Numbers: ~10 Million Windows Phone Devices Sold in Q4; 7 Million Lumias?

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DSC00828During Qualcomm’s keynote speech at CES this year; Steve Ballmer of Microsoft popped up on stage with a teasing quote on the number of WP8 sales so far; claiming that:

Ballmer says during Christmas, Windows Phone was selling five times more devices than the same period last year.

Ewan over at AllAboutWindowsPhone did some digging into those numbers and with some clever calculations (which you can read HERE) figured that the number of devices sold is somewhere between 9,519,230 and 13,263,281; so we’re gonna call it an even 10 million.

AAWP Numbers:



On the other hand we have a report from AdDuplex Via WinSuperSite and WMPowerUser which put Nokia at more than 70% of the Windows Phone Marketshare (in the US- stats for other countries not available yet); of course these number may be off; but assuming they’re right that would mean that Nokia have sold 70% of the ten million devices mentioned above (keep in mind that the 10 million is for both WP 7&8). Of course that’s assuming that the 70% trend applies world wide and continues into new sales and not just old ones.

The other interesting fact here is that Lumia 822 on a single carrier is outselling the Flagship HTC 8X on 2 carriers… Not bad.





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  • Saf’Kant

    That is some good news

    • kues

      According to
      Ballmer said: “In November, we reported that sales were four times greater than the same time last year and during the week of Christmas, we sold five times more phones than the same week last year,”-
      “week of Christmas” and an unspecified time in November don’t make Q4, still to be seen how the actual sales numbers are…
      HTC just reported a bad Q4 (no specific numbers (on WP) though)
      and Kantar estimates for major countries of the world (12 weeks ending 25 Nov 2012) aren’t that enthusiastic

      • Keith too

        I believe Balmer is now saying 5x as many.

        Elsewhere this article makes the case that HTC’s Windows Phone models helped HTC finally stop their sales skid despite their bad quarter.

  • Viipottaja

    I had pulled out of my… err.. back pocket a pure guess of 6 million for Q4 Lumias. My back pocket might be close. 🙂

    • swain

      I had given them a target of 10 million. The results meet my expectations. 🙂

      • Viipottaja

        For Nokia or WP? I don’t think Nokia will have shipped 10m Lumias.

        • swain

          I expected this figure for Nokia.

      • stylinred

        there are no figures yet just speculation based on obscure comments by Ballmer of all people….

    • Can I have my pants back? My backpocket contained the same number. 😛

    • Merja P.

      Oh it BETTER be at least 6 Million Lumias, otherwise the general reaction is gonna be bad…

      Q4/11 The first Lumias sold, 1 Million in total
      Q1/12 2 Million Lumias sold (+1M increase from previous Q), now total of 3 Million Lumias has been sold
      Q2/12 4 Million Lumias sold (+2M increase from previous Q), now total of 7 Million Lumias has been sold
      Q3/12 2,9 Million Lumias sold (-1,1M decrease from previous Q), now total of 9,9 Million Lumias has been sold

      So, we’ve see increase in sales 2x and decrease in sales 1x. As the increase has been double every time (1 -> 2 -> 4 ) IMO it’s realistic and expected to see Nokia announce that AT LEAST 6 Million Lumias has been sold in Q4/12. And anything beyond that is fantastic of course 🙂


    At the very least the Q4 figure will be good, which is allot better than bad, but not as good as excellent. ( that’s analyst talk )

    Nokia is recovering. That’s the best news.

    • Anders81

      In deed this q4 will be the first good quarter and the third q in a row to break analyst estimates 😉

      • viktor von d.

        the managed to decrease losses quarter after quarter in the last year. if q4 follows the trend then it just might be that nokia will become profitable either in q2 2013 or q3

        • kues

          That true for Nokia including NSN. Nokia’s smartphone business got worse ever quarter in 2012. Even the non-IFRS Operation profit of Nokia “Devices&Services” is negative since Q1/2012. Q3 alone D&S burned approximately 1 billion Euros in cash!

  • dss

    Whatever the number is, it will prove that without Nokia.. Microsoft has no chance. Who would move those 5-6 mil. boxes if it wasn’t for Nokia ? HTC ? right..

    • GS65

      I think Ballmers answer to that would be Microsoft.


        Ballmer would be stupid if he ever thought that, and additionally Gates would slap him if he was that stupid.

        Microsoft does not have the distribution network to be able to sell such a high amount of phones on such a scale. Nor does Microsoft have great carrier relations that Nokia does in Europe and parts of Asia. Microsoft has great carrier relations though in North America, and that has helped Nokia re-establish good relations with the US carriers.

        • viktor von d.

          microsoft didn’t even want to put wp in the low end market. that was just nokia pressure and technical know how.wp would have been dead since 2011 without nokia. i just hope nokia will take advantage of this and be even more involved in the development of the os

          • correct

            Indeed. Windows Phone survived, and is growing all thanks to Nokia. Nokia is the entire reason why Windows Phone is even in the low end, and the entire reason why Windows Phone is being discussed and compared with high end competitors, thanks to the 920’s innovations.

            I do believe that Nokia will have more involvement/influence over the OS. The Bluetooth file sharing in WP 7.8 for Lumias and WP8? Word has it that was all Nokia, and they influenced Microsoft to add it to WP8.

            Also WP8 is the first version of Windows Phone that has some Nokia influence. Reason is that by the time Nokia joined Windows Phone, WP 7.5 was already code frozen at that point.

            So I expect WP8.5 or whatever the next version is to have more Nokia influence. That and future Lumias will have more of Nokia’s “secret sauce” in terms of hardware innovation, seeing as the 920 was the first Lumia to have that signature unique Nokia touch.

  • Sheva7


  • Sheva7

    Stop spamming articles PLEASE> -Ali.

  • Ere oli aliarvostettu

    If this would happen for real, it would beat Symbian^3 sales from Q4 2010. Symbian^3 sold only 5 million and people praising Symbian don’t care about market share.

    Well, if they cared about market share, that would make Nokia loser in 2010. Nokia was losing market share in 2010 eventually resulting loss of unit sales.

    • BellGo

      Symbian was selling 20m per quarter before Nokia went with WP.

      Now with A LOT more marketing and MS backing Nokia Nokia MIGHT sell a new “hot” operating system at 7m.

      • BellGo

        …Also a lot more smartphones are being sold now, so remember that too.

        • Ere oli aliarvostettu

          Yes, but Nokia was losing market share in 2010 so they were destined to lose market share in 2011 and 2012 in any case.

          That’s why we should compare only the unit sales.

          Elop actually slowed down the collapse of Nokia’s market share.

          • BellGo

            I don’t know about market share, but sales were going up at a healthy phase in 2010. (just check the link slightly below)

            (And the thing is no one can 100% accurately predict what would have happened if Nokia had stuck with Symbian)

            And you claiming that Elop slowed down the collapse..? I don’t think so, as sales were going up and after his strategy they collapsed..

            And this still does not change the fact that Symbian was selling increasing amounts and significantly more than WP with significantly less effort.

            • Ere oli aliarvostettu

              Nokia lost market share already in 2010. Just check this one.


              As long as market growth was able to help Nokia with unit sales, everything seemed to be fine. In 2011 this was no longer possible and even the unit sales collapsed.

              Nokia was doomed and the loss of market sales was telling this story already in 2010.

              • BellGo

                Everything I said still applies. Sales before: Going up. After: Down, crash and burn.

                Did Symbian need to be replaced? Yes, or vastly improved. Did it need to be killed off just like that? NO! That is a horrible strategy! Elop should have let the sales drop naturally and the introduce other OPTIONS next to it gradually. (seriously, running a product 101)

                Let me put it simply:
                Symbian sales crashed, and yes Elop played a big part of it. Answer me, do you think that that is a good thing? Losing market share is one thing, losing a huge amount of your sales is far more severe.
                Do you honestly think it was a good idea to declare Symbian dead no matter what, almost a year before anything to replace it hits the market?
                Can you in any way justify WP STILL selling a lot less than Symbian?
                Can you come up with even one reason to go only with WP?

                All of your arguments are based around one thing, Nokia was losing market share. Does this justify losing a lot more? And once more, going from an increase in sales to a huge decrease?

                • joza2006

                  Nokia has about 75% of wp market share. If wp ever takes of, and it will, we will see Nokia at no1 spot in the market. symbian was garbage (i used E7 till last month) and it would be quite stupid to go android where samsung holds 75% of the market. And to all those idiots who claim that symbian OR MEEGO could be the future, cut the fucking shit ! Symbian was selling on Nokia name alone ( but declining heavily ) and Meego was nowhere near finished. N9 had some interesting solutions but was far below iphone4 or top android phones. And no cash to throw behind it to make shure the phone sells. Meego missed it’s chance at mid 2008, and Symbian was shit even compared to web OS and BB.

                • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                  Well, Elop didn’t really kill Symbian. It was just time for Symbian to collapse.

                  The reason for the collapse? ASP was not coming down so Nokia was not able to sell Symbian phones. They should have been cutting prices if they wanted to sell Symbian phones.

                  It’s not good that WP sells this little as it was selling in Q3 2012. But what was the option? Selling maybe 10 million Symbian phones with ASP of 90€?

                  That would be smart?

                  Yes, Nokia was losing market share and there was no reasons why the collapse of market share would have stopped. Nokia was just doomed without anything to stop the collapse.

                  • RVM

                    Do you guys realize that Symbian wasn’t meant to be here for ever ? The original plan was to move to MeeGo, which could bring much better results than going WP, considering how well it was received on N9.

                    • Ere oli aliarvostettu


                      MeeGo was not ready and there was not going to be lots of applications for MeeGo.

                      It was not going to succeed.

                    • zlutor


                      Especially in the last two years. MeeGo would better result than WP did – I guess…

                      But it could have not been killed now then and M$ would not be so happy with that situation… 😉

                    • RVM

                      @Ere: MeeGo would be ready at time when first Lumias hit market (much more ready than WP7.5 ever was). With VM on it, they could have compatibility with almost all Android apps. Instead they decided for this half-baked OS with no proper multitasking and tons of features missing. I had Lumia 800 for 3 months and still have Lumia 610 as my secondary phone (808 is primary), so i know what im talking about.

                      WP7.5 on Lumia 800 is FAR behind Belle FP2 on Nokia 808.

                  • kues

                    Symbian was about to collapse? Again I remind you of the 150 million Symbian devices Elop estimated to sell even after the WP announcement on 11211. Thats 4 quarters 25 million plus 20, 15, 10, 5 million following quarters while phasing out.
                    No, not even Elop thought Symbian was collapsing despite the platform change to Windows Phone. We have seen a bad strategic decision made, even worse executed by Elop…

                    • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                      Unfortunately Symbian was so uncompetitive product that even Elop was not able to sell that many Symbian phones.

              • kues

                The smartphone market continued to grow in 2011 and 2012 (~50% per year, ~100% in 2010)…

                And not to be forgotten: Nokia had a smartphone marketshare of around 31% in Q4/2008 and in Q4/2010!

                • BellGo

                  Yeah, his marketshare chart seems fishy to say the least.

                • Mark

                  Yeah…. and over 40% in 2007.

                  Going down! 🙂

                  • kues

                    Actually it was around 50% in 2007…
                    2008 was much worse for Nokia than 2010, Nokia was not only loosing marketshare additionally sales numbers went down (Q3/07-Q1/08 compared to Q3/08-Q1/09) until finally S60 5th smartphones hit the shelves!

      • Symbian 3 was what sold 5 million in Q4. Symbian as a whole did sell 20 million, but a lot of those were the cheap ones.

        Symbian 3, heralded as the best Nokia could do at the time sold 5 million.

        • BellGo

          Well, the report says “smartphones sold”. So I am pretty sure that is Symbian 3.

          • KeiZka

            They still are selling those S60 5th ed devices, even though they aren’t even being manufactured anymore.

            Makes me wonder, how big part those have played in the write-downs Nokia has done in the last couple of years.

          • mirko

            Sorry, but S60v3 and S60v5 devices are/were smartphones as well. The fact that most of the S60v5 phones were sold in the price range of feature phones kept Symbian sales alive. They were sold because they were cheap, had some kind of a touchscreen and gps. However, most of them were not used as smartphones at all.

            • BellGo

              In Q4/2010 Nokia sold 28,3 Million Smartphones with an ASP of 156 Euros, 155 Euro Smartphone ASP in Q3/2012.

              So, that pretty much debunks that theory. (or in other words, Symbian sold no more cheap phones than WP is selling now)

              From a post that kues wrote containing the info. (though I am pretty sure he checked the numbers correctly, but if they turn out to be false, don’t hang me)

              • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                Yes, but Nokia’s ASP was collapsing at the time. Elop managed to stop the collapse of the ASP. Without Elop Nokia’s ASP would be well under 100€.

                In Q4 2010 Nokia’s ASP collapsed 16%.

                Maybe you should thank Elop for current ASP?

                It’s also very probable that without the new strategy, Nokia would be making more even bigger loss.

                Elop managed to cut costs.

                • GordonH

                  you are a sucker for Elop ain’t you 🙂
                  I will be impressed if the Lumia sales if it crossed the 5 million mark. But dude you are way off with your defending of Elop. The CEO of Nokia pushing MS products by almost killing the Nokia brand and investor, developer and staff loyalty.

                • kues

                  Although smartphone ASP went down from 186 Q4/2009 to 156 Q4/2010, compared to 139 Q2 and 136 Q3/2010 it went up with the first Symbian^3 devices in Q4.
                  And the Lumia ASP was rapidly going down in 2012 220-186-160 Q1-Q2-Q3. btw: the Symbian ASP went up in the same timeframe, reaching about 145 to 150 Euros in Q3.

                  • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                    Symbian’s ASP started to go up after Symbian was no longer competitive in low end.

                    Symbian’s ASP was dropping even in Q4 2010 YoY. That happened because it was not competitive and Nokia was not selling enough high end phones.

                    They sold only 5 million Symbian^3 phones. That was way too few. The development of Symbian^3 cost billion(s) and Nokia sold only 5 million Symbian^3 phones in Q4 2010.

                    • kues

                      5 million too few for a first quarter two years ago? Check reality, Nokia sold only 6,3 million in total Q3/2012- that’s too few…

                      Symbian development cost was paid (and still has to be), why throw it away and not get return on investment on it? No doubt development had to be streamlined and cost cut- but that started already in 2010 before Elop was Nokia CEO- remember Rich Green joining Nokia as CTO in May/June 2010?

                      Symbian wasn’t competitive in the high end, but with Symbian^3 it was again for touch devices in midrange and lowend. And Meego would have served the highend as the N9 sales showed- despite Meego being scrapped before the N9 was even announced.
                      For example the Nokia 500 is still superior to the Asha 311.

                    • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                      Just check how many iPhones Apple sold in the same quarter. You still think that 5 million was that many?

                      Nokia was selling Symbian phones but people no longer wanted to buy those. That’s the reason they had to cut more and more costs.

                      Nokia 500 was horrible unreliable product. I remember testing one and it didn’t take that many minutes before the software failed and the device became pretty unusable. No, that was not a hardware problem. Symbian just was extremely unreliable.

                      ye, I know some Nokia fans never had any problems but they received those magical devices without problems. Those were not shipped to regular consumers.

                      Asha 311 seems to be more reliable.

                      N9 was a nice try but we don’t know how many units Nokia sold those and it had very poor application support.

                    • kues

                      Apple sold over 16 million iPhones in Q4/2010 and additionally over 7 million iPads and over 19 million iPods. Apples revenue on iPhones Q4/10 was about as high as Nokias Devices&Services (Smart-,Feature- and Dumbphones) total revenue. And Apples total profit(!) was as high as Nokias revenue on smartphones.

                      5 million Symbian^3 devices wasn’t near the combined iPhones sales, but it was a decent first quarter. And compared to Samsungs sales at that time it was quite good. And certainly it was way better than the pathetic 1 million Lumias a year later.
                      Had Nokia improved it’s execution and speed up development, the chances would have been very good to at least hold sales numbers between 25 and 30 million a quarter with Symbian and Meego using a combined developer ecosystem- later to be joined by Meltemi in even lower price points.
                      For WP7 Nokia threw away their new Symbian and Meego devices carrier deals in North America. And so with WP7 Nokia again “fell behind, missed big trends, and lost time”.
                      If Nokia can climb out of it’s self dug grave with WP8 is still to be seen…

                    • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                      25 million Symbian phones with ASP of 80€ would have killed Nokia.

        • kues

          In Q4/2010 Nokia sold 28,3 Million Smartphones with an ASP of 156 Euros (155 Euro Smartphone ASP in Q3/2012!) – nearly all Symbian, only the N900 did run Maemo at that time.
          Nokia estimated global Smartphone sales of 90 million for Q4/2010- Gartner 100 Million.
          For Q4/2011 Gartner estimated global Smartphone sales of 160 million, Q3/2011 124 million, Q3/2012 180 million. And Q4/2012 200-250 million smartphone sales are expected.
          Taking 100 millionQ4/2010 to 200 million in Q4/2012, Nokia would have had to sell 10 million WP8 smartphones in Q4/2012 to equal Symbian^3 device sales in Q4/2010.

          Not to mention 150 million Symbian smartphones Nokia still expected to sell after 11211 WP announcement- Nokia sold around 70 million Symbian smartphones Q2/2011 till now…

          • Ere oli aliarvostettu


            Nokia was able to sold mostly cheap Symbian phones in Q4 2010. ASP was down 16% YoY.

            Nokia lost 15% of the market share they had in a single quarter in Q4 2010.

            One of the problems Nokia had in Q4 2010 was that they didn’t sell 28,3 million phones. They just delivered those.

            No, Nokia didn’t sell all phones they delivered. That’s bad. That’s really bad!

            • pathetic

              man gets you the ” ASP ” by the a*ss and what you like of Elop by the mouth ( if you know what I mean) . you talk bu*llsh*it.
              nokia collapsed thanks to Elop and his strategy.
              I have 2 conclusions or you’re retard or Elop is doing a good job with you in bed.
              you can talk all the s*hit you want, the fact is ” wp ” could’nt overcome symbian .
              a dead platform is above of a platform where millions have been spent on it and you can not beat a dead ? how fuc*ked up is that?

              • Ere oli aliarvostettu

                Nokia collapsed because of Symbian. Don’t blame Elop when he didn’t make this happen.

                It was not a competitive product and MeeGo was left without applications.

                Android applications? That would have turned MeeGo into an Android clone.

    • Bloob

      Let’s not make this a Symbian discussion, please.

      • BellGo

        Why not?

        • Viipottaja

          Well, perhaps because its about WP/Lumia sales? 😉

          But of course you and all of as are free to talk about anything you want in any thread. 🙂

          • BellGo

            Yeah, well I was personally comparing WP sales with Symbian sales.

            I think it is pretty relevant.

            • Viipottaja

              Sure, it will indeed be interesting to see whether Nokia Symbian devices continued to sell more than the Lumias. Other than, I _personally_ think we could keep this thread on Lumia sales. 🙂

              • Sonny

                Why as far as I see Nokia still sell symbian phones! So why the f… not?

    • Marc Aurel

      Well, no. Only if WP8 phones sold 5 million, would it match S^3 sales in Q4 2010, and I don’t see that happening. Probably nearly half of the Lumia sales were still WP 7.5 phones being sold at firesale prices. So of WP8 phones were lucky, they perhaps matched the about 3.5-4.0 million sales of N8 back in Q4 2010.

      Close, but no cigar even with your strange logic (market share is important, but it’s not everything or the only thing that matters, so caring about market share is not a black and white question).

  • BellGo

    I still view 7 million OK at best.. but of course it is an improvement, however at this phase Nokia will forever stay at medium significance (at best) in the smartphone market.

  • Ere oli aliarvostettu

    The current analyst estimate from Tomi Ahonen is 2,5 million for all Lumia phones.

    It will be interesting to see if Tomi Ahonen will fix his estimate before the data is going to be released.

    • BellGo

      2.5 million does seem really low.. I’m expecting 5-6m.

      Time will tell.

      • nn

        And that prediction is based on latest kantar numbers (somehow mynokiablog skipped these) according to which WP further declined from 2012/Q3.

        • Mark

          Which only include the US and which only cover up to 25 November!

          So not Xmas then!

          Another hater made to look silly! 🙂

          • nn

            Yeah, the data kantar presents include only US (and anyway, who is interested in US?), at least as long as you first exclude the five top EU countries, Brazil and Australia. Also, data up to November makes up measly 2/3 of the whole quarter.

            Fools, I tell you!

            • Viipottaja

              Do you mean this data that MNB did write about (through reference to the BGR take on it)?


              • nn

                It seems previously it wasn’t such a problem to write directly and quite extensively about kantar.

                I actually do remember that article very well:

                WP is taking on iPhone!!!

                (in country where iOS has 4 % and WP 3 %).


                Can’t forget that punchline.

            • Mark

              LOL! Err… if you include the EU figures it’s actually better. Tomi makes this error.

              From the Kantar survey:

              EU5: 2012 – 4.7%

              And this up to November 25 which, of course, does not include Xmas.

              So can you tell me that, give the Q2 2012 share was approx 3.5% of a smaller market, and that in that period Nokia shipped 4 million Lumias how a BIGGER percentage of a BIGGER market can equate to Tomi’s estimate of 2.5 million Lumias?

              In your own time! 🙂

              • Marc Aurel

                Sales up to November 25 do include a significant percentage of the Q4 seasonal sales. Not all of course, and I do think Tomi’s 2.5m is too low (this time). How much remains to be seen. I am still not convinced 7m is correct, either. Rather I would see it as the plausible upper limit with real sales being probably somewhat lower, around 5-6 million perhaps.

              • nn

                The share for EU5 up to 5 August 2012 was 5.2 %, so clearly smashing growth!

                I think Tomi is wrong, or at least he can’t make estimate as he does based on kantar data for the simple reason these fractional moves are too small and far beyond margin of error. But nonetheless it is still interesting that EU5, US, Brazil and Australia all show declines.

    • Keith too

      “The current analyst estimate from Tomi Ahonen is 2,5 million for all Lumia phones.”

      When you don’t have any credibility left it doesn’t much matter what you predict.

  • *****

    Even iBGR is reporting on good news from Windows Phone

    For HTC though:

  • Zizou

    Um.. I say nokia sold 75% of the total wp and if i give dat in numbers it should be more than 8 million.. But anyways i know nokia had a good time this quarter

  • Ere oli aliarvostettu

    I can make a forecast.

    Tomi Ahonen is going to make new forecast for Lumia phones.

    His current forecast is 2,5 million Lumia phones sold in Q4 2012. He will probably make a new forecast with much more phones sold.

    He knows that his estimate is flawed.

    So, why doesn’t Tomi Ahonen correct his estimate today? Maybe because he wants to claim to to last reasonable moment how low Nokia’s sales are going to be. This way he will get both.

    Well, Tomi Ahonen is not a very honest man what it comes to forecasting Nokia’s sales.

    • everlfr

      he might be the villain but at least he is not the village fool that you are (but that you are not aware of).

      • Mark

        No that’s your job apparently.

        • everlfr

          i like your show of solidarity.

        • everlfr

          however he is doing you a disservice mark. he makes your camp look ridiculous

      • Ere oli aliarvostettu

        Yes, so you agree Tomi Ahonen is fabricating and telling everything but the truth.

        His blogs are usually full or errors and flawed logic. Did you know that there is a web site dedicated for making correction to his mistakes?

        Tomi Ahonen makes his money from telling this fairytale about Nokia that could have been. That’s the reason why he is doing that.

        Mentioning about Tomi Ahonen’s errors in as many messages as possible is important. That way Google searches will eventually find the corrections instead of fabrications.

  • Noki

    Just to remind you guys that 8 Million was the number I foretasted as the absolute minimum, with the severely discounted wp7 Lumia line and the new wp8 line with 8 different models on the sale anything less that 1 Million per model would be pathetic.

    • Mark

      LOL! Shenanigans!

      All along you’ve been crowing ‘failure’ and now you put an unrealistic target on so you can continue to do so?

      Oh behave! 🙂

      • Noki

        “unrealistic target” 8 Million is an unrealistic target? nokia shiping the entire Lumia line worldwide across a wide very wide price range with (cheepo) discount wp7 devices and with 8 different terminals and the “can’t sell enough of L920” over Xmas season???????? making on average 1 million sales per terminal an “unrealistic target”?

        WOW 🙂 I say its pretty bad but any way. Jan 24

        P.S. its not from “now” its from a few moths ago since the cheep lumias were announced and the wp8 family was on sales. many here can testify for my prediction, or to be more honest minimum sales ballpark.

        • Mark

          Bollocks. You just want something to moan about.

  • torcida

    I think there will be 4.5m Lumia’s sold…

  • utopium

    Anything over 6 million is good, that means double the Q3 sales, with WP8 available only half the quarter and only in very few countries. While sales of other smartphones will be lower in Q1, WP will still sale better because it will be available in new countries plus the cheap models like 620 will be available. If in Q2 2013 Nokia reaches 10 million WP, it will be considered successful. Of course, they have to reach 15 million by Q4 2013 to make WP important enough on the market.

  • Luisito

    MMM… I promise myselft to not post anything until the official Q1 report (to eat my own words ot says I tell you)… But just reading the full comments here (up to the time when I post this), I really think just few people here really know what they’re talking about… Maybe it’s time to find a new lands…

  • Wing Chung

    It seems that they are dumping Lumia (800) phones in Belgium, probably because the 1st gen Lumia’s are outdated? Still love my N9 though…

  • GordonH

    All symbian phones being pulled out of the market cause MS afraid it’s effecting the WP phone sales.
    Also the announced dead OS, is still beating WP in sales figures and it’s causing a bad case for Mr. Elop to push the WP only strategy.

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