Numbers: ~10 Million Windows Phone Devices Sold in Q4; 7 Million Lumias?

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DSC00828During Qualcomm’s keynote speech at CES this year; Steve Ballmer of Microsoft popped up on stage with a teasing quote on the number of WP8 sales so far; claiming that:

Ballmer says during Christmas, Windows Phone was selling five times more devices than the same period last year.

Ewan over at AllAboutWindowsPhone did some digging into those numbers and with some clever calculations (which you can read HERE) figured that the number of devices sold is somewhere between 9,519,230 and 13,263,281; so we’re gonna call it an even 10 million.

AAWP Numbers:


On the other hand we have a report from AdDuplex Via WinSuperSite and WMPowerUser which put Nokia at more than 70% of the Windows Phone Marketshare (in the US- stats for other countries not available yet); of course these number may be off; but assuming they’re right that would mean that Nokia have sold 70% of the ten million devices mentioned above (keep in mind that the 10 million is for both WP 7&8). Of course that’s assuming that the 70% trend applies world wide and continues into new sales and not just old ones.

The other interesting fact here is that Lumia 822 on a single carrier is outselling the Flagship HTC 8X on 2 carriers… Not bad.





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