Lumia 920 and 820 Finally on Sale in Retail Stores Across India

| January 16, 2013 | 10 Replies

Earlier in the month Nokia India held a launch event for the 920, 820 and the 620; announcing that they would be available within the upcoming week. Anyone who prebooked a device in the past couple of days should be able to pick it up now plus the devices should be available in your local reseller (while supplies last). The Lumia 920 is priced at 38,199 Rupees and Lumia 820 at Rs 27,599. You can also buy the devices from Flipkart online (I believe that’s the largest online retailer in India?) from here:


Lumia 820 Flipkart page

Lumia 920 Flipkart page





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  • Shaik Rasool
  • Me

    Why is no one discussing this security issues?

    “Nokia’s MITM on HTTPS traffic from their phone”

    “…From the tests that were preformed, it is evident that Nokia is performing Man In The Middle Attack for sensitive HTTPS traffic originated from their phone and hence they do have access to clear text information which could include user credentials to various sites such as social networking, banking, credit card information or anything that is sensitive in nature. In short, be it HTTP or HTTPS site when browsed through the phone in subject, Nokia has complete information unencrypted (in clear text format) available to them for them to use or abuse. ”

    • Ujwal Soni

      Cause we don’t care frankly…it helps with speed and in keeping the cost down..and if Nokia says its secure, it’s enuf for us…gnite

    • Leo oli aliarvostettu

      I guess it’s not too interesting.

      Opera Mini uses a bit similar tech and it was not a problem.

      Yes. If it was Apple using that tech, it would be big news on Nokia sites just because people like to read about matters like that. Or maybe not any longer. It was only a few of years ago when people really hated Apple because it was extremely popular. Just look some articles from 2009 or 2010. People really really hated Apple.

      Today even Apple isn’t that big deal because Samsung is selling so many Android phones and it’s very hard to hate them because of that. After all many people hope that Nokia will start manufacturing Android phones.

      Maybe someone dislikes Asha phones and this talk about those attacks is supposed to hurt Asha sales? Who knows.

    • mirco

      And why are you not reading your linked article until the end?

    • KeiZka

      Because it’s a non-issue thanks to the update in the end?

    • dom

      I read it and it says “I would like to Thank Nokia officials for quickly responding to the issue and getting it fixed on priority. This shows their commitment towards privacy of their mobile customers, much appriciated.”

    • shallow ocean shoal

      This whole thing was a big derp. Proxy compressing data, derp!

      You know how many other “men in the middle” there are between you and your end server??

  • Mrinmoy

    Yes it is largest in India. It was formed by two ex-amazon employee.

  • Amit Rox

    just confirmed the price of L820, its 25200 rupees. am getting one very soon. 🙂