Good News: The Back panel on the Lumia 920/820 Really is Scratchproof

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One of my greatest issues with the N9/Lumia 800/Lumia 900 was the silver plating on the back that surrounded the camera lens. The fact was that no matter how careful you were with the phone it would end up being scratched in every possible spot; and it honestly hurt to look at. However with the Lumia 920 and 820 that’s no longer the case as the plating as well as the buttons have been replaced with a new material (ceramic I believe? zirconium) which spares us the scratches of the brushed metal on the earlier devices.

After using my Lumia 920 for over a month there isn’t a single scratch on the camera plating (the body does have multiple “microscratches” but the red color hides them well unless you look REALLY close). So thankfully that’s one design flaw that has been fixed; and good riddance.

This got me thinking what was the last phone that had absolutely NO flaws at all (no matter how minor)- of the ones I’ve owned/seen pretty much all have had that one or two flaws that you couldn’t help but notice; for example:

  • N9/800 = back plating + MicroUSB cover flap (not for everyone)
  • 900 = very poor touch sensor/digitizer on the screen, it won’t detect touches of damp fingers, and it would occasionally move on its own + back plating
  • N8= plastic on both ends chipped and broke easily
  • 5800 xpress music= horrible stylus
  • N73= joystick in hte center broke alot

I posed the question on twitter and got some interesting replies; including the N95 and the N900 (I didn’t own either of them so I can’t judge)- but what’s your opinion on the perfectly flawless Nokia phone?

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