Video: Getting Started with your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 (Nokia UK)

| January 16, 2013 | 8 Replies

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Remember this guy? Adam Giles from that N8 promo that you guys really liked (the 8 minute one giving an overview, with some nice visuals?) We later saw him at NW 2011 demoing the new WP7.5 Nokia Lumias. Here he is again doing a great job at presenting Nokia Lumia WP8.

For a Nokia Support style video, I’m very pleased with the outcome. Better than a lot of ads from Nokia in the sense of explaining features Nokia Lumia WP8 can do (although there’d be some tweaking needed before this could go as a TV ad too).


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  • Guetta

    My crush! :)

  • Guetta

    He looks hotter now! I need to buy that phone because he’s talking about it. I have a big crush on him! I need to have that phone so that we’ll have something in common. My gosh. I really like him! So husband-material!

  • Guetta

    It could be his shaved mustache that resembles a 5 o’clock shadow or his hair.

  • Guetta

    He’s sexy as a red L920.

  • Alvester
  • Craig

    Guetta, are you kidding? Did you even look at what he was wearing? It looked like he got dressed in the dark, put on his Grandpa’s cardigan and forgot to tie his shoe laces. No style whatsoever!!

    • Guetta

      But the best things in life are done without those lousy clothes, right? lol kidding

  • Grazy

    Good video, nice and simple. Split it and use to advertise!

    I Actually learnt Something!