At&t Offering $100 Off a Second Windows Phone Device Purchase + Extending Wireless Charging Plate Offer

| January 13, 2013 | 19 Replies

At&t have thrown a bit more spice on the Lumia train (and the 8X) by starting a new promotion where any purchase of any Windows Phone Device will get $100 off a second WP device of the same type. Meaning if you pay the $100 at at&t for the 920; a second 920 (on contract renewal of course) will be free; or $50 for the 820 which will also end up being free.


Buy Any Windows Phone 8 and Get Up to $100 Off a Second Windows Phone 8

Effective January 11, 2013, through February 21, 2013, customers who buy any Windows Phone 8 get up to $100 off a second (like) Windows Phone 8 (e.g., Nokia/Nokia or HTC/HTC Windows Phone 8).

Also At&t have also extended the free wireless charging plate with the purchase of a Lumia 920

Both offers are valid till Feb 21st.


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  • everlfr

    that is it i guess. the final verdict on wp phones.

    • Muerte

      WTH are you talking about? They could spend like 400$ per each WP8 to make same kinds of losses than with iPhone… so I see this more like a strong commitment to WP8, rather than final verdict.

    • viktor von d.

      at&t complained of insufficient stocks of the 920 so they most definetely aren’t complaining and doing this to get rid of excess inventory. plus the 920 is 3rd best selling device behind the iphone 5 and the sgs3 for 2 consecutive months.this is just a limited time offer, one that will help nokia at least, cause i don’t see people going mad after the 8x on at&t

    • Mark

      Is there a shift key on your phone?

      Just asking! 🙂

  • Doffen

    AT&T and the other telcos are very interested in curbing the might of Apple and Google. Therein lies the chance of success for WP, RIM et al. Personally i hope some other company than MS succeeds. I don’t like walled gardens type of business models.

    • Bloob

      Personally I hope that the market will be divided by something like 4-5 OSs, should improve cross-platform APIs too. It will most likely be Android, iOS, and WP or BB10 though.

  • twig

    If a walled garden stops my Nokia from just getting destroyed like my neighbors Android I’m all for the walled garden. He is so I told him, six months,six months, sure enough.

  • pjn123

    Americans surely can’t be so stupid to think they only have to pay $x for a phone?

    Here in South Africa all the phones are advertised by the monthly payment – not just the pay-in amount. In fact its hard to find any network that requires a pay in unless you ask for it. Does that mean all my phones are free?!

    Americans still pay allot for the monthly service and I’m sure that’s how AT&T make their money. Just a quick check on their website shows an unlimited talk package cost $1680 over two years!

    But anyway – Still think the consumer is more informed about what they are getting into here. American providers just seem to look for clever ways to disguise the real cost of the device – and really for some the amounts they charge for certain packages there ANY phone should be free.

    • *****

      AT&T doesn’t charge any less if you bring your own phone, so to be honest, why not get the phone on a two year contract?

      • pjn123

        If I don’t upgrade my contract after 2 years here my provider will also just carry on charing my premium subscription fee until I call them to change or upgrade my account.

        But anyway, thats an absurd amount to charge for a cellphone contract when you bring your own phone. The service alone isn’t worth that fee. A fool and his money are soon parted and this seems to be the case with cellphone networks worldwide.

        If AT&T give away a phone for “free” or charge $100 for the phone, Nokia/Samsung/Apple is still getting the same amount for the phone sold. So just a marketing games.

    • DesR85

      “Here in South Africa all the phones are advertised by the monthly payment – not just the pay-in amount. In fact its hard to find any network that requires a pay in unless you ask for it. Does that mean all my phones are free?!”

      Almost the same with any operator in Malaysia. Any promotion or advertisement featuring phones only list down the monthly payment and only when inquiring at their respective branches will they show you the brochure with more details which includes an upfront payment.

      Personally, I have never got a phone on contract and mostly bought it outright and use my current SIM in it because I find that in the end, you’ll end up paying more than the actual price of the phone.

  • larryg968

    So basically WP is not selling well so the have a buy one get one free offer to get rid of the products?

    I could be wrong but this is my immediate assumption. A phone thats been out for less than 2 months and is in high demand does not get its price reduced like this. Just saying

    Poor Nokia, lol

    • Bloob

      Except they’ve had supply shortages, AT&T was especially mentioned in the profits warning. Either AT&T really wants an iPhone competitor or something else is up, because I don’t really understand either.

  • Janne

    Haters will hate, not worth futher comment about how American operator pricing works.

    Great to see commitment to selling Windows Phones and furthering the ecosystem from AT&T, though! So much for the operator boycott…

    • everlfr

      and lovers gonna love nomatter what. i like that. but dont bury your head in the sands unless you are an ostrich. you can love your device without proclaiming that your os is the world favorite.

      • Janne

        The latter part is true, because WP certainly isn’t the world favorite.

        It is just that AT&T’s price promotions aren’t the proof of that in any way.

        If anything, they are proof of AT&T’s commitment to the platform and/or selling as many contracts and they can (because their competitors also have WP devices).

        We are going to have to determine Lumia’s success or lack thereof through different means. This isn’t it.

  • judy

    it could be that yes, the exclusivity period is up and att would just want to have more costumers before other telcos start offering lumia 920 or any variant?

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