AAS: Nokia N8 vs Lumia 920 PR1.1 vs Ativ S vs Nokia N9

| January 8, 2013 | 17 Replies

lunchQuick heads up, a very nice lunch time read from AAS. A camera battle between the legendary N8, the Nokia N9 and the new Ativ S and Nokia Lumia 920.



Nokia N8 still going strong and showing how it’s done. Imagine how many more years the likes of the 808 will continue to reign (unless of course, Nokia dethrones it with something from their own labs again )



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  • Juan

    wtf??!! Nokia Lumia N9??!!

    • Zhi

      Jay’s been lumia-fied by the Fabula design -_-!

    • Soz if that was there. I originally wrote it as 800 then noticed the flash position.

      • MOOking

        ha ha this what nokia gets for resuing shit like this instead of continuing the actual series to follow the model house XD


        Where is Jay and what have you done with him ?!!

        • twig

          He’s holding that way too cool Nokia920….in hard to get yellow.

        • FBI

          Should we make a petition to have Jay back.

  • shashi@n8

    Is a pride to n8 owners. We still have best
    camera phone. I have try nokia 808 vs n8. 808
    is only win because of high sensor. If n8 have same sensor as 808. Dont think it will beat n8.
    any next week i’ll get my nokia 808. I just book thru internet, the price is USD 333. Long life for Symbian.

    • Pr@$h@nt

      Bhai kahan se buk kiya 333 USD mein?

    • The Wizard of Huz

      USD 333? Where? Can you give a link?

      • dss

        It will be really hard to find a brand new 808 for under $450 ..

  • Ere oli aliarvostettu

    The most important thing when talking about mobile phones, is honesty.

    I try to be honest and objective when I talk about all this.

    I may disagree with some people and they may disagree with me, but it’s all about honesty. It’s pointless to make up facts and flaws. It’s just as useless to claim that some flaws does not exist.

    That’s the difference between all this and a fairytale.

    Thank you.

  • dss

    I like how he doesn’t even bother with the 808 anymore… the two year old N8 is more of a match to those modern beasts.

    • Tetlee

      He did the N8 last time, but a few people moaned at the fact it isn’t fair to compare as the 808 is on a whole other level to anything else out there photography wise.

      These devices were requested from a few folk in the comments section from the Pureview vs Pureview test that was done a couple of weeks ago.

      • Tetlee

        *sorry, meant he did the 808 last time, wish we could edit our comments here.

        • dss

          Ya.. it does say by “popular request” in the title 🙂 I was just trolling.. it is true tho.. the N8 is a better match for the phones he tested, and still.. If you look at the overall package (video, sound, stills, flash) they don’t stand a chance.

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