New Lumia 920′s Now Shipping With Portico Update Pre-Loaded

| January 12, 2013 | 26 Replies


Before the end of last year (that makes it sound like along time ago doesn’t it) users in the United States and Canada got the first OTA Windows Phone update, dubbed “Portico”. This update brought some much needed stability fixes as well as the camera fix that corrected the issue with pictures looking fuzzy in daylight. Unfortunately this update isn’t set to roll out to the rest of the world until February (2 more weeks at least). However it seems that the latest batch of 920s (and 820s?) are already shipping with this update pre-loaded; which is great for anyone who hasn’t purchased one yet.

BTW anyone know what the status update for the 810 and the 822 are? I haven’t heard anything about those.




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  1. MNhut says:

    I just got my 920 back (it’s been affected by the “cog wheel” issue) from TPH and they have updated it with Portico but I still notice one bug that is really annoying :

    - there is something wrong with the audio level : when I’m listening to music, it wouldn’t lower or higher the audio level, it stucks to a “defined” level. And You have to wait a couple of minutes and finally, you can change the level. Two separate audio level would be perfect : the “30″ scale for music and the “10″ scale for the ringtone !

    PS : Sorry for any mistake, I’m not a native English speaker (and everyone knows that French sucks at foreign language :p).

  2. bladerunner says:

    No Ali

    He means the Dolby headphones function, I noticed that the audio levelling was only added to my UK 820 with a recent update. The Dolby function screen is only seen when headphones used. It does annoy me a bit, because when you slide Dolby switch to on the whole screen slides away and you have to slide the screen back over to make sure switch has moves. Sam when you turn it off.

  3. stylinred says:

    dads phone never got the update (that is he doesn’t think so) guess that’s because its not locked to rogers anymore suppose ill have to flash it for him

  4. DesR85 says:

    Picture says Nokia Lumia 820, not 920. I also checked out both Nokia US and Canada and the latter’s Portico firmware is 1232.5951.1249.0001. Is the firmware version in that picture an updated version of Portico or just specifically for the 820?

  5. jordan82 says:

    I bought a French, Lumia 920 two days ago and I’m quite disappointed by the fuzziness of my photos. My firmware is 1232.2110.1244.3001. Can anyone tell me if it’s already a new firmware? If not, I’ll feel much more safe to know that an update is coming in February to fix this (big) problem. Thx for your replies guys!

    • DesR85 says:

      I think yours is an earlier batch based on the firmware version. The latest version (a.k.a. Portico) is 1232.5951.1249.0001 in my post above yours.

  6. leo says:

    my lumia 920 died today.
    the screen freezed since 8am and im still waiting (6pm)
    i did the hard reset combination: nothing.

    the physical buttons work but the screen and the capacitive are “blocked”

    bye bye nokia.

    • Just Visiting says:

      Bye, Bye Nokia? Really Leo?

      Did you search any forums for solutions to your issue? All Nokia devices have a corresponding forum for questions and quick fixes.

      You could also visit – their forums addressed this with the workable solution.

      • leo says:

        Yes I did, i have been reading forums for hours.
        I did a hard reset and nothing.
        My phone turns on, all the physical buttons work normally but the screen and capacitive buttons won’t, so I’m stuck in the “welcome to your windows phone” area.

        really sh*t, I can’t send the phone to nokia because the official release in my country is in March.
        Have tried the nokia care + Navifirm combo = same sh*t.

        maybe the problem is the capacitive screen now, i’m getting tired.

        • leo says:

          ok, I’m f*cking happy now!! My Lumia is alive!!

          This will sound really stupid, but after trying ALL I decided to leave my Lumia at the backyard, under the sun…
          For 2 hours the phone was outside, now i went to pick it up and wuala! the screen and capacitive buttons are working!!! =D

          Can someone explain that??

          So…if nothing seems to work..just leave the phone outside under the sun…it gets really hot, but works..

  7. Pushkar Gogte says:

    Even The Phones In India Are Shipped With Portico Update Pre-Installed.

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