My Dream Nokia #79: Luscious, Luxurious, Aluminium Nokia Lumia 999 WP8 Concept

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The Fabula design – it’s simple, yet so wonderfully beautiful. We’ve seen several concepts follow the Fabula theme, and even though they don’t deviate far, it’s enough to look fresh and exciting. This one is particularly delicious.

No other details apart from a 4.3″ screen. The hardware buttons are said to be pressure sensitive (not capacitive) but at the same time, it does not push in mechanically.

Available at the facbeook page of “Phone Designer”Β

As for the black Tiles theme. I guess it works here too, but I’d like to splash some colour there at the same time.


19511_461706887211175_838418488_n 537319_461706870544510_1583403680_n

The finish on the back looks very premium. The ring around the camera is pretty but it reminds me of S.E.


409662_461706823877848_1523037812_n 3810_461706810544516_364047772_n 1782_461706820544515_1367929479_n 309630_461706977211166_1199883827_n 542118_461706953877835_1101993071_n

No need to stray too far from n9/800.Β 75032_461706940544503_2043391797_n 603140_461706937211170_817852637_nCheers Jake for the tip!



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  • Muerte

    This thing looks gorgeous. Nokia, hire this guy already! πŸ˜‰ I mean, if I’m not completely lost, this one is from Jonas Daehnert also…

    • Muerte

      Just checked, and my hunch was correct:

    • Peter L

      This kind of industrial design is not actually that hard when you don’t have to deal with the constraints of budget, hardware design or any other kind of engineering bottleneck.

      That said, that thing looks GORGEOUS.

      • Bloob

        This. Very beautiful, but it just wouldn’t work.

      • Plus look how small the speaker is, definitely gorgeous but I doubt it’s functional; plus this would only look good in black and titanium silver no flashy colors..

    • incognito

      Don’t know about Nokia, but Microsoft should hire this guy – he actually managed to make the `live tiles` look somewhat nice (tho I guess it wouldn’t look as well on differently colored devices) and not like something coming out of Fisher Price.

    • giorgio

      This NEEDS to be a Nokia devise asap.

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    It reminds me of my lumia 1001, except of course the back πŸ™‚ I like the aluminum, but I have a question if the buttons on the side are not capacitive how to activates? we can not bend the aluminum like that lol

    if I can finish my concept today you will see the same form factor as nokia e7 or “lumia 960 tab” that people have enjoyed earlier πŸ™‚

  • stylinred

    that design does look excellent, very impressed

  • The black tiles look really good. They should definitely introduce a black theme.

    • Muerte

      Well, actually there is one already:

      • Muerte

        But agreed, this is not a true “black theme”, it is the high contrast mode…

      • guerrahp

        I didnt think Metro tile could look any uglier but that was purecrap.

    • stylinred

      there is a black theme.. my dad has it on his L920 black background black tiles with a white border

      not a fan but my dad likes it

  • Maybe

    The curve always fit perfectly with swipe UI…


    This is Very nice, one of the best concept phones posted here.

  • aleci15

    Has anyone seen the flexible screen and the phone equipped with it at Samsung? Does Nokia’s R&D already stopped with its development ever since Nokia pretty much abandoned all of its OS for WP?

    • viktor von d.

      what does it have to do with the os. and why do you think they stopped. or why do you think samsung will release a device with flexible screen?

      these are just concepts. a consumer device with these capabilities won’t see they light of day in the next 5 years.

      p.s. the nokia one was more advanced cause all the phone was bendable, not just the screen. samsung only made a flexible hd screen so far

      • aleci15

        If youre in nokia land 5 yrs is the normal rate for a new technology but in android and samsung youve pretty much witnessed the evolution of displays, processors etc pretty much overnight.

        Wp os obviously does not operate being bended or utiluzing a flexible screen thats why OS is seriously important.

        Indeed nokua was more advanced BUT samsungs solution was more current and feasible and real for the market

        • JGrove303

          Ooowww, a 4.8″ display that looks like it has scan lines! Very innovative. :\

          The only thing innovative to come out of Samsung has been the Super AMOLED design. Going from 4″ up to 5.5″ is not innovation.

  • Tesselaar

    I find this the best concept phone ever, by far!!

  • Sefriol

    Imo that black theme would be really useful. Think it as a low power mode. With amoled screen that would give incredible battery life.

    Other than that I like the design. Speakers’ small size isn’t a problem if they have enough power behind them. And for myself it would be for calling only. I think most prefer headphones for music than anything else.

    Only minus side for me is that there needs to be a camera button where you can feel if it’s on/off.

    Other than that. I would buy this asap.

  • guerrahp

    The unpleasantness of Metro is lessened. Now remove the square borders and let me put a wallpaper.

  • massy

    nokia lumia 1000

  • Keith too

    It’s elegant but too boring for me–I like artzy-funky myself.

  • NVT pulse

    Nokia Lumia 999
    – IPS+ Display , true-HD 1920*1200 pxl
    – 3GB RAM LPDDR2 , 64GB Storage
    – QUAD-CORE Cortex A15 2Ghz , 2MB L3 cache , PowerVR 544Mp2
    – 12Megapixels PURE view camera ( OIS+Lossless Zoom 4X )
    Say Cheese

    • AreOut

      haha lossless zoom 4X is not possible with 12 MP πŸ™‚

      • Leo oli aliarvostettu

        That’s true, it’s not. Lossless zoom is not even possible with the Nokia 808 because PureView loses pixels it should be combining. At one point PureView can no longer be used and the resulting image has less information.

        Actually if you use 80% zoom with 8MB image, there will be lots of artificially generated pixels.

        The only lossless zoom is optical zoom.

        • AreOut

          you say you possess 808 and you don’t even understand how it works, pathetic

          • Leo oli aliarvostettu

            I actually understand how it works. Most people don’t seem to understand how optical zooming differs from scaling the images even while there is enough resolution to do that.

            You are funny.

            • AreOut

              he obviously meant lossless zoom in videos (4X 1080p) which is just cropping the sensor and is the same like having optical zoom with smaller sensor resolution

              up to a level you can have lossless zoom in taking pictures, even Nokia N8 has that if you take pictures in lower resolution

              but you don’t even have that phone so why bother trolling? if you feel bad because you have bought another phone sell it and buy 808, I don’t know anyone who had regret that decision.

              else you are another paid elop troll that praises just about anything over Symbian, and your imaginary finnish name should supposedly point people that even Finns dont like it

              • Leo oli aliarvostettu

                You don’t seem to understand what happens if you scale down an image, if the resulting resolution can’t be directly divided without fractions.

                Let’s say we have three pixels we scale into two. You can’t do that without calculating some averages or without just losing the data from one pixel.

                Cropping, scaling and calculating can’t be same as an optical zoom. It’s just marketing talk if someone claims that. And you need to crop&scale if you take an 8MP picture while zoom it 80%. This shouldn’t be too hard to understand.

                • AreOut

                  d’oh so you still don’t get it…

                  if you have 4 8MP images in a rectangle they form one 32 MP picture, if you choose to take shots in 8 MP with your 32 MP sensor you will get what is called lossless zoom I can’t believe it’s so hard to comprehend

                  • Leo oli aliarvostettu

                    So you have to use 100% zoom or no zoom at all to get that lossless zoom on 8MP?

                    You don’t get it that people usually like to zoom while not using it on 100%? And if you don’t use on the native resolution.

                    Optical zoom doesn’t have those problems. That’s because it’s real zoom.

                    Still, because of the loss of PureView, the image quality drops even while zooming with 8MB and 100%.

                  • Leo oli aliarvostettu

                    Obviously you can’t zoom on the video on default camera software if you start taking the video without zooming and you want to take only lossless footage.

                    That’s because it’s not lossless (dividing without fractions) while you are changing the zoom level.

                    You don’t see to understand how much limitations this technology has.

                    • AreOut

                      umm, if its not real lossless zoom why is the video lot cleaner than with digital zoom?

                      yes, optical zoom has advantage of going 2.4x 3.6x or 4.8x but that doesn’t mean this technology is bad

                    • Leo oli aliarvostettu

                      It’s clearly better than some digital zoom. That doesn’t make it as good as optical zoom.

                      It’s also highly questionable to call it lossless zoom because the image quality will drop while zooming.

                      If it was Apple using the same claims, people would be crying out how that’s not true. Oh well. The world changes and today Nokia gets away with claims like that.

                      The 808 has a great camera but it doesn’t make miracles to happen.

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  • It steals my heart. Love this one, every single thing about this concept. Make one with the slider keyboard too the 950 style please.

  • Noki

    excellent work…

  • Jay IMO this is one of the best so far concept phone design you have come up with. Only concern why giving away your exclusive design concept to be copied by the idesigners for their iPhone 6 πŸ™‚

  • Hi! can anyone please tell me any app program i could use to same designs? Thnx!