compromise – contrasting colours. That said, I find the N8 very slippery and easy to drop without the case, which is not as slim or snugly fitting as the one for the Lumia 800.

    As for the hump, it’s not pretty and does bulk up the phone; but, because the quality of the camera was crucial for, I was willing to put up with it.

    However, polycarbonate can look great and even professional. With the exception of the tacky metalic frame for the camera module, the matt black Lumia 800 is as attractive and professional-looking as any phone on the market, including the iPhone. It is a thing of beauty. And reception is much better than my N8 in poor-reception areas.

    Personally, from my mobile phone I would like a top quality camera (more akin to v1 than v2 of Pureview), a SatNav that is as useful and useable as on my N8 with full maps intergration (SatNav on Lumia 800 is rubbish) and more of the inovations that make daily use of the mobile that much more easy and pleasant – such as Clear Black Display, super-sensitive screen, etc.

  • rstyknight17

    Muerte , according to the Verge , Nokia`s actually working on this . Could this be one of the 10 series Luias finally ?

    • Muerte

      Yes, I know, I tipped this 🙂

      But omar asked if this phone in the article’s picture is real, and the answer is no, it is not, as it is a fan concept.

  • Caesar

    Don’t tell me that will be true by the end of the year, I was planning to buy a 920 when it will be available here in Belgium

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